Wait, WHAT? We are giving the NZ Deep State MORE powers??????


Wait, WHAT?

New terrorism offences proposed for New Zealand in response to Christchurch terror attack

including a clarified definition of a “terrorist act” – in response to the Christchurch terror attack.

It’s the Government’s first step in implementing recommendation 18 of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the attacks on March 15, 2019, which called for a review of all legislation related to counter-terrorism in New Zealand.

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi promised the changes in December after the release of the recommendations. He acknowledged the need to “move our legislation to a wider range of terrorist activities and potential terrorist threats”.

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The new powers allow for warrantless searches  and hilariously a new definition of terrorism that replaces terror with ‘fear’.

You know, the way climate activists use ‘fear’ when they are protesting!

This bullshit expansion of Deep State powers is utterly unnecessary and will immediately become warped to include climate activists you clowns!

Look, I’m going to say the following using little words so Kris Faafoi can understand.

Remember when the SIS & GCSB claimed they couldn’t monitor every Website when they were challenged on why they didn’t spot the most recent incel promoting his hate manifesto on 4chan?

Well, it emerged shortly after that claim that the SIS had in fact monitored the down load by Tarrant of far right hate material online…

Security Intelligence Service releases internal review into decision-making prior to Christchurch mosques attack

As the commission report found, a possible lead received by the SIS was an alert to a New Zealand-based IP address accessing files related to guerilla warfare tactics, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and Nowegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.

But attempts to identify the user behind this IP address were unsuccessful. The review said the agency’s actions in regard to this lead were “reasonable and appropriate”.

…and if that download had been cross referenced with any intel on extremist elements in that download area ( like complaints from his local gun club) Tarrant would have been caught.

We are not asking for the Deep State to be given more power, we are asking they use the powers they currently have properly!!!

We spend $200m each year on these agencies to keep us safe from the ‘what ifs’

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)

The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)

The NSG (National Security Group)

The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)

The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)

The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)

The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)

The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)

The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)

The NRU (National Risk Unit) and the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate).

Why aren’t we safe?


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  1. The disconnect between the notions of those in power and reality gets greater by the day. We sure are living in ‘interesting times’ as the LINO government presses ahead with the morphing of the covertly fascist state into an overtly fascist state.

    Oh yes, it’s all “to protect us”, just like the fuckwit warmonger Biden’s attempts to start a major conflict with Russia via his idiotic and deceitful statements, and via the supply of yet more weapons to the fascist regime in Kiev. The coal and natural gas in the Donetsk region are attracting all the wrong kind of attention (hint: Hunter Biden).

    ‘The United States does not and will never recognize Russia’s purported annexation of the peninsula, and we will stand with Ukraine against Russia’s aggressive acts. We will continue to work to hold Russia accountable for its abuses and aggression in Ukraine.

    He had underscored in the statement that “we reaffirm a simple truth: Crimea is Ukraine.”


    FFS, they don’t even speak the same language, and the Russian-speaking people of Crimea voted (almost unanimously ) to rejoin Russia after being left out in the cold.

    It is said that Russia has done more for Crimea in 3 years than Ukraine did in 30 years.

    NZ is still firmly embedded on the ‘wrong side of history’, and will pay an enormous price for climbing further up America’s arsehole.

    I guess the lies and insanity will continue until the US collapses completely; at the moment it’s only half way there.


    • Bugger the U$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ahole they’re war criminal scum. Includinding their own people.

    • It seems the more the secret service fails, the more they get rewarded with greater powers.
      Like an alcoholic failing a breath test, being punished with more alcohol.

      Remember Keith Locke (Green party) was spied on, while he was an MP.
      Remember in 2011, the secret service helped attack Phil Goff (Labour party). With Mr Eade (National) being the secret service conduit for information.
      During the 2014 election after Rebecca became director, the secret service interfered in the communications of Callum Valentine (Internet party)
      In 2014, Sir John spoke straight out of the secret service George Orwell playbook, by calling mass surveillance, bulk collection. With kidnapping now called rendition, and torture now called enhanced interrogation.
      In 2014, the secret service gaslighted Suzy Dawson (NZ journalist and activist)
      And who knows where in the world Arjen Kamphuis (secret service critic) might be nowadays?
      And lately Rebecca has claimed the secret service even thwarted interference in the 2020 election. Maybe they thwarted the election interference, by they themselves deciding to not interfere in it this time.

