Trevor punishes Labour’s outrageous abuse of Health Select Committee


Labour’s ‘patsy’ questions prompt Speaker Trevor Mallard to give National extended scrutiny of COVID-19 response

Labour’s questions at a Health Select Committee described as “patsy” prompted House Speaker Trevor Mallard to give National extra questions in Parliament to scrutinise the COVID-19 response.

National MP Chris Bishop complained to Mallard after Labour MP Liz Craig – chair of the Health Select Committee – let officials speak for more than 20 minutes about widely accessible information, during a briefing on Wednesday on the Government’s COVID-19 response. 

It prompted National to call for the return of the Epidemic Response Committee to hold the Government to account, after what leader Judith Collins described as “farcical nonsense” at the Health Select Committee.

Every New Zealander should be outraged at dirty filthy Labour party tactics at the Health Select Committee this week, how dare Liz Craig make Chris Bishop politically relevant!

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What the hell Liz???

If Labor Party stooges are going to use these vital chances to hold the bureaucrats to account by wasting almost half the time with bullshit, then we do urgently require the Epidemic Response Committee to be re-established.

Labour made Chris Bishop politically relevant, we should never forgive them for that.

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  1. Liz nearly hid the fact Covid testing high risk border workers is a disorganised mess with no plan and no idea. And her reasoning was as at least as shit as Megan Woods explanation on why they are disposing of state houses. Kudos ladies!

    Quite why she thinks she should receive a pay cheque for her performance on the other hand is a mystery!

  2. I see it a bit differently:
    National are sounding increasingly desperate.

    – They are desperate to find some iota of political relevance
    – They are desperate to hide their internal divisions
    – They are desperate to open the borders to the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ world outside
    – They are desperate to please their powerful, uber-wealthy overlords, the megacorps and billionaire barons who cannot wait to get their money-hungry claws back into little AO/NZ, before we start to think we might be able to survive without them.
    – They are desperate to try and taint the present government’s remarkable success in dealing with the pandemic.

    They are trying to raise the pirate ship SS Shambolic from the ocean depths where it sank some time ago. Remember when all those Nat-rats were leaping off it? Throwing themselves overboard before it sank.

    • To Davey Jone’s locker with the National party.
      On the other side, I see the HMS Labour listing from the left to the right, trying to keep an even keel in the middle, but the stormy seas around are giving it a battering. Will Labour batten down their hatches and hope the storm passes? And if their ship breaks apart and starts sinking, will the Lab rats jump overboard? Will captain Jacinda do a long John Key bail or will she go down with her ship next election?
      I say time to change course for new lands and calmer seas.

    • Kheala, I get the feeling that you think the country is doing ok at the moment. It’s not, it’s printing massive amounts of money that will be left for my and possibly your grandchildren to pay back. All National wants to do is minimise the future damage. Your reasoning for thinking all National wants is to make themselves and their mates richer shows a complete lack of economic understanding on your part. Just how you think the infrastructure repair job this country needs gets paid for is beyond me. Labour can’t borrow forever even though you don’t care if it does. All bosses and businesses are greedy rich people are they Kerala.FFS.

      • Both Kheala and XRAY are right,

        aka National are desperate and Labour’s

        Covid testing high risk border workers is a disorganised mess with no plan and no idea.

        And her reasoning was as at least as shit as Megan Woods explanation on why they are disposing of state houses .

      • ” All National wants to do is minimise the future damage. Your reasoning for thinking all National wants is to make themselves and their mates richer shows a complete lack of economic understanding on your part.” Are you trying to be funny? Who was it that gutted the civil service? Who was it that oversaw the cutting down of massive areas of timber forests to enable the intensive dairy farming which has ruined our ecosystem? Who was it that created dependance on providin third rate education to overseas students, and turned Aucklands inner city into a wasteland of dormitories, at the same time as putting hundreds of people on to those streets permanently? Who was it that, over two terms of governance, sold off over 100,000 state houses, and evicted thousands more through their meth testing scam? I’m finding it really disappointing that there are still people who are so totally ignorant of the reality of the Key government that they feel qualified to share their “wisdom” with those of us who actually experienced the results.. Who was it that, as a result of the National government gutting of ACC created a system that had me getting less than I was paying in rent after having suffered broken ribs and severe concussion from badly erected scaffolding collapsing under me…forcing me to go back to work still unable to pick up anything more than 3-4kg, and unable to work off the ground because of the effects of the concussion? Me, that’s who.. I now have a permanently misshapen rib cage because I wasn’t eligible for even basic medical care.. That accident actually cost me my job, and winz did their best to ensure I ended up on the street… Yeah, that’s what we need now.. The same people responsible for the incompetence of our civil service, and utter lack of the infrastructure required to deal with any emergency you might care to name… There are only two words that describe the national party … Venal, and incompetent… Admittedly, there is a lot of egocentric, and self serving drivel in the comment section on this site, but yours wins the prize for the most naive I’ve seen so far…

        • @ Stefan, Sad to hear about your ACC experience. Compare your experience to the illegal cash worker who dies due to poor safety while their Chinese window gets a NZ ACC payout and unions can’t wait to advocate for this man who doesn’t even pay ACC taxes in NZ and work safe just gives a warning letter….

          As long as the illegal construction Ponzi continues there seems zero interest in prosecuting all the people in these illegal construction chains that led to this man being in NZ and dying here. Wouldn’t manslaughter and negligence be an obvious one since the roof was held on by 2 nails, let alone all the IRD and people trafficking charges that were never made to his employer who had a cash worker on their site?

