Bird Shooting Season Is Bad News For All Birds – SAFE NZ


The bird shooting season, which begins on Saturday 1 May this year, means countless birds, including natives like pūkeko, kakīānau (black swan), pūtangitangi (paradise shelduck), pārera (grey duck) and kuruwhengi (Australasian shoveler duck), will be killed.

Australia has already banned duck shooting in three states. SAFE Campaigns Manager Jessica Chambers says Aotearoa needs to follow suit.

“We hold native birds dear to our heart,” said Chambers. “Yet we allow these animals to be the target of ruthless killing every bird shooting season.”

“The rest of the year, we love to take our children to feed the beautiful swans and ducks at the local pond. From tomorrow, these same birds will become targets for shooters.”

Overseas studies indicate wounding rates from duck shooting could be between about 10 percent and 30 percent.

“Imagine taking your children to the pond to feed the ducks and finding maimed birds, slowly dying.”

“If the Government is serious about upholding our reputation for high standards of animal welfare, then duck shooting should be banned.”


  1. Canadian geese in Chch should be culled . I find it strange that a dog owner gets a fine for letting a dog foul the footpath but the Canadian geese leave a far bigger mess. If ducks were not culled our waterways would soon be polluted by their dropping .

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