      If the powers of the secret service continually increase, then will NZ become a place where inconvenient people such as Jamal Khashoggi or Arjen Kamphuis, will just disappear into thin air. Fundamentally the secret service can do anything they like, because the oversight of them is hobbled by design, and even politicians who were on the oversight committee, such as Peter Dunne, didn’t know what was going on. The so called Inspector General of Security, could at least be given a live feed of all the targets being monitored, and this capability should be hardwired and untamperable. The Govt should try to get this right, but if they don’t want proper oversight of the secret service, and just want to give them free reign, then be honest and say so, otherwise do it properly.

      Numerous other secret service directors have come and gone, yet Rebecca is still their, having been handpicked by Sir John, after her 2013 secret service review. Strange she was not appointed as the director of the GCSB. And strange that the Govt never reached out to the 88 people illegally spied on. Perhaps that can still happen, or perhaps the 88 never happened. True lies or fake news, who will ever know?
      All the latest tech, yet in 2019 the secret service didn’t have the wits to know where the threats actually were. Though they did pester a few young Muslims to become informants, which was the easy thing to do, and even the stupidest person can do the easiest thing.

      As for someone to replace Rebecca, I would like to nominate Ed Snowden, and submit his 2019 book called “Permanent Record” as his CV. He’s not a yes man, he’s principled, incorruptible, and to him the term public service has meaning, and he has real first hand experience of the covert shenanigans that can go on. He’s a timely prescription for what ails the NZ secret service. He’s the anti Tarrant, just as Jacinda is the anti Trump. But would the secret service be too terrified, to actually have someone so competent in charge?
      However, if it’s business as usual, Minister Little will probably just give Rebecca a whopping pay rise, and another award from the Queen, and yet more powers to the secret service.
      Do the right thing and contact those 88, and then get on the phone to Ed.

  2. The new powers allow for warrantless searches and hilariously a new definition of terrorism that replaces terror with ‘fear’.

    They have lost all powers of reason and common sense!
    … Whoever came up with that piece of insanity, and whoever o.k’d it.

    (Tho’ by that reasoning, we’d soon be free of the creeping imported ‘Halloween’ – Yes!! Lock up those tiny trick-or-treaters NOW! And throw away all keys. And any stores that sell scary stuff…)

    OMG – We are seriously losing our marbles as a nation if we let this go much further.

    • Kheala – “ Whoever came up with that piece of insanity, and whoever ok’d it.” Yes. They really do need to provide the rationale for using such an intangible reason like ‘ fear’ being used as a basis for any legislative change. There will be a reason. Even if it’s just woke feelings- based protocols prevailing here, it has the potential for abuse and misuse – as well as for retrospective arse-covering.

  3. We are not safe because the average munters complacency means they do not play an active role in society,
    they are good consumers though and know exactly how many Flybuys points they have.

    We are not safe because there is indeed a deep state–i.e. not a conspiracy–that rolls over through the decades regardless of which parties are in Govt. The deep state is beholden to the Anglosphere, to 5 Eyes and recently to commercial interests–industrial snooping has been part of the agency brief for decades. So, as natural white supremacists, these people are not that interested in tracking neo nazis–even though they have immense power to do so.

    Look, I am the TDB poster that says lets stop describing the problem yet again, lets get organised and do something over housing, benefits, extending union rights, & whatever. But really on this one–where do you go? Under the Key Govt. the Agencies, Directorates, Bureaus and Committees listed above (some of them apart from GCSB/SIS possibly only have three members) got extensive extra powers and huge budget boosts. Some of those powers involved exemption from liability and identification for those “carrying out” work for the agencies. So they admit contracting out, MFAT is one obvious suspect.

    But on this does anyone give one? Perhaps more people will soon, because you can bet these bastards are going after School Climate Strikes, and the new gen activists are about to find who some people really are, and who they are working for.

  4. Look, I am the TDB poster that says lets stop describing the problem yet again, lets get organised and do something over housing, benefits, extending union rights, & whatever.

    Sound post TM. It’s going to take a lot more citizens to get involved than some bloggers. How do you engage with the broad populace and encourage them to participate in protests, etc? Rent revolts, rates revolts
    Vast majority of people I interact with on a daily basis, just dont care about politics, they are trying to make ends meet, feed their families, save for their future old age or their kids futures.
    IMO the crap really to needs to hit the fan before the majority will hit the streets and demand change, perhaps that needs to happen. Change will come from the bottom not from the top down in the little sleepy Shire.

