BREAKING: Derek Chauvin found GUILTY in George Floyd murder!


Oh thank Jesus. Derek Chauvin, the Police Officer who killed George Floyd on camera has been found guilty on all counts.

The horror we all felt watching the needless murder of another black man at the hands of a white Police force demanded a response that screamed at us.

It kept us up at night.

It refused to leave our minds.

How could deadly force for events and interactions that didn’t justify it be so casually used by the Police?

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How did a ‘respect my authority’ culture within the Police that could get away with filmed murder manage to mutilate ‘serve and protect’ into such a grotesque insult?

This is one trial and it won’t stop that culture from rearing its ugly head again, but for one shining moment ‘Black Lives Matter’ actually did.

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  1. I do not understand how there was any possibility that Chauvin be found not guilty.
    I mean kneeling on someone’s neck for nine minutes?
    I would not even do that to ACT members.
    However, wait for the sentence.
    Then wait for the appeal against the sentence.
    Wait for the outcry from the Police Union.
    I have not even mentioned Trumpists and far rightists because those fuckers do not themselves know what they will do( presumably wait for orders from the supreme,orange,pussy grabber).
    Any further developments on getting him on trial yet?

  2. Let’s see what happens across the country in the next few days. Will the Police be able to kick their addiction to murdering people?


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