Transmission gully is an idealogical nightmare thanks to National


National defends Transmission Gully after review finds serious planning flaws

The National Party is defending its role in the Transmission Gully, following a scathing review that found the project was flawed from the get-go.

An interim review into the 27km highway has found serious flaws at the planning stage of the public-private partnership project (PPP), along with a lack of transparency.

Transmission Gully was the first motorway in New Zealand set up under a PPP model by the National government in 2012.

The road was supposed to be completed in April 2020 but was delayed by more than a year because of significant re-estimation of earthwork requirements, storm events, the Kaikōura earthquake and COVID-19.

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However, a report commissioned last year after the Transport Agency had to pay more than $200 million to get it back on track, found the project was flawed from the start.

This scathing report on National’s use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) as a means to find a cheaper way to build infrastructure was always an idealogical nightmare that risked biting National in the arse and helps explain why National are plummeting to 23% in the latest Roy Morgan poll.

Small Government and the free market are as out of fashion as Nu Metal and Limp Bizkit.

Covid has reminded voters that the State protects them, not mixed public private partnerships and National still clinging to these old Right Wing values of free market over all utterly misses the culture change a unique shared experience like Covid has provoked in people.

National don’t know what they stand for and they don’t know what their own political philosophy even means.

After Covid, no voter wants to hear the State is handing things over to the private sector and this is why National aren’t politically relevant.


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  1. I would be enlightened to hear report of one thing NACT has done to reduce long term GHG emissions and prepare for a managed change in direction as “economies” wind down globally.
    Also any report of holes in the sand were NACT heads were buried when emission reduction was discussed.

  2. PPP funding costs the country more than increasing taxation to cover the expense.
    The Private investors are not from the working class but from an investor groups which have links to offshore holding companies.
    The upper income bracket and corporations are given tax relief at the expense of the country needs, leaving PPP implementation just giving more to the investor groups who are generally very wealthy contributors to the holding companies putting money into PPP proposals to gain a profit.
    So the wealthy group pay less tax than what is needed then profit from the shortfall on top of that through PPP..
    PPP is a new rouse for NACT to partially privatise public space and govt functions.

    When Kiwis responded to a referendum of johkey’s sell off hard one family jewels and voted 67% against partial privatisation even after months of slimey lies about Mum and Dad investors from blinglish and the johkey banker. Kiwis showed that private money embedded in public infrastructure was not what they want.
    But Kiwis get ignored by NACT and carefully managed by MSM PR.

    The cockups must eventually put more money from the public into private pockets

    An accident. Hardly likely.

  3. Lets be assured of one thing when it comes to the MPs both past and present of the NZ National Party and that is they will never hold themselves accountable for their actions whilst in a government.
    They will, as per usual, blame everyone else and even an earthquake than stand up and do the adult thing i.e say “Yes we make and have made mistakes and we will take accountability for our mistakes and actions…..”
    But no. They will forever pervade the smell and aura of arrogance. Long may that arrogance linger in the NZ National Party because it would render them as un-electable at any future election.
    It’s incredible how selective in amnesia the National Party MPs live in. They just don’t admit fault at any time. They will never learn a lesson even from the outcome of last years’ election defeat.
    May I however suggest to the NZ National Party that they please do keep Judith Collins as their leader. She is doing a superb job as leader of a leaky party that doesn’t hold any credibility. Long may she continue being its leader because no one would want to vote for such an irrational political party that doesn’t have a clue as to what accountability really means in society.

    • The Labour party should front up to the damage done by douglarse and the neocons within it at the time. They would get a lot more respect by accepting the mistakes instead of avoiding discussion on that part of its history.


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