The problem with NZ Human Rights Commission adopting the IHRA definition of anti-semitism

To the NZ Human Rights Commission
I urge you not to adopt the IHRA definition of anti-.semitism.
The IHRA definitions include statements that are deemed to be examples of antisemitism. One of these is “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, eg, by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour” is strange.
I believe all the colonial settler states (NZ, Canada, Australia, US) like Israel must have been a racist endeavour and could not be otherwise. To deny this fact is to deny history.
The leaders of Israel only allow a version of Israel that is a product of the original racist endeavour which involved the dispossession and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.
The 1948 state was then recognised by the UN and broader international community with the proviso that those expelled had the right of return.
The Jewish and Arab citizens of this state had formal citizenship but not real equality  This state barely existed for three decades before a new state was established in 1967 by force that controlled all of historic Palestine. This state has never allowed even citizenship rights to its non-Jewish residents in the occupied territories who have been subject to military rule for 55 years – longer than the apartheid state of South Africa existed.
This state is an apartheid state with millions lacking citizenship rights or any form of self-determination.
Israel never publishes a map of the State of Israel with borders based on 1948. I saw this reality when I was detained and expelled trying to deliver medical aid two years ago. Even the advertisements show maps that are of all of Palestine. The West Bank is simply Judea and Samaria.
Israel also demands we recognise this Israel as an exclusively Jewish homeland. That is a continuing racist endeavour that should be condemned.
To be very clear I am not against the land of Israel-Palestine being a Jewish homeland. I am against it being an “exclusively” Jewish homeland which is what Israel’s rulers now demand. It must become a shared homeland for both Jews and Palestinians if the system of apartheid is to be dismantled. Whether that is one-state or two-state solution must be decided by the people who live there and have the right to return. My own preference – a unitary, democratic and secular Palestine – seems to be becoming the only choice left by the ongoing colonisation and settlement building precluding any other.


  1. Truth is always inconvenient to those in power, and usually has to be repressed for those in power to remain in power.

  2. What the hell are you on Cas? Mike Treen has endlessly proven that he is able to walk and chew gum at the same time. He has both local and international perspectives that are certainly not of a right wing perspective, seemingly unlike yourself. Are you even a one issue warrior or just an abuse merchant?

    If it comes down to social issue activism, it would seem his drive and successes must irk you. (See:

  3. Agreed. The ‘racism’ card and even “human rights advocates” are just as likely to be working for their own agenda or others, as other groups. Infiltration of the right wing ideology is everywhere.

    Even sadder when people like Jeremy Corbyn are condemned as a racist, terrorist and anti semite as attacks on his character are used as a weapon to dilute and distract from the important (and anti racist, terrorist and anti semite) ideas and beliefs that he has. (Also attacked for being white, too old etc).

    Civil and human rights definitions in my view seem to being redefined by the identity police, to help neoliberalism and stop freedom of speech, not the opposite (while pretending they are the ‘true’ human rights advocates).

    I’m not sure that the left are being left behind because the neoliberals and woke are now re-defining all the definitions of everything.

    Sad day for all those who fought for zero discrimination against sex, race, age, sexuality, discrimination against the disabled, etc.

    Sadder still that anybody who speaks out against brutality of the zionist regime (not the Jewish people) is punished for it.

  4. Noam Chomsky is a linguist…hardly qualified to lecture on geopolitics, antisemitism, or anything else. Even his Leftist mates have distanced themselves from him. Israel was never a colonialist enterprise. The following is a brilliant explanation of this truth.,19405
    Israel is all-inclusive of race, religion, sexual orientation. There is no apartheid in Israel. There is no state-sanctioned racism. Self defence measures against terrorism are not apartheid. Palestinian Arabs are governed by Hamas or the PA. They are not citizens of Israel, whose right to exist they deny. Here’s hoping we adopt the IHRA definition along with so many others.

    • Gaby keeps asking for apartheid ‘signs’ like they had in South Africa ….

      Well could Gaby tell us what their segregated schools and education system are a sign of ?,,,

      And their anti-miscegenation marriage laws as another example …. what are Israeli state laws banning intermarriage a sign of ?.,,,,,,, gaby ?

      Inside Israel’s Race Wars ,

      The above video link starts at a section detailing miscegenation laws and Israeli attacks on attempted integrated schools ,,,,

    • Gaby you don’t need a definition for stealing land, shooting kids, bombing hospitals and schools. All racist antisemitic morbid cruel actions that the Nuremberg Court would prosecute for.

      • 2 state, 1 state, no state, gone.

        Russia and China have a land bridge with Iran. America doesn’t.

        Quite simply millionndollar missiles are greater than 10 thousand dollar tyres.

        Russia and China don’t even have to assault, they can just put up artilary at the boarders. This is our foreign policy now – Artilary at the boarder.

        • Gaby, I draw no joy out of you. There is no honour in what Isreal is doing to Palestinians. There is absolutely no relationship there to be had. None!

          • ‘What Israel is doing to Palestinians?” Do you mean the Arabs who refuse to recognise Israel’s right to exist? Are vicious terrorists who murder Jews at home and abroad? Fire thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians? Gun down Israeli kids (e.g.Ma’alot, 1974)? And then cry foul (like you) when Israel defends herself. Strange inversion of the truth, to say the least.

            • Indeed a strange inversion when one looks at the stats:
              134 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 2,172 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.
              1,270 Israelis and at least 10,001 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.

