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  1. Weds 12th may 12.30pm The Big liedown

    As disclosed by Malcolm Mulholland this morning.

    110 meds are on the waiting list plus another 200+ are working there way through Pharmac’s processing for funding decisions.
    Our medicines funding is at the bottom of the 20 OECD countries of equivalent GDP size.
    Our total Healthcare system is rated 4 places worse than the USA (37th and we are 41st) in 2015 and has only got worse since.

    From Sept 2017 to 31st August 2019 an average over the two years was 188,462 unfunded medical items per month (In April May and June 2019 the average was 208,000, 214,000 and 219,000) were prescribed by Doctors and dispensed over the counter at Green cross Unichem and Life pharmacies.
    These figures came from a Survey I asked Medicines Nz if they could do and The Green Cross group took 6 months to complete it.

    Pharmac and the Government have no idea of the scale of our medicines requirements year on year.
    The current Pharmac funding model cannot continue.

    http://WWW.SIGN4LIFE.NZ Join the other 99,000 people who have signed both online and offline .

    • When you increase your population by 20% in a decade with a mostly free health system, you are destroying your mostly free health system and increasing your waiting list times.

      Same with superannuation. It is being destroyed. The NZ public paying taxes now, are highly unlikely to ever see the superannuation benefits that our parents have, as the governments are destroying pensions to Kiwis, by giving it away to foreign pensioners still arriving daily into NZ.

      Getting foreign farm hands to work like peasants in the fields and foreign chefs on their wage subsidies and foreign billionaires into NZ is not ‘free’. They will get every entitlements from NZ with many migrant groups braying for more and more while the foreign billionaires pay accountants to make sure that they receive every cent of corporate and individual welfare (and more) they are entitled to, by our bovine and star struck government.

  2. Misleading headlines from Stuff.

    You would think there was a correlation from the 23 children ill and millions spent on the pool, but sounds like the illness from the children was related to filtration and the slides only. Easy solution, get rid of the slides!

    Note, right wingers hate community pools. Councils 10 year plans seem to want all community pools closed down and demolished so that they can then spend millions more on consultants and construction of new facilities that take decades while another generation of kids don’t have a community pool and can’t swim.

    Council says pool that left 23 children ill needs millions spent in major overhaul

    Christchurch council said it would cost $7.7m to keep a community pool open – but its calculations were wrong by $5m–but-its-calculations-were-wrong-by-5m

    • We are still waiting for our Naenae pool to be fixed. This is a very valuable community asset that benefits many. I get really pissed of when I hear people saying we already have enough pools. This pool brings people to this community they spend their money in the local shops. Our population has increased with more people choosing to live in our lovely city therefore we need to invest in assets like the Naenae pools. As for those right wing whingers moaning about pools they can take a running jump.

  3. Beware the councils are now so right wing or neoliberal led, that they can’t wait to start destroying anything of public amenity.

    In Auckland councils put the library fines so high that people could no longer use the libraries. You would be fined $1 a day so if you had 10 books/magazines out that were 2 weeks late then you would be expected to pay a fine around $140…. They are then passing off fines for $50 to Baycorp like this..

    “Sarah* describes reading as her one “super power”.

    That’s because she only needs about three to four hours to get through an entire 300-page novel. To feed her insatiable hunger for books, she used to borrow up to seven of them at a time from her local library in South Auckland. However, her kryptonite has proven to be library late fees.

    She has owed Auckland Libraries well over $500 in her time as a member, and her single largest fine was for almost $200.

    “I get a mental block about it, and in times of stress I just avoid going,” she said. “I do read really quickly, so I have to take out a lot of books. I can read about one book a day.

    “And if I am a bit late, my debt can get up really quick as they go up $1 a day per book. If my week goes AWOL and I can’t get there, I’m then too ashamed to go in.”

    To make matters worse, the library passed some of her debt to Baycorp, which relentlessly pursued her for a fine worth about $50, she says.”

    “Numbers of the public borrowing books have dropped. The council’s head of heritage, Louise LaHatte, says about 35,000 people stop using the library each year due to having fines worth more than $10, with the majority of those people being in South Auckland.”

  4. Christchurch libraries send an email reminding you that borrowed books are due in 3 days.
    Books can easily be renewed once for another month on their website. If still needed return the book personally to any library and immediately reissue it (if no-one else has requested it).
    It’s a great system. Very user friendly. I don’t know if other libraries do this.

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