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That face you make when you have an unprecedented MMP majority and still can’t build fucking houses!


    • Well it’d be OK if Grant the Grunter was really intent on coming home to Labour’s founding principles and values.
      Unfortunately it doesn’t seem as if he is, but I live in hope and changey type stuff that Andrew L and Poto W are edging their way there.
      They might run out of time and place however before it happens. Cudda Shudda Wudda tho’ eh?, in that space, going forward

  1. “That face you make when you have an unprecedented MMP majority and still can’t build fucking houses!”
    Here’s why…
    I know. My eyes glaze over too when someone posts a link to a thing but please be patient. This is good stuff.
    Russell Brand
    “In part 1 of my discussion with Edward Snowden he explains the methods used to advance the most dangerous conspiracies and threats to our freedoms. Excerpts are taken from my upcoming Luminary podcast with Edward Snowden – released Saturday 24th April. To listen to the full episode then, get a 7 day free trial at http://luminary.link/russell
    Edward Snowden: “The Worst Conspiracies Are In Plain Sight”
    The reason I believe robertson can’t spend money to, say, build houses for the [necessary] homeless callously exploited by millionaires and billionaires is because he darn’t highlight that there was A plenty of money there in the first place and B there still is.
    I.e. Again, people became homeless as a necessary side effect of a very few sequestering what should have been public funds dispersed by the tax systems instead of disappeared into deep pockets. Aye boys?
    The reason why we have hardship, poverty, homelessness and hungry kids on a rich country larger than the UK by 25 thousand square kilometres with a scant few five million people is because we’re being ripped off. And the [Them] have robertson and the government over a barrel. If Labour is honest and genuine Labour must come clean. Spill the beans. Lets hope they’re edible.

  2. It’s the face that keeps on giving eh?
    Hate to say it, but it’s all that’s gone wrong with the Labour Party. It’s worth a thousand words (minus superfluidity – in that space, going forward). So ……, ultimately, …….. , probably 2,000 words and probably six or seven hours of consultation with PR and marketing sperts at a cost of thousands.
    Fuk! it’s pathetic (and ever so slightly amusing if is wasn’t so serious

    And they’ll probably be wondering why when it all turns to shit.

  3. Dad is telling you there are no presents under the neo liberal xmas tree this year. The rich and affluent have taken all your hard earned money ……….hee hee

  4. That face you make when you finally wake up out of a year long daze and realise you are one whole year too late to tame the latest house price hike you were warned about, and NZ is a joke because of you


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