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  1. Yikes, a long way to go, but a crumb of content and analysis from Granny.

    China is starting to lose the Covid-19 Cold War

    “In an astonishing admission of weakness, China’s top disease control official has confirmed that the efficacy of the country’s Covid-19 vaccines is low. With trials abroad suggesting that protection rates could be as poor as 50 per cent, the country’s regulator is now considering whether to mix jabs to boost their effectiveness.

    This is a catastrophe for China. The country is stuck in an unsustainable zero Covid trap, only able to maintain an upper hand over the virus by closing its borders to almost all foreigners and limiting domestic travel. Beijing could be left behind within months, as rival countries reach herd immunity and reopen for global business.

    Nor are China’s vaccine woes the only threat to the country’s apparent Covid advantage. Doubts are starting to grow about Beijing’s miraculous economic recovery.

    A recent IMF forecast stirred controversy, projecting that while Western economies would almost completely avoid permanent scarring – and US GDP in 2024 would be even higher than it was anticipated to be before Covid – China’s economy will end up 1.59 per cent smaller than pre-pandemic expectations.

    This exposes the drawbacks of a Chinese model that prioritises ambition over invention, saving face over doing the groundwork, and scale over quality. The pioneering civilisation that gave us the wheel and the compass has “renewed” itself by becoming a piracy powerhouse that cannot innovate. This, it turns out, is a handicap in a pandemic.

    China’s biopharma industry has remained small and low-grade because it is not possible to thrive in cutting-edge science by copying rivals (unlike with smartphones and solar panels).”

    Finally we see the folly of the worlds interest in low cost, quantity over quality, copy IP, mentality!

    When real crisis strikes (caused by the above) then countries that adopt that model will suffer.

  2. When our legal system does not take seriously people stealing honey and repackaging it,

    The businessman and the stolen honey: Sheng Sun sentenced over 480kg mānuka heist

    then you get confusion and loss of integrity of EVERYONES products from NZ.

    Japan rejects NZ honey with traces of weedkiller glyphosate

    “The document names the manufacturer of the mānuka honey as New Zealand’s Midland Aparies. There is no record of Midland Aparies on the official Companies Register.”

  3. I think a lot of the issues with Housing NZ and Social housing is that the government and agencies are not doing the correct repairs or help to the people in the properties!

    Social housing providers have installed tens of thousands of 2000 watt electric convection panel heaters in state houses, but tenants complain they are not fit for purpose.

    Suggestion – if you have a mouldy damp house the process is not that hard????

    1/ Check roof and guttering is not leaking and try to make sure water is not pooling under the house.
    2/ Insulate the rood and floor preferably with wool insulation for the roof (wool, natural fire retardant and also performs just as well if wet as an insulator , product to help NZ wool industry), add floor insulation, and also a plastic sheeting under the house to stop rising damp.
    3/Install a heat pump as these ventilate as well as heat. NOT panel heater!!
    4/ ensure thorough cleaning of house at least weekly and opening of windows each day if possible. (if person is unable to do this and get a training video on this (cleaning is a lost art) then get help to do it with support workers if the person is too disabled.
    5/ have fans for the bathroom, opening window if possible and a shower dome

    It is hard to see why it has taken a year for this house to be mouldy still when people have gone there to repair it.

    If housing NZ and community providers do the above then it will help the tenants and also the taxpayers who seem to be paying for poor products being installed in state houses or the tenants not being abled to help themselves as they are not given the right advice.


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