Russia-China-Israel – are we going to global 1984 war?


Fascinating thoughts on China and Russia testing Biden with a double action…

Fears Russia may invade Ukraine at same time as China attacks Taiwan to create ‘nightmare’ situation for US

There are fears China and Russia could coordinate respective invasions of Taiwan and Ukraine, stretching the military resources of the United States and testing new President Joe Biden.

It comes as tensions mount in Crimea and Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region – where Russia keeps deploying more troops – and around Taiwan in the South China Sea, where the US is already responding to an increased Chinese military presence.

The US has warned that China is probably accelerating its plans to capture Taiwan. The two have had separate governments for more than 70 years, but tensions have increased in recent years and China has become “more assertive in sovereignty disputes”, AP reports.

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Most recently, China shifted an aircraft carrier into disputed waters in the South China Sea after the US moved in with an aircraft carrier and an amphibious assault ship of their own which, among other battleships, are carrying hundreds of US Marines.

Over in Russian-annexed Crimea, President Vladimir Putin continues to amass troops amid sporadic clashes, prompting fears of a sudden escalation.

Simon Tisdall, a foreign affairs commentator, wrote in an opinion piece for The Guardian that while the increased tensions from China and Russia could just be a coincidence, a coordinated effort could push the US to the brink.

He writes that invasions at the same time would be an “Orwellian nightmare” for President Biden.

“While there is no evidence of direct collusion over Ukraine and Taiwan, presidents Putin and Xi are doubtless