Everyone who accused Jacinda of being racist for closing border to India should be embarrassed – Covid isn’t ending


When Jacinda announced that NZ was closing the border to India because of skyrocketing Covid cases, the accusations of racism were quick to be made by the identity politics clique on Twitter.

As India has collapsed into a Covid nightmare, Jacinda’s foresight was righteous and the insinuations by the woke of it being racist were their usual virtual signalling banality.

What the explosion of Covid cases in India represents is a terrible reminder that this damned pandemic is still far from finished.

  • The issues of achieving global herd immunity are still with us and much of the poorer world still doesn’t have enough vaccines.
  • The need for infrastructure to administer annual shots hasn’t been built.
  • Anti-Vaxx quackery is making people vaccine hesitant in the West.
  • The ability for the virus to mutate.
  • The need for continuous threats of economic shut down to quell outbreaks.
  • Qanon conspiracy disinformation promoted by Facebook.

TDB was the first to argue that this was a serious pandemic and not some identity politics micro aggression policing bullshit…

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…and TDB continues to argue that the ramifications of this Pandemic are far from over.


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  1. While I agree with you I think our borders should have been closed earlier but perhaps our PM was waiting for more evidence.

    • ” I think our borders should have been closed earlier”.. As NZ was one of, if not the first western country to close it’s borders, and go into comprehensive lockdown, The criticism that they didn’t do it fast enough is risible. They even got it right with the vaccine they bought, which has turned out t o be the most effective… Someone will pipe up to say that we would have done better with the nat/colonial party in charge at some point somewhere in twitterville today, no doubt.. All they prove is that NZers can compete strongly in the contest for the most willfully stupid society on the planet… Look across the Tasman if you think that the tories would have done it better.. Apart from WA(labour govt) it’s been a mix of a three ring circus, and an utter clusterfuck..(with federal govt accepting no responsibility. Sound familiar?) I came across the ditch just before NZ went into lockdown, and I can say for a fact that NZ was streets ahead of what was going on over there.. Stop the petty, pointless whinging boys and girls… All you’re doing is annoying the rest of us, and confusing the intellectually challenged..

    • Ghahraman, the eternal martyr, found another issue to enable her to play the victim. She inflated the practical ban on arrivals from India into something that was harming local South Asian communities. By doing so, she got to include herself as a member of this larger group, and earned herself another scar.

  2. Indian political beggars are concern double standard to make every agenda issue just like gathering in nizamuddin religious gathering are bomb to corona spread , on another hand kumbh mela nothing (I think it was nuclear bomb largest crowd to gain political beggars to gain their goal and not control vivid 19)I think this is mass killings to people by politics beggars for their goal of power.

    • Probably more fundamental, simple and less conspiratorial than that (Modi being India’s Bolsenaro, Trump, Netanyahu and Johnson rolled into one).

  3. I meant our borders should have been closed earlier to the NZers coming from India due to the high numbers of covid cases upon arrival.

  4. ” When Jacinda announced that NZ was closing the border to India because of skyrocketing Covid cases, the accusations of racism were quick to be made by the identity politics clique on Twitter ”

    With a response like this that it is a racist issue is utter fecken bullshit and don’t think for a moment that if the situation was reversed that the government of India would not immediately close its border to New Zealanders wanting to come in and racism would have absolutely nothing to do with it.

    It is the gravity of a sickness that does not distinguish regarding the colour of someone’s skin or culture.

    Identity politics is a real danger not just with this evil pandemic but with general political considerations right across the board , i think these people who push this as an agenda are destroying any hope of common sense argument and common sense in the political process and when the fight against the ” market ” and its disciples should be the main focus of our energies in fighting this evil repressive regime.

    My vote if we have a general election in the normal time frame of 2023 with the real possibility of the coming war in the pacific with China and the fallout that will accompany that ( none of us will be immune )
    will be not to support any of the current parties in parliament unless a new left wing alternative that can make a real difference would be the only party i would support and help to support with work on the ground.

    • There is no common sense any more. Differing opinions are verboten. Informed consent is no more. Democracy is gone.

      • The millennial woke identity politics left is more concerned about their woke credentials and pandering to their instagram/ twitter clique, than paying attention to inconvenient facts or scientific data. Postmodernism has gone so far in deconstructing the pillars of western civilisation, it’s calling into question peoples ability to think rationally. Not to mention the free speech issue. Useful idiots.

  5. The enormity of New Zealand’s COVID achievement is right there in the incredibly low numbers of fatalities to date–26–yes Twenty F*****g Six. No bodies burnt on pallets in the streets, no Grans struggling for breath outside crammed hospitals with “Full, Soz” signs. Think about that and be glad for a few minutes.

  6. Ivor Cummings has done a video looking at the data from India. Whilst the graph looks alarming, the overall deaths per million of population in India is way less that in Europe and the UK. The latter is tailing off as Covid becomes endemic and like a seasonal flu. (Albeit about 3 times the deaths than from flu in the UK)
    Also, TB deaths in India are about 4 times that of Covid, so some perspective is needed

  7. Yeah I am sick of her (Gharahman) humanitarian bullshit she wants us to give free health services to people who have come here under false pretenses when far too many NZers are dying prematurely from non communicable diseases that are treatable (if you can get treatment that is) and preventable. She is becoming annoying, acting like we can help everyone and we must.


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