          China are happy though! As long as you are Chinese work safe will not prosecute you.

          “Du praised Worksafe NZ’s approach to the investigation as “very professional”.

          “They’re amazing,” she said.

          “My husband worked himself to the bone for his employer, who did nothing for us, for our family, in the aftermath of his death.

          “If he had we could at least try to understand his situation and difficulties, but he didn’t care about us.”

          Worksafe NZ’s investigation report found Yu was working as a builder under the umbrella of a company called Star Echo Ltd (SEL), which was the latest in a string of subcontractors hired to develop the Hobsonville house site.

          Although Zheng Jinghui was director of Star Echo, the discussions and work was taken on by “a very experienced and highly regarded builder in the Chinese building community”. Yu was among those hired to build the house.

          On the day of Yu’s death, he had climbed to an incomplete first floor to work in an area where struts were temporarily pinned by only two nails. A co-worker nearby turned when hearing timber moving and watched Yu “trying to regain his balance”.

          Yu “tried to grab at some joists but wasn’t able to hold on”. He fell feet first through to the ground floor 2.9 metres below, landing on a concrete slab. “As he fell back his head struck a piece of timber that was located on the ground.” Yu was declared dead in hospital two days later.

          The investigation report found Star Echo had three previous interactions with Worksafe NZ with faulty and incomplete scaffolding cited in each instance. The company had received notices compelling improvement from Worksafe NZ but was not prosecuted.

          In this case, there was a recommendation to prosecute the company for removing equipment and tools from the building site before either police or Worksafe NZ arrived in the aftermath of the accident.

          The investigation found Yu was 45 when he died with no visa allowing him to legally work in New Zealand after arriving on a 30-day visitor visa in 2015.

          Du told Worksafe NZ her husband paid $30,000 in China for legal work in New Zealand but realised on arriving here that he had been duped. After paying $1800 to another contact, Yu was connected with the builder who was overseeing work at the Hobsonville site.

          Yu had been living with and working for the builder over three years, who said he had “no knowledge of his salary or other working conditions” which were agreed with Star Echo. The company said it had never received an invoice from Yu for his work.

          Worksafe NZ identified a number of areas at the construction zone that posed risks where workers could fall from a dangerous height. It emphasised the need for builders to protect workers where falls were a risk.

          “If a suitable ‘working at height’ control measure had been in place prior to the incident, the death of this worker could have been prevented.”

          Worksafe NZ found there was “public interest” in prosecuting Star Echo for removing equipment and tools from the building site. It also said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Star Echo over a “breach in relation to its primary duty of care” to Yu as a worker.

          That decision to prosecute was downgraded to a warning letter in April. Worksafe NZ’s specialist investigations boss, Simon Humphries, said the decision was made in the shadow of the pandemic.

          “This is because there was a greater public interest in Covid-19, amongst other reasons, and the offence by SEL was at the less serious end of the scale, as we only would have prosecuted for failure to preserve the site, not for the incident itself.”

          Apparently work safe did not interview the driver of the Chinese owned waste management company that ran over 6 year old Carla Neems.

      • NewNationalView, I have written many comments critiquing or outright complaining, even very angry at times, about things that I see as being not-so-good about the present government.

        I don’t recall seeing many (any?) by you, critiquing the party who’s praises you are singing? – Feel free to direct me to such a comment by you, if that is incorrect?

        In this particular discussion, I posted my thoughts on what was happening. If the topic were different, my reply would have been also.

        • I criticised the Government Kheala. You know the one that’s half way through it’s second term. National were architects of their own destruction. They, as a group of people want the best for this country. Their way of getting there is just different to Labour. National don’t pretend to be a socially kind Government. Never have done. They believe wealth trickles down which doesn’t work and is wrong in my opinion. However they promote business which I do believe in. National failed miserably in its last three years( in my opinion). Labour on the other hand sells itself as a socially minded government but I struggle to see the social kindness being delivered anywhere. If they are kind and just haven’t got there yet they are inept. Either way you are ignoring my economic comments and glorifying the Government’s COVID record, which is good but certainly has its problems. I’ll stick by all my criticism of the current Government. You just carry on bashing the ghost of National, which to you seems to justify the short comings of the current Labour government.

          • NewView, Thanks for an honest answer – It’s good to know you’re not a troll 🙂

            About the economics – the present NZ govt has been highly rated internationally for not only its health response to covid, but in terms of its economic response. It is right up there, with South Korea and Singapore – for its economic response, in terms of being able to recover and deal with what’s ahead.

            Eg: Time – Best Global Responses to Covid

  3. meanwhile Newshub promotes story of GP who reckons it will take 205 years to vaccinate NZ at current rate. Total bullshit story but when has that ever stopped anything. Will the doomsayers apologize if NZ makes it’s target? Fuck no. They will take credit for it instead. Business as usual.

  4. It’s a ‘Mental Health! Mental Health Alert!’ Look the fuck over there!

    Don’t worry, we got this! … whats another cliche?

    National did it! or We gunnah do this!

    It’s all just white noise and pretend cos-play-politics for the kids in the room. “We dont really care, whilst we all sit here bitch’n over what has happened, what hasn’t happened and what might happen”.

    “Our rental properties are earning us all $3000.00 a day in a capital gain and 22,000 people are now officially called the ‘Motel’ generation at a cost (to them) $90000,00 per week.

    So, where were we?


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