Benefit increases are coming – the mistake Labour can’t make


This has been missed, Labour are signalling a large lift in Welfare…

Carmel Sepuloni promises massive boost to Jobseeker benefit – but won’t say when

The Minister for Social Welfare has a goal of raising the unemployment benefit by $57 a week by 2023.

Carmel Sepuloni told Newshub Nation on Saturday morning she was “confident” the Government would reach the $315 target set by the Welfare Expert Advisory Group for a single person on the Jobseeker benefit.

…Labour have been under enormous pressure to lift benefits, every report makes it clear that the pittance paid in welfare is impossible to live on.

NZ politics however is built upon bashing beneficiaries, attacking Māori and refusing point blank to ever pay back the true cost of confiscated land.

Labour fear National making welfare queens as much a dog whistle as they are currently grossly twisting Māori Health autonomy into ‘segregation’.

Labour shouldn’t underestimate the need to meaningfully lift benefits or the universal goodwill Labour’s Covid leadership has generated.

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Now is the time to have the courage of your convictions!

The mistake the Government must avoid is any clawback tactics used by MSD and Winz to reduce this real gain. If Labour will be punished for kindness, then why allow MSD to amputate the good that kindness can create?

Rising rents will see a spike in homelessness this bitter winter. Lift welfare now.

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  1. If this increase is done in isolation then it will help nobody .Rent will increase but government top up will be cut The loan sharks will be circling. Grants for food parcels will be cut. Pressure will go on wages to be increased to keep parity .
    By 2023 the problems will be worst and cost more to fix . Is it a coincidence that that is election year?

    • My local Hospice Op Shop which previously refused to open all day Saturday, is now opening on Sundays.
      When I volunteered there, a woman complained that Samoans could not afford their prices. It’s all happening.

      • To be fair some of the hospice shops are charging ‘market rates’. So no wonder the Samoans can’t afford their prices. (sic).

        • Save NZ – Correct. Mine ID’d it’s customer base as trendy young professionals, and mums in their 30’s looking for bargains, which wasn’t accurate. Volunteers were forbidden to lower prices but did. As well as a paid salary, I think the local area manager got a percentage of the takings, hence her motivation to keep prices high.

          Yes, their aim is to raise funds, not to provide a social service, and historically the Sallies’ Shops barely broke even, but locally they employ mainly paid staff, whereas the Hospice shop has unpaid persons.

          Too much gets binned, which could or should be recycled, or utilised, in many ways – there could be a better balance – but the logistics are challenging, and there are circs where the V de Paul provides essential stuff for free, and social housing providers may provide quality new furniture and furnishings free.

    • With home buyers experiencing more FOOP than FOMO, expect housing costs to stabilize. Granted more housing supply is needed. and it won’t be fixed by 2023. A rent moratorium might be the thing to give the government time to get it’s ducks in a row, like the time it built 30,000 houses in the 80s because jobs and housing.

  2. Don’t bust your arse in the rush. F–k what National thinks! Yes 2023 is and election year.

  3. Seems pointless to raise benefits without engineering a housing crash first. Without the former the latter only increases rents.

    People don’t seem to willingly give up wealth or power.. looks like a ‘Mexican Standoff’ to me. Perhaps the paper-rich; speculators, the highly leveraged and recent home buyers will be forced to take a financial hit of varying severity.

    Perhaps the RBNZ and Labour will continue weakening confidence in the NZD – keeping assets propped up. Either way rents will increase, especially if benefits do. Wait to homeowners/speculators click to the rate hikes coming down the pike.

  4. Middle NZ boomers and gen Z lost interest in benny bashing and became less resentful of dolies around 2016 when their net worth starting increasing on the family home. Now benny bashing has been replaced with keeping a foot on the throat of first home buyers (formerly known simply as ‘buyers’) as thier outrage threatens to bring in more measures by govt that could lead to prices correcting. Beneficiaries are less of threat as they can’t buy groceries let alone a house. Benefits could go up today if there were political will but helping poor afford to see doctor or buy shoes is still a scary step for govt. As is making sure doctors nurses police etc can be home owners. Too hard and scary

    • The good news is that once they sold off all the state houses “in the wrong areas” aka rich areas, then they can now muster the social disadvantaged up and put them in social housing ghettos run by quasi businesses maskerading as charities.

      This guy feels safer living in his car.

