Dawn Raid apology first, overstayer amnesty second, Climate Crisis obligations third 


‘Shameful stain on NZ history’: Polynesian Panthers push for dawn raids apology

Nearly half a century on from that “shameful stain on New Zealand history”, the Polynesian Panther Party says it’s past due for the Government to apologise to those targeted in the dawn raids of the 1970s.

The shameful legacy of inviting Pacific Island workers here, exploiting them and then setting the racist cops on them when economic times got tough in the 70s is a collective stain on us as a country and it is a shame that we as a country with the largest Pacific population in the world must go beyond an apology to repair.

The most immediate issue is an apology to the Pacifica community for the raids occurring in the first place.

The second issue is a pandemic overstayer amnesty offered to all Pacific Islanders currently overstaying in NZ to ensure there is no risk of spread in the overstayer community.

The third issue is serious discussions with Pacific Island leaders about the fate of their islands in a climate crisis sea level rising world that will swallow many of their islands whole.

The Realm of NZ includes Tokelau, Cook Islands and Niue. We have obligations that go beyond an apology.

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  1. NZ’s low productivity and decreasing skills levels is due to relying on foreign workers…. taking foreign workers out of their home countries also is wrong and leads to major problems…. NZ has the highest amount of temporary workers in the OECD, but also one of the lowest productivity.

    Meanwhile our housing, health system, schools and so forth can’t cope.

    Many individuals are profiting from the immigration Ponzi and the MSM (especially stuff now) seem to be constantly running pro migration campaigns.

    Productivity Commission: Big increases to temporary migration, little tracking of effects

    “The number of temporary workers in the country since the early 2000s has increased hugely, through the RSE scheme which brings in seasonal workers mainly from the Pacific Islands, and through working holiday visas for backpackers and international student visas. As a whole, these workers are typically both low cost and low skill.

    In the peak year, 2017, close to a quarter of a million people in New Zealand were on one of these visas (numbers are much diminished since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic).

    When the RSE scheme, which targets horticultural work, began in 2007, the number of seasonal visas available was 5000. Before Covid-19, the number had risen to 14,400.

    Report co-author and economist Julie Fry said it is “extraordinary” that New Zealand has made such large changes to temporary migration policy without better information gathering and research to understand its effects.

    “Many questions about the relative costs and benefits and dynamic impacts of temporary and seasonal migration on local workers and automation cannot be definitively answered based on the information currently available, and will require additional research,” the report concluded.”


    • Also look at the figures. The conclusions are incorrect aka putting too much blame on RSE scheme, aka 14,400 on RSE does not seem to be the majority of 250,000 that came to NZ on temp visas in 2017! They are out by 235,000… (maybe they are working on the 10 year council plan for the swimming pools too),

      Somebody is hiding something here!

  2. NZ has a Ponzi where non NZ citizens are able to come into NZ, buy another ‘citizenship’ to add to their belts, and then start importing in more migrants for their ventures here, the cheapest and most compliant they can find…

    this is not helping NZ as a country, but reducing our productivity, and creating more and more loss making businesses in NZ. Then Kiwi taxes are needed to support all the low paid, low skilled workers on our social welfare system that have been bought in, and all the pensions and health care and transport, justice, jails all the new people need.

    Pacific Islanders are now largely being replaced by workers from the Phillipines, South East Asia and India as the preferred migrant.

    James Cameron explains dairy cows on Wairarapa farm

    “Our plan to expand the veggie operation and get the animals off basically sort of got derailed by the pandemic, because we needed a lot more labour for the veggie operation than we do to run the stock, and our access to labour from the Solomon Islands or Philippines and things like that basically just went away.”

    Note James and his wife plans for their regenerative farm seem to demand importing in peasant workers to toil in their fields, which they are able to do without even having NZ citizenship yet.

    Sroubek who was also not a NZ citizen also managed to get his Russian wife NZ citizenship on the basis of his ‘juice’ and MDMA business on the side.

    We seem to have Ponzi’s where non or recent NZ citizens can set up immigration ponzi’s and import in more people.

    Note the people approving all the migrants are not based in NZ, we outsource our immigration processing to China and other countries. Kinda, strange when you don’t even care about who comes into your country in favour of saving some perceived processing costs.

    It ain’t just the poorer workers getting in on all the scams, sounds like pretty easy to buy NZ citizenship and buy a job here. But wait, inspite of the 1 million people coming to NZ over the last decade, apparently the government still can’t solve the skills shortages (possibly because as soon as they get NZ permanent residency/citizenship) they leave their terrible jobs, just like the Kiwis as being on the dole is better and the better workers go offshore to work, leaving their dependants in NZ to receive free schooling, health care and so forth.

    • Don’t forget that the entire global financial system has been morphed into a gigantic Ponzi scheme held together by ultra-low interest rates and money-printing by central banks, with the entire system held together -in the short term- via the extraction and burning of fossil fuels.

  3. The third issue is serious discussions with Pacific Island leaders about the fate of their islands in a climate crisis sea level rising world that will swallow many of their islands whole.


    The Realm of NZ includes Tokelau, Cook Islands and Niue. We have obligations that go beyond an apology.

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