            • I don’t mean any of that. Responsibility to solve that does not fall on the poor and disadvantaged. Responsibility falls on the wealthy and privileged nation Israel.

        • Fuck off Gaby and let the adults communicate in peace without your constant infantile Zionist lies and whining!

    • Thanks for that Gaby. Rational readers can consider a rebuttal of Bogdanor here:
      …..but I wish to quote him in regard to another matter you raised.
      “The Truth: The communists murdered 4 million people in the Ukraine; 753,000 in Poland; 360,000 in Romania; 300,000 in Belarus; 200,000 in Hungary; 100,000 in East Germany; 100,000 in Lithuania; 70,000-100,000 in Yugoslavia; 30,000-40,000 in Bulgaria; 20,000 in Czechoslovakia; and 5,000 in Albania. Other atrocities included the murder of over 500,000 POWs in Soviet captivity and the mass rape of at least 2 million women by the Red Army.”
      “The Truth: In Russia, Lenin’s food confiscations inflicted famine on over 33 million people, including 7 million children, and left 4-5 million dead; Stalin’s assault on the peasants killed another 8.5 million, half of them children.4 Brazil experienced nothing of the kind.”
      “The Truth: Until the late 1980s, the Soviets ran 1,000 concentration camps where at least 2 million inmates endured constant violence. Torture was systematic in Soviet satellites in the Third World.”

      Obviously you support Bogdanor’s numbers. In the light of them, do you still maintain that the “Holocaust” was a unique event in History?
      What do you know about Stalin’s enforcer, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich, often cited as responsible for the above atrocities?

        • You have a convenient memory. On April 9, 2021 at 12:22 pm you posted links to two articles, both entitled: “The Uniqueness of the Holocaust” on the “Balfour’s Shadow” thread.
          It is very apparent that you do not have much in the way of Historical acumen and your knowledge of the History of Palestine is entirely derived from Israeli propaganda – much of it long out of date and no longer maintained by the Israeli establishment.
          It is very obvious from the links you post you simply cannot tell the difference between fact and opinion. You do not even seem to understand that your blathering here does your cause more harm than good – so keep it up.

    • Chomsky is a Jew Gaby who obviously doesn’t align himself with the cherry picking crap you try to pass off as you delude yourself.

    • John it appears to have been taken down like a lot of stuff reported on Israel.
      The content may be on another site.

    • Here’s your signs gaby ,,,, take of your one eyed Harvey rapestein glasses and you’ll be able to read them ,,,,,, ” No coexistence with cancer ” —- cancer meaning Palestinians ….

      gabys a dishonest nasty racist ,,,, as opposed to an illiterate stupid one.

      Although I would say it’s pretty stupid ( in New Zealand ), to support racist anti-miscegenation laws ,,,, as gaby finally did , after a lots and lots of running away from revealing himself and his racist pals,,,, Israel.

      • Racist racist racist. You lefties have stripped the word of all meaning. And then you ironically promote a severely racist video! Too funny. There are no signs in Israel of the kind prevalent in South Africa under apartheid, and you know it. Perhaps you are unaware that antisemites like yourself are generally regarded as racist? Use as much personal abuse as you like. Ultimately it shatters any small credibility you may have, since it proves you’re an empty vessel.

        • How much money is gabys fake outrage worth …. it’s so bad,,, he has to pay Israel 🙂

          antisemitic , antisemitic, antisemitic ,,, Ka-ching ka-ching Ka-ching

          State laws against intermarriage / miscegenation,,,, like south Africa had.

          Segregated schools ,,, like south Africa had…

          …. PBS — Pretty Big Signs

      • I wouldn’t mind testing these new hate speech laws on Gaby. Be a good debate. Let’s go Gaby. You reckon I’m racist gabz. Let’s go.

    • The apartheid signage you have repeated comments about was a construction of you imagination. Again a disturbing denial of reality.

  5. And today in the news from Palestine … a young boy gets shot in the eye by an IDF soldier and gets the run-around at the border to seek entry to get to the hospital and doctors that specialise in this kind of injury because there arent any in specialist doctors in Palestine that are equipped that can help.

    16+ hours later after been given the run-around from one entry point to another, he loses his eye.

    • Perhaps they’d have doctors if their kleptocratic rulers didn’t snaffle all the loot the gullible international community gives them for terrorism and luxury living. Why have your kids present at a riot where there are, justifiably, armed soldiers? Cannon fodder.

    • More neurosis.
      “Israel hater are extinct”
      Your allocate the term to many yet claim they are extinct.
      Confused or just neurotic. You have been given a lot of help on this blog-site with no improvement of your understanding or apparent willingness to modify your hostility to others.
      So as neurosis keeps on being displayed then you may consider the problem.
      Denial of such repeated occurrences can lead to further deterioration of reality.

      • Israel haters are extinct because they are in a tiny ineffectual minority and the Abraham Accords have buried them forever. The world, especially the ME, is moving on….missed the point as usual. Yes, you have all helped me a great deal. I know without reservation that I am on the right side of both truth and history and I will continue to give no quarter. Am Yisrael chai. It is the irrational, leftist haters that have the mental issues. A sickness in their DNA. Very sad.

    • This is the IHRA non-binding definition:
      “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”
      Here is a definition of racism:
      “Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioural traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different ethnicity.”
      Where is the substantial difference??
      It is obvious that you consider the former is to be hallowed and that the world should sign up. However, where do you stand on this latest news headline, “Clashes break out in Jerusalem as right-wing Jewish rally chants ‘Death to Arabs,’ faces off with police.”

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