PODCAST: Buchanan and Manning on Why Regional Powers are Provoking Flash-Points to War


A View from Afar: In this week’s podcast Selwyn Manning and Paul Buchanan debate: Why regional powers including Russia, Israel, Iran are willing to provoke flash-points that risk triggering a wider war.

Background: In recent weeks, Israel is suspected of espionage destroying an Iranian reactor. Iran has threatened retaliation. And Russia has mobilised 80,000 troops to Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

Why are these states risking regional conflict that could trigger a wider global war?

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  1. In NZ we are not getting a balanced view of what is happening. The News stream through Reuters is controlled by a factional interest as is most of the Western news distribution. Basically its a propaganda machine.

    Looking at the other side of the so called Russian build up, its clear from several independent European sources the NATO and Its master the USA, have mobilised both US boots and NATO troops and armaments along the Russian border.

    Russia’s response moving a division of its troops to near its border is the only aspect that our news reports with spin attached, and not ignoring the reason why Russia has taken this action.
    So looking at the other side may give a fuller picture.


    NATO has broken most agreements with Russia since the demolition of the USSR.
    Russia is the obvious target a ring of missile bases surrounding it.

    Rense is controversial but does lay out some pertinent information on that situation even if it is dated.


    Negotiation between the West and Russia stymied by the USA’s aggressive aims.


    Is Russia the one who is provoking conflict.


    None of the above alone gives balance but neither does the US centric video of the discussion of international tensions.

    Russia sending troops to near the border of Ukraine is the tip of an iceberg which is not reported.
    Why has the USA got bases and air force established through Europe.
    Remember the outcry when the USSR just planned set up a missile base on Cuba which had previously been attacked by the USA..

    The hypocrisy is so plain but ignored.

  2. The Ukraine has become a deeply divided state since the 2014 Western backed coup that resulted in the far right ultra nationalist fascists being inserted as government. The only use that this Ukraine has to the West is their pathological hatred of Russia. The Eastern Ukraine is the opposite and has now been completely cut out of any decision making. The economy has tanked and the last economic lifeline which is the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is about to be cut. This will be a loss of what is at present 18% of their gdp and will result in them becoming a literal basket case when Nordstream 2 comes online in a couple months. Ukraine has nothing left to lose by attempting to restart the stalled Donbass conflict. They only signed the Minsk agreement because their military were being carved up in the Donbass but have no intention of legitimising the East with actual talks. The US would love the conflict to be restarted with Russian involvement to pressure the Germans into canning Nordstream. Germany recieving energy direct from Russia without any tomfoolery by Ukraine would tie up Europe to the fortunes of Russia and China. This is happening now and only a hot war will stop it. Even the death of Navalney wont stop it. Europe, Russia, China, Iran all breaking free of the US? Unbelievable I would say but hey! watch this space!

    • Navalney politically has little following in Russia. The beat-up and US supported minor unrest is pretty old hat but Western media play it up.
      Many of the industrial heavies in Ukraine were a part of USSR supply. Russia has now developed their own supply leaving Ukraine out of the loop. China bought up a controlling part of the giant turbine factory but since Ukraine have plans to nationalise that, China has moved its trade with Ukraine away and will probably invest in Crimea. China no longer has a need for Ukraine turbines as it has developed its own and can obtain Russian turbines which look to be superior to those from struggling Ukraine.


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