      ‘I told you someone would get killed’ – Christchurch man angry after complaints about social housing problems ‘fell on deaf ears’

      While able to get lovely media stories the reality behind large organisations (like compass) often leave a lot to be desired. When transferring off state houses, there is nothing stopping state housing transferred to other entities, to fall into private hands, become dangerous to safety of other tenants or use it’s ability to house, due to sales, lack of upkeep and insolvency.

      They were always better off keeping state houses and concentrating more on factors leading to insecure housing needs, like low wages, poor education, poor redundancy and employment laws, poor drug laws, poor mental health laws, poor levels of care for abused children, lowered levels of education, jobs available to wider levels of society.

      • …”’ They were always better off keeping state houses and concentrating more on factors leading to insecure housing needs, like low wages, poor education, poor redundancy and employment laws, poor drug laws, poor mental health laws, poor levels of care for abused children, lowered levels of education, jobs available to wider levels of society”…




        Unfortunately the greedies don’t want THIS.

        So who are these greedies, or rather the greedies who want to keep the status quo and pour millions into influencing and paying off political party’s?

        Why,… the neo liberal dogsbodys, of course.

        The type that populate what COUNTRYBOY talks about,… the Banksters ( read Aussie in our case) , who are dictated to by the Federal Reserve who are owned through trusts and subsidiaries by the likes of the Rothchilds of the Square Mile of London…

        There you go,… oh ! ,.. and by the way,…the greedies also include the Mont Pelerin Society of the same Square Mile of London.

        So while we try to put a salve on the symptoms of neo liberalism and go round and round and round trying to work out why, …maybe we would be better off buying rope and finding some nice tall lampposts and dealing directly with the cause, rather than the symptoms.

        Because that’s the only kind of language these treasonist pirates understand,- the gibbet and the noose. And until that happens they will play you for a song for as long as they can. Is that so harsh when former generations dealt with criminals in the same way? Does human criminal nature change? Or have we all gotten soft on murderers and treasonists who just want to see Rome burn?

        Don’t believe me?

        Then read THIS :

        New Right Fight – New Zealand. Against the political New Right.

      • The good news is that once they sold off all the state houses “in the wrong areas” aka rich areas, then they can now muster the social disadvantaged up and put them in social housing ghettos run by quasi businesses maskerading as charities.

        Yes, that has happened all over the world and now coming to a town near you

    • Yes, this is great. $28.50 a year spread over the next two years. I went shopping for ‘bread and milk’ with a Labour MP after an event some time ago (pre Covid), and her ‘bread and milk’ (bread, milk, tomatoes, cheese) cost $29. These people have no idea of the cost of living to a person on a Benefit, crowing that this minimal increase will make an actual difference. The very first increase in accommodation benefit this so-called Labour government made decreased state-reliant people’s TAS by almost the same amount. I got 31c a week increase. What a ****ing insult. And they crow about it in Parliament and pat themselves on the back. There’s no hope for the poor in this country

  5. “Rising rents…”

    Benefits aside, and its blatantly obvious renters from private rentals will be fleeced of this quick time, when is our government and voters going to wake up to the fact that the taxpayer is footing a massive bill every week, temporary housing, rent subsidies, negative gearing for investors, so they can leave our broken ruinous housing meltdown lifestyle just the way it is?

    We can’t plug enough leaks in this fracturing dam any longer.

    • It’s terrible, socialists are stealing from working Kiwis and it’s a weekly, ongoing steal. People maybe say we have a moral obligation to fund such things. However it’s about as moral as 2 people in a room of 3 voting to rob the 3rd guy.

      A functioning housing market is what is needed. Reduce ghost homes, knock interest-only-loans on the head, disallowing excessive leverage via equity, stop surprising interest rates through RBNZ bond purchases and raise rates to reflect the cost of maintaining/fixing our cities.

      That would be moral and reduce rents AND house prices. Let the chips fall where they may. Stop robing the 3rd guy in the room! Just a functional housing market would be nice. 🙂

  6. Isabel.h you are absolutely correct she will talk as she always does but in fact do nothing.
    In my view it’s not that she doesn’t want to do anything simply it’s she doesn’t know what to do.

    • My boss couldn’t build a house if his daughters life depended on it. But his company can and does, at his bequest. Maybe be you have reverse logic?

