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  1. Why is NZ woke desperate to bring more foreign poor migrants to NZ to compete with NZ poor?

    You would think that NZ would prioritise people who at least have skills to have a high paid job, but nope, get more people into NZ with low or no income so they can qualify for state housing too and welfare top ups! It’s truly crazy.

    Immigration New Zealand apologises and refunds over covert residence policy

    Easy way to stop cherry picking. Stop the visas altogether until the mythical houses, hospitals, roads, waste water and high paid jobs are actually available in NZ!

  2. Details, specifics, endless details — the political ideas version of individualism helps the divide and rule rich.

    Fairness and climate change. Leading rather than responding. Reaction is close to reactionary for a reason. I’m lazy, prefer the easy, react, but I think the Left should lead, or they are , in their own way, reactionary. Leading is elemental to the rational Left. So, disapproval of here.


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