Political Caption Competition


Green Party new recruitment drive and childcare policy seemed a tad controversial.


  1. ” as I rate addressing the sale of methamphetamine, violence, illegal firearms,extortion,intimidation family violence, high on my list of priorities. I rate your venison patties and beef and tomato sausages even higher”.

  2. We didn’t get Canabis reform through parliament, but we will allow shipments of Meth and their precursors from around the world into NZ, no questions asked and give NZ citizenship and amnesty to all diverse groups bringing the drugs into NZ, just like Labour and the National party. Please help the gangs and create the expansion of Asian and South American drug cartels that our esteemed colleagues in the Green Party are familiar with.

  3. I am announcing today that the Green party has taken up ACT’s call for all assets to be seized by the State, including those of associates and extended family members if any individual breaks the law. This will apply to all people currently in NZ. Those that have not broken the law, but are deemed undesirable by the State, will be deported to the UK. As a thankyou to ACT, we will be visiting their donors and subscribers first to make sure of compliance. David has already given us a list of names. Some may regard this as a leap to the right but David Seymour tells me it is just commonsense and a victory for ‘freedom’. Nah, just joking. I thought it would be a good idea to engage rather than vilify. Any luck getting Simon in for a visit? Nice patties.

  4. The Greens are no longer relevant and i hope they begin to disappear quickly and move out of the way for a new movement on the left that will never lose sight of the real enemy or get conveniently side-tracked by crap that is just not as important as the misery of the many economic refugees at the hands of those who make up the plutocracy.

  5. Green party leader declares that little white girls scared of being ‘put on the block’ by the mob is just rascism


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