GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – REAP WHAT YOU SOW: Jacinda treads a sensible Foreign Policy pathway.


Tory MP Bob Seely accused Jacinda Ardern of being “a prime minister who virtue signals whilst crudely sucking up to China whilst backing out of the Five Eyes agreement”

Shades of Rt Hon Winston Peters or Hon Ron Mark?

Best thing happened last election was these two chaps who (other than Sate funded trips abroad) have spent their lives in a country which has never been invaded by a foreign power; never had their families terrified, raped, killed: never been left with the war lord regimes which emerge out of chaos and/or uncleared minefields littering the fields and/or agent orange legacy. 

A war with China is going to end with one winner – and it won’t be ANZACs on behalf of Uncle Sam; nor could America ever defeat China – or Russia for that matter.

I voted for against my old party – National (as did a massive majority of former Natz) rather that for Jacinda – because they were (and still are) a total shamble.  

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However, whereas (in my view) Labour got the houses for first owners’ formula – wrong and now appears to be about to commit the cardinal sin of transferring monetary/fiscal policy from the “politically independent “Reserve Bank, to the pork barrel of Cabinet (shades of Muldoon emerging here), I consider Labour’s sensible approach to China deserves massive applause.

Putting New Zealand exports: Primary Industries to China and tourists from China and Students from China, is the saviour of our economy in these COVID troubled times.

Trading with China does not mean NZ supports domestic issues China has – be it Hong Kong or Uighurs, any more than the obsession our media has with America means NZ supports the despicable treatment of Blacks in that Land of the Free.

In my view: Jacinda treads a sensible Foreign Policy pathway.

Kick sand in the face of the Tiger, as has Aussie, had you will get bitten.

They who fight China on behalf of USA which sells these “Poodles” weapons but doesn’t buy their exports lost due to conflict with China, will reap what they sow.


Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland police spies; currently Honorary consul for an African state; Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in NZ and has international business interests.



  1. With the ‘climate emergency’ being made worse by the day (by the second, actually) the last thing we need is a government focused on propping up redundant economic policies based on nineteenth-century thinking and twentieth-century rorts.

    We know what it is all about, of course: keeping the Ponzi economic game, based on Ponzi finance, going a little longer, whatever the cost.

  2. Most NZ voters don’t want NZ to side with China and become another occupied territory or economically bound partner with China. Hasn’t worked out well for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet… Hasn’t worked out for any of the doctors in China who died after blowing the whistle on Covid, or the Chinese human rights activists there or anybody who can just disappear in China. Let alone the Uyghurs.

    So nope don’t think NZ should be siding with China at all. Don’t side with bullies or open human rights abusers so you can sell some milk that Kiwis in NZ can’t afford anymore. We actually don’t even own the farms anymore, China didn’t buy the milk exports, they bought the farm.

    Also ACT is now showing up the Greens. No wonder they are on 9% while the Greens are declining.

    ACT party will file motion asking Parliament to debate Xinjiang ‘genocide’

    Natz sold out to China and their popularity vanished, same will happen to Labour from Voters.

    Nobody in NZ wants to be under the PRC thumb apart from loyal PRC and those who are being paid to promote the PRC agenda around the world.

    • This has been going on since 2014. So why is it only now that ACT are climbing from the rafters. Where were they when they were in the Key led government? Maybe more political exposure on any subject. I suspect actually that the constant barking, prancing and prowling by the dances with the stars reject will see him end the same way as Natidid last election. Support will drop and he’ll become a one trick pony again.

  3. Hey Ross

    Some critics emerge but it seems they miss the point you make:

    Looking after NZ trade exports and inward tourists and students provides jobs for famers, factory workers; truck drivers, office staff, teachers and tour operators. This means people are paid and they pay tax and that means the guvmint collects revenue to pay for HEW and maori grievances.

    No jobs means print money and that means dark clouds for the kids of your critics.

    And this is not to mention the support it seems your critics imply to go to America which hardly has a good record of dealing with its own Black population one could go on – like political dissident: dissidents – Navalny or ALibbab Jack v Assange, Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Yawn.

    Credit where due and Jacinda and Nanaia have show courage and common sense.

  4. While I can’t disagree with the direction this Government is taking as regards China, I can’t see the point of the Mahuta speech. It fooled nobody. Comments from overseas describe us as China’s friend and not supportive of five eye’s. The description of our proposed relationship with China by Mahuta as respectful of our Dragon and Taniwha cultures is just claptrap. Regardless of their human rites record we will trade with them. Fine, we need to trade, but to hide behind weasel words fools no one, least of all China. People are seeing Mahuta as cleverly getting around the issue but I can’t see that. Jacinda’s Government is taking the right line in my opinion but we have an awful lot of work to do diplomatically, to convince our real allies that we support them and are not going soft on China. It’s not what we think is acceptable but what our allies see as acceptable.