  7. If we taxed the greedy, useless mega-rich accordingly we could triple benefits and in so doing reduce the prison muster by 90%.
    But really, that’s like building an awesome car then not bothering to put wheels on it. The other vital actions we must undertake is to return our state built but now privately owned infrastructure back into our ownership then hunt down those traitorous scum who stole our taxes paid for stuff and things off us which created more than 35 years of hardship and dysfunction in a rich country populated by good and trusting people.
    The one last thing on my personal wish list is to purge our AO/NZ of the foreign banksters. Because any increase in any benefit will eventually find its way back to the bankster. The banksters have created a monopolistic web of profiteering greed and they harvest us like salmon in a pen. That must stop. I don’t know about you but I’m fucking well over being exploited by the banksters who return no real value to our society. Unless you think suffering, hardship and exploitation is something.

  8. But aren’t we still hearing about the amount of jobs that the lazy drugged out Kiwis can’t be bothered filling so we need another immigration wave to help the poor fish and chip shops, multimillion dollar fisheries and construction, horticulture businesses, transport and aged care business that can’t get staff (not even the million new ‘kiwi’s” that they bought in to apparently “address the labour shortages” above in the last 15 years) but funny enough, don’t appear to be working in those industries now, so seem to be joining the growing groups on welfare, while becoming the “first home buyers” that the government are rushing to get into houses (often at the detriment of those who used to rent the houses).

  9. Fishing companies don’t want to hire local, mariners say

    Oil rig workers claim unfair treatment in a system ‘rotten to the core’

    Not even the super rich NZ new residents can afford to hire Kiwis apparently and stop work until we allow the latest trend of new peasants to come to NZ and toil the fields.

    “Our plan to expand the veggie operation and get the animals off basically sort of got derailed by the pandemic, because we needed a lot more labour for the veggie operation than we do to run the stock, and our access to labour from the Solomon Islands or Philippines and things like that basically just went away.”

    The reality is that NZ is deliberately creating a climate of low wages, contract, gig, cash labour and discrimination for NZ labour in NZ to please lobbying business, while the Ponzi wheels seem to be coming off as more people need to be on benefits and can’t afford to live here, whether working or not. The incoming people are competing for jobs and houses and roads and health care, but are joining the beneficiaries already in NZ while business brays for more to come.

    When you don’t even have a workforce capable of building a house or road after spending 10 years recruiting overseas for them, but instead have more poor cash construction workers in NZ refusing to leave and higher contract prices for building in NZ, something is wrong with the labour you are bringing in and the management running it and questions need to be asked of the woke and lefties turning a blind eye and enabling it!

  10. Typical, the date of when is a voter bribe.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they increase the difficulty of applying for a benefit and demeaning tactics to intimidate someone off one.

    Or post election, delay, excuse, and hope this promise will be forgotten.

  11. Not sure using a building of houses as an analogy a smart observation given the Labour Party debacle with Kiwi Build and all failed subsequent action?

  12. Labour don’t need to increase benefits because they already own the vote of the bennies.

    If they’re to stay in power they need to demonstrate to the middle class that they’re capable of governing outside of covid. So far the jury is out…

  13. Unless Labour live up to their name, I’m never voting for them again. I’d rather join the missing million

  14. ” Unless Labour live up to their name, I’m never voting for them again. I’d rather join the missing million ”
    Here’s a heads up for you the former NZLP is dead and waiting for them to live up to their name Labour and the reason they were formed in the first place when they sold sold out to the enemies they were formed in 1916 to protect us against is over and has been for thirty years.
    The missing million saw the writing on the wall and have realised like many on the ( real ) left that the rich man’s revolution can not be overturned. The market or neo liberal economic settings are still firmly in place with all the horrors that brings to the many deprived , destitute slaves of capitalism on meth.
    The rich can always and will have options and the comfort of their bank balance despite the economic system in place and they have had their influence and manipulation for far to long.
    It is time the narrative is changed. But the Social Democrats cant provide the structural change we need.

  15. Labour will shovel money to landlords for rental topup payments without any enquiry but heaven forbid they provide real benefits to people in need. NZ is becoming a tragedy. Why is this elitist party calling itself Labour anyhow? Can it be forced to change its name to something more suitable like Phony trecherous smily party or Tony Blair property investor supporters party or Xi left cheek money counts more than human rights party….. I could go on.

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