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  1. I see our NZ Police alcohol checkpoints are abusing there power as they are being used to gather intelligence. Yet Maori Covid checkpoints where there to protect and save lives and NZ Police check point are there to ruin them. I don’t have much confidence in our Minister of Police (Poto Williams) she appears to be lame and full of excuses. I have listened to her on TV and she refers to the Police as them, not us or we. She seems to have forgotten she is the boss put in there to do a job and so far she is failing.

  2. The doctor will see you now

    Three medical cases of note in recent days:

    India singled out as a country who are a disease threat to New Zealand. Why weren’t America and England held to the same standard, the countries with the highest death rates? Why weren’t these countries told they weren’t welcome? To be honest, for a people that worships bathing in a polluted river like the Ganges with corpses floating by, Covid is probably the last disease on their mind, but this is another matter. Ugly double standard by the government.

    Pathologist testifies that George Floyd died of heart disease. Yes that old chesnut, underlying health conditions, has been pulled like a rabbit out of a hat in court to explain what is now a natural death. Amazingly this event coincided with someone kneeling Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes. Actuarial tables will need to be updated world wide (funny how the eggshell defence variant wasn’t given to any Covid deaths). Other reasons given for death at Floyd’s trial were inhaling car fumes and his drug addiction.

    Murderer doctor dies in prison. The self serving monster who murdered an Otago teenager is being reported as taking his own life after his appeal failed. Wow, this piece of shit was responsible for the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders? Who swore an oath to provide medical assistance for the benefit of humankind? Who killed an innocent person just to protect his own wrongdoing? Who then killed himself because his appeal couldn’t get him off the hook? Life meant nothing to this psychopath. Good riddance.

    • And the terrorist who murdered so many people in cold blood is allowed back into court to complain about the prison conditions under which he is held. F.O. Throw away the key.


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