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  1. The sad thing is that people seem to be harassed in their own countries if they research human rights.

    Meet Adrian Zenz – the man China desperately wants to silence

    “Zenz, who serves as a senior fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, denies the accusations, pointing to the fact that 95 per cent of the report’s information was gleaned from publicly accessible Chinese government records.

    The fluent Mandarin speaker spent months poring over thousands of documents from obscure corners of the Chinese internet to join the dots to create a fuller picture of what was happening in one of the most closely guarded places on earth.

    “The Chinese are meticulous record-keepers,” he says. “In a way they are quite proud of what they are doing. They congratulate themselves on finally getting the (Uyghurs) to do what they have always wanted them to do.”

    Authorities initially kept the vast indoctrination camps a secret, but as news of their existence leaked they have sought to portray them as a counterterrorism measure.”

    Most countries don’t have their “terrorists” numbering more than 500,000 of a particular race that have never been in any attacks against China, in forced labour camps picking cotton for 20% of the world’s supply while sterilising the woman so they can’t reproduce more Uyghur.

    Dr Anne-Marie Brady

  2. ACT down 2 points in latest poll. I guess the free speech thing ain’t working or maybe the realisation that ACT can’t/won’t change anything unless they tip National into a majority or maybe people have woken up to the fact that ACT really stands for ‘punish anyone who is not a libertarian’ or maybe the gun nuts have moved back to national and the conspiracy theorists now won’t vote for anyone.

  3. I love your fury, Martyn — our William Cobbett — but why don’t you address the Rogernomes running The Standard or the guy representing the Left on RNZ National Monday morning ‘Left v. Right’? It’s like ’84 hasn’t been overturned. Which is everything to the NZ Left.


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