    • +1

      All most bloggers do is describe the ever-worsening symptoms the despotic system generates; some propose good strategies the banks and corporations and bought-and-paid-for politicians won’t allow.

      I’m getting on with my personal preparations for the meltdown most have no idea is coming. But, as noted, they do know how many travel points they have accumulated.

    • Pedro, I guess one of the problems is that the lobby groups behind the right wing and woke movements seem to be criminalising “hit the streets and demand change’, or even demand change and freedom of speech on social media! Protesting is becoming criminalised.

      With Terrorism, you are better to encourage people to say what they think, because then you can analyse it and monitor the threats. Driving people’s opinions underground with poor freedom of speech legalisation etc helps the right wingers and also helps the terrorist be undetected.

      As for white/asian/religious supremicists Having a proper scientist/psychological led understanding of it, is key to stopping or containing it.

      Sadly we see in history, that some of the biggest genocides are politician led, so politicians around the world should be monitored the most!

      In NZ you never hear about worker exploitation for example from NZ politicians anymore, the discourse is just migrant exploitation which seems to be driving policy to allow more migrants into NZ and with longer visas and less monitoring, as the solution.

      Judging by the amount of abuse cases in NZ law, I’d say the government led migrant exploitation solutions might be making worker exploitation worse. Apparently if you are not a migrant in NZ, you are not even counted as potentially exploited, even though it seems that the worst victims of discrimination statistically in NZ are normally Maori.

  5. I’d say cream off 50% of all the funding from the above spy agencies and spend it on protecting our borders in real life, aka drugs, guns, contraband and people (aka terrorists) easily able to come into NZ from yachts now that the average person can just buy a yacht and be sailing between countries easily. (With people smuggling the sea has always been a preferred way of entry).

    In addition smuggled goods/people vis sea travel can also be biohazards and devastate NZ as viruses/bacteria from incoming people, plants, insect or animals off boats are not detected, with huge social and economic damage.

    Government also need to recruit ‘quality’ spies and management, with some sense of morality and wanting the best for NZ and it’s people not power-hungry, do nothings. Much of the press is negative for our spies as they seem to miss important information (Tarrant), writing offensive emails (Dotcom is fat, and illegal spying) and not reporting criminal activities to other agencies (rapists and sexual abusers). Then the ‘quality’ spies are being threatened by the spy agencies. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/in-depth/426776/sis-left-girl-to-be-sexually-abused-former-spySomething is wrong.

    Like everything, the spies themselves and the spy management also need policing because it is impossible to get perfect people who never abuse their power. Aka lying/misleading to government or individuals .

    “In mid–June 2019, the Afghan villagers withdrew from the Operation Burnham inquiry, with their lawyer Deborah Manning citing that they had become disillusioned with the inquiry process.[12][13] In September 2019, the former Defence Force chief Sir Jerry Mateparae admitted that the Defence Force’s briefings to the-then Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman had been inaccurate but denied that the military had engaged in a cover-up.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Burnham

    Secret spy briefing used to target Goff, Hager claims

  6. Ours, is a capitalist democracy so by extension the banks run our stuff and things so by extension the cops, spies, army, etc become the long arm of the bankster.
    Before we go out there to protest and get our arses kicked by bankster sponsored heavies we must be made to vote and by doing so we’ll swing our capitalist democracy towards a socialist democracy.
    Once we’re a socialist democracy we’ll certainly vote to have our taxes paid for services and public assets returned to us for our benefit through the non profit governance of our shit. Housing, health, dental, education, public transportation etc is a right, not fucking luxuries hijacked to print money for the foreign banksters.
    But wait? There’s more. Since we will then have a transparent, publicly funded and managed security apparatus lets see what they can dig up from under douglas, quigly, basset, gibb, fay, richwhite, hart and the directors of the bnz etc ?
    Some of you will try to sell the “that’ll never work” argument but what do we have to lose by trying? All we’ll be doing is building up public assets for the criminal capitalists to try to steal off us yet again.
    ( Farmers? Oi? I know that many of you dream about waking up to a kiss and a cup of tea from Big Jude The Natzo Gristle but you should ponder those bridges, roads, railways, telephone and power lines etc that you use daily? They were built by public works not by private enterprise. And if you’re thinking of blaming 1980’s Labour for letting the wee moustache off his chocker chain to lay waste to our AO/NZ? Big roger’s a right wing national party minion to Big Business and Machiavellian confederate who deliberately sabotaged working class Labour so his mates could steal our taxes paid for infrastructure so get the fuck over it and try and catch up with the narrative? Rural people needing city people needing rural people isn’t a bad thing you know. )

