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  1. Last night on TV One news we saw yet another example of foreigners trying to take the mickey. A white South African couples son could not be enrolled at school due to him not being issued a visa. The young boy has an outdated hearing aide and speech problems they would have known this but probably didn’t bother to declare this when they came here on work visas. They haven’t been her long yet they expect us tax payers to foot the bill for their sons treatment and they are using their son so people will feel sorry for them. Our health system can’t and doesn’t even look after NZers. Our health system is now the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, cause that is where you have to be to get proper help, acute. Otherwise they just send you home with a whole bunch of pills, often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and putting you at greater risk of becoming acute or even worse dying. Our government needs to stop this abuse of foreigners coming here and milking our Health system it is not fair on the many NZers who themselves are missing out. And we should not be repatriating anymore people from India this is another example of them taking the mickey, they need to be forewarned travel is at their own risks and they need to be prepared to bolt down where they are until connecting flights resume. Also we need to ensure we have new border measures in place so they are not bringing the Covid as the virus is mutating becoming more contagious putting us all in danger and possibly rendering our vaccination ineffective.

    • +1 – most parents working overseas expect to pay for their kids health care and have health insurance, I have zero idea why NZ does not expect our non citizens to pay for their own health care. Possibly because we did not use to have significant amounts of people working in NZ who are not NZ citizens in the past. Also on NZ slave wages the types of migrants that NZ government loves apparently can not afford private health insurance and so the companies and corporate beneficiaries paying the slave wages get away with NZ taxpayers supporting their slave workforce with constant freebies. Meanwhile NZ citizens are getting less and less for their taxes and longer waiting times for health care while the profits from NZ slave companies keep rising.

  2. Is anyone else frightened by the thought that ACT may become the political party with integrity?
    When Brooke Van Velden announced she wanted a parliamentary debate on the oppression of the Uyghur minority my first thought was of the Chinese ACT voters and donors spitting the dummy in one collective fit of rage.
    So why is Brooke alienating ACT’s Chinese support group ?
    Is it a strategic ploy to embarass the Greens, Labour and National for doing and saying sweet fanny adams about atrocities in our biggest( and grumpiest) trading partner?
    Is it a ploy to give ACT a humansitic appeal?
    OR is it (GASP!) because Brooke feels someone should do the right thing and stand up to a bully?
    Does anyone remember when Rodney Hide and John Key apologised to Xi Jinping because Russel Norman showed him a Tibetan flag? – and was promptly manhandled by Xi’s bodyguards?
    Or how Jenny Shitlee intervened to block a protest because Zhang Jemin demanded it?
    Does Brooke not realise that if you are a far-right conservative YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE YOUR POSITION TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE AGAINST TYRANNY!
    It just confuses people.
    Need a cup of tea and a lie down now.

    Having spent years loathing ACT and its members I feel quite confused

    • Now that Natz are the Chinese owned party with $100k donations buying a list MP seat, ACT is capitalising on the Kiwi voters who don’t agree with Natz sell out to China.

      Also not all Chinese and Asians living in NZ, love PRC. Many fear them more than the Kiwis.

  3. I would like to know why our NZ Cricket players are still in India when thousands are dying around them, I find this to be unethical. And I would like to think they are paying of their own MIQ as this not fair they are professionals they get paid and I see nothing nationally significant about them being there at this time or staying there despite everything that is happening or not happening.


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