Political Caption Competition




  1. Yup, one of the last great New Zealand politicians. Like Rowling and Kirk, he got down and dirty with sleeves rolled up in the provincial town halls, cut through the barracking, and delivered his message above the noise with his abrasive loud hailer voice. You’ve got to hand it to the guy.

    That man wasn’t afraid of no one. He’d look straight down the camera or into an interviewers eyes like a lion. He makes ALL politicians post 1984 look like the WIMPS they are.

    Now Muldoon was the man everyone loved to hate,… including me at times during the 1981 Springbok tour. But he also did narration for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The man had a sense of humour.

    He also was no snob. A second World War army sergeant, he saw value in people and unity. And so he had no problem fronting up to some pretty tough characters in the gangs as the photo above shows.

    When was the last time any of these post 1984 neo liberal shitter politicians did the same?

    Credits due where credits due,… so much so, that the Black Power gang did a haka and a salute at his passing and funeral.

    If there was one thing about the man, he sure was no hoity toity Wellington elitist snob.

    • @ stevie.
      “Historic moment as New Zealand’s last socialist prime minister is unafraid to negotiate with outlaws.” That’s funny. I never knew that a member of The Storm Troopers was a one-time prime minister?

  2. One of the most evil gangs of all is the National party that has caused more untold misery and run rough shot over human rights while pretending they are delivering brighter futures in the name of huge corporate and private sponsors that people like Key presided over while financially raping many of the people in this country who never deserved to be treated and exploited by the NZ National party and its allies the Maori party , Peter Dunne , David Seymour who are complicit in just the same corruption , intimidation and stand over tactics they blame the gangs for.
    One gang you can see coming because of their patch and the other by the cut of their suit and the reek of arrogance.


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