  7. Governments love terrorists & criminals, they scare the sheep and have them yammering for tighter controls, more powers for Police & security services, trading freedoms for the perception of security (there were plenty of people on here crying out to steal firearms from law abiding New Zealanders and we know how well that worked out, do you feel safer?). Usually the Police & security services don’t use (or misuse) the powers they have (never bothered with Tarrant, but it’s “guns & copters” for dangerous criminals like Kim Dotcom, illegal searches for you & Nicky Hager), because they know when things go wrong, their powers & budgets increase and no one will be held accountable.

    Most criminal behaviour is covered by existing laws, there are very few new crimes, so in most cases all that is required is for the current law to be properly enforced, instead of letting so much slide investigated, slaps on wrists with wet bus tickets & no chance of rehabilitation. You know better that most how new powers will be used and who is likely to be targeted, and it generally won’t be those that threaten the safety of common citizens, but those who endanger “business as usual” Neoliberalism. It is important to remember that the things you hold as rights, are merely privileges; privileges that can be taken from you by the mere stroke of a pen. Be careful what you trade for the perception of safety.

  8. “Fear in a population” not “terror in a civilian population”.

    Definition of terror: Extreme fear.

    Reading such nonsense, one is tempted to start a satirical terrorist organisation.

    Ironically, if there is an organisation inducing fear in the population, ideologically and politically motivated, it’s government.

    At the very least organisations such as the MSD fit this updated definition of terrorist and should be dealt with accordingly.

  9. The ‘State’ preparing for a global economic collapse maybe? We all know that it’s been heading this way for the last 30 years or more. Economic crashes, we’ve had a few, you know them as “Recessions” due to the Russians and the Chinese meddling in the trading system by stealing everyone’s IP!? And cheap labour!!
    Anyway, when every nation is printing money and no one really trusts the value of their own dollar let alone anybody else’s … society knows it too.
    The game is just about up, hence the need to shore up your intelligence networks.

    Nothing to do with terrorism or Maoris,

  10. Here is the latest word on money-printing:

    ‘And Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell told the Economic Club of Washington that the Fed will ‘taper’ – that is, it will reduce its monthly bond purchases – before it commits to an interest rate increase. But Powell didn’t give timeframes. The Fed is currently buying US$120 billion of bonds a month and has committed to doing so till the economy recovers.

    ‘Powell says the bond buying programme will start to phase out before the Fed gets to the point of raising the target interest rate from its current highly supporting near zero level. “We will reach the time at which we will taper asset purchases when we have made substantial further progress towards our goals from last December,” Powell said. “That would in all likelihood be before, well before, the time we would consider raising interest rates. We have not voted on that order but that is the sense of the guidance.”

    So there you have it: money-printing till ‘the economy recovers’. And since the economy will never recover, that means money-printing ‘forever’.


  11. The current fear and terror on our streets comes from Australian 501s. Declare every Aussie bikie gang a terrorist organisation and and refuse to accept any more Aussie Terrorists into AoNZ.

  12. New Zealand has a new definition of terrorism!
    Any person that has (one or more of the following):
    – Any affiliation with ‘leftist’ groups;
    – Any links to ‘climate change’ groups or ‘protests’;
    – Ever associated with ‘activism’;
    – Any association with ‘renting’ or ‘renters protests’;
    – Any person that is or may be acting sus;
    – Any person that has entered WINZ to apply for a benefit or has a record with the agency;
    – Any person that has badmouthed the AllBlacks;
    – Any person that can be said to have been acting ‘unlikeably’

    The political amusement machine is in full swing. Of course, it is for the State to take reasonable precautions, and take reasonable action when a situation like Tarrant’s appears to warrant it, but that’s not likely to intercept organised mass-murderer-hopefuls on the rare occasion that they do decide to carry out such acts.

    How about the State commission a report to look at some of the acts of terrorism it routinely wields against the poor – and is increasing?

  13. I don’t particularly blame the SIS for not stopping the Christchurch Mosque shootings… trolls post crap on the internet all the time, no particular reason this one should have stood out. Just someone to keep an eye on (if they were able to identify him from his previous 4chan posts). NZ Police have consistently shown themselves to be untrustworthy and to have an arrogant, above-the-law attitude. This bill must be opposed vigorously. Turn up to those select committe hearings and tell them what you think.


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