  5. Trading and partnership with China was based on them being a law abiding and responsible global citizen. They have turned into anything but. China has turned into a highly dangerous international criminal, with state sanctioned systemic – bribery, corruption, blackmail, manipulation of governments, propaganda, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing, torture, murder, rape, drug trafficking, human trafficking money laundering, food poisoning, mass surveillance, pathological lying, enriching the CCP elite, starving it’s peoples, threaten other countries, espionage, brainwashing, perveyor of fake news, mass censorship, mass surveillance, medical expermentation on humans, repression of it’s peoples, theft, cyber attacks, cyber theft, development of weapons of mass killing of living organisms only, depletion of oceans fish stocks, illegal weapons trading, deliberately spreading harmful viruses then blaming other countries, debt trapping poor countries and undermining their sovereignty, destruction of true Chinese culture and perverting other cultures, fake gold, profiteering from the pandemic, sending defective medical supplies, manipulating foreign government elections, world wide extortion, persecution of religious minorities, counterfeiting, illegal fishing activities, flooding US and other countries with deadly Fentonal and other drugs, animal cruelty, illegal animal product trading, corporate crime, destruction of animal species, claim territories as theirs that aren’t theirs, massive environmental destruction, and probably the most disturbing and morally repugnant of all- live human organ harvesting for profit.

    • Bruce, you sound like you’re really tumbled down the rabbit hole & been propagandised to the massive CIA psych op, gaslighting operation that’s saturated the World today to demonise China & you’re swallowed it, hook, line & sinker? Do you actually know what the hell you are talking about or are you a sheep that just believes everything the Mainstream Media tells you to believe? I suggest you check out alternative views on YouTube or RT or Oliver Stones Untold History of America Doco to learn the real truth rather than the bullshit American version you have been told & which your spouting? Heres a short History lesson for you? China built a Great Wall to keep Invaders out, not to invade or take over the World! China doesn’t have 750-700 Military Bases encircling the World but the US does? China hasn’t overthrown & Regime changed over 50 Nations on Earth since 1945 but the US has! China didn’t illegally invade Iraq, Libya, Syria & killed millions of civilians & committed War crimes but the US did! China has never meddled in the affairs of Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Panama, Guatemala, Salvador, Iran, Afghanistan & just about every other bloody Country in the World but the US has! China & Russia never dropped nukes on anyone but guess what Nation has? And that’s just a small sample of the many heinous acts committed by the real Tyrant, the US of A, not China!

        • Dear Bruce
          Perhaps it is time you did start ‘talking about’ the US and not only the USA?
          Basil and Kiwiantz comments might be a good place to start?
          Like, comparing behaviour of major players on the planet?
          KiwiAntz certainly seems to have read beyond the diet of Disneyland and Clint Eastwood most Kiwis have been feed since birth.

          Re my blog: I make no mention of approving domestic polices of China – nor for that matter, USA.

          My support for Jacinda/Nanaia foreign policy is predicated on their recognition that without China as a trade partner, NZ is in trouble.

          Relying on one country can be problematic. For example, when Britain deserted its most loyal follower in 1966 to join the EEC later EU and we were shut out!

          Only Japan saved us.
          But of course, typical of many Kiwis anti Asian – labelled Japanese goods as ‘Jap junk’.

          Its a perilous path but going to war for Uncle Sam is a far worse outcome.

          In my view.

    • ‘Trading and partnership with America was based on them being a law abiding and responsible global citizen. They have turned into anything but. America has turned into a highly dangerous international criminal, with state sanctioned systemic – bribery, corruption, blackmail, manipulation of governments, propaganda, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing, torture, murder, rape, drug trafficking, human trafficking money laundering, food poisoning, mass surveillance, pathological lying, ‘


  6. Holy moly
    Bruce? Where did you acquire that list of crimes?
    Of course I could produce a list of crimes for America.
    Where to start -Umm?
    Well, to keep it in this century and ignore Vietnam and Ollie North in Nicaragua and the demise of Allende but lets keep it simple: Saddam weapons of mass destruction which the Chilcott report and Kofi Anan said was not only a crock of shit but a war crime! Perpetrated by your mates: America.

    And then there is Snowden and co – producing footage of American helicopters committing war crimes a lar carte – for which Assange is still in jail un convicted of anything but exposing to the world the truth about America – and Snowden is banned from going home – because he exposed war crimes and spying on a massive scale.
    Then there’s heaps of evidence about America causing chaos in countries via proxies to get contracts to rebuild the devastation they caused.
    If you can still read and don’t rely on 30 second video clips – buy this:

    Of course I could go on – but in your case I m ight be pissing into the wind – however: I take solace in the probability that not al who read this blog are paid by the CIA.

    Nothing personal but facts v facts


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