Desperate Judith screams Māori segregation again – the false meritocracy of neoliberal welfare 


Judith doubled down on her claims of a Māori Health Authority as ‘segregation’ and repeatedly framed it as some type of separatism.

This desperate attempt to rise the ghost of Don Brash is a ghoulish Hail Mary for Judith.

Her leadership is an open question and she has to stop haemorrhaging vote to ACT, painting an honest attempt at a solution to Māori Health failures like a Māori Health Authority as ‘segregation’ is pure race baiting spite.

What is a sicker joke is the false meritocracy of neoliberal welfare that Judith is attempting to compare this ‘segregation’ from.

Our neoliberal underfunded welfare system where everyone is a ‘client’, is purposely obtuse and cruel. The toxic cultures that breed inside WINZ, MSD, Corrections, State Housing, Probation, Oranga Tamariki, Police, education and Health are built upon the corrosion of the genuine welfare of the citizen into a neoliberal client.

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Such a sterile relationship devoid of any real warmth makes the grim ugliness of the way everyone gets treated in our neoliberal welfare system even more depressing.

The attempt to run these social services with tikanga, and a dignity towards each others mana for the good of the collective is as close to an indigenous socialism as we are ever going to get in NZ.

If a genuine caring directed these services rather than the soulless client-service provider relationship, and if those caring directed services create better outcomes, then how dare anyone claim segregation!

Segregation from what? Neoliberal service provision that sees us all as consumers of services rather than as human beings?

Fuck the current neoliberal model – we should all be demanding segregation from that bullshit!


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  1. Perhaps this is a case of those who the Gods destroy they first drive mad.
    But what worries me is the day National replace Judith with someone less abrasive and a better liar.
    It appears New Zealand voters no longer vote for political parties because of what they do but on the grounds of how appealing their leadership is.

  2. The reality is we already have segregated medical systems – one for those with medical insurance and the other for those without.

  3. With another 4 years at least with this government you’ll get your wish. There won’t be a rainbows and unicorn result like so many here are thinking indeed I’d bet good money the situation will get worse year-on-year. It will be entertaining watching the justifications for this type of treatment then.

    This move to separatism is the latest in a long line of misdiagnosis where we look to treat the symptoms and not the cause (intergenerational welfare and poverty). Of course the tribal elite will do very well out of this moreover the dial won’t move for the bottom 40% of Maori.

    Personally I’m happy Judith has piped up here. It shows National has a pulse and is still wanting to fight for its ideals (yes I know most on here don’t agree with these ideals). At this juncture there is nothing National can do as even a John Key/Richie McCaw combination won’t wake NZ out of our covid, housing inflation stupor.

  4. She is trying to remain relevant but the more she talks the more irrelevant she is becoming. Bring on the next mug whoops! I mean leader.

  5. In Judiths world, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, The former British Colonies of Africa and Asia, the Pacific Islands, the French Canadians, Black Americans, The First Nation Peoples and the Aborigines, the native peoples of Central and South America, NZ Republicans, (it’s a long list, please feel free to add), were/are all separatists and segregationists. Good to know. If only they had all just towed the line and been grateful that her and her ilk took up ‘the white man’s burden’. FFS. 18/19/20th century anti native rhetoric that would have met a positive response in any of the days local newspapers. Next she will be demanding they go back where they came from as per Todd McClay and Rotorua’s emergency housing problem ‘so we can make room for tourists’.

  6. That, is a fantastic photograph. It deserves to be in Magnum Photographs.
    Imagine that freak show in a frock anywhere near the steerage of our beautiful AO/NZ? Just imagine that…?
    Hello dictionary.
    ‘freak show’
    a sideshow at a fair, featuring abnormally developed people or animals.
    • an unusual or grotesque event viewed for pleasure, especially when in bad taste.

  7. “Fuck the current neoliberal model – we should all be demanding segregation from that bullshit!”.. And before it gets too obvious just how close we are getting to the precipice. It’ll be too late by then…

  8. Strewth! That picture hasn’t been doctored has it? I don’t know whether to feel fear, or pity, or larf my zzz’s off.
    I think the latter

    • From memory that picture was from the last week of electioneering before the 2020 election, one of the last chances for a swing voter to see Judith Collins before casting their vote. Wonder how that worked out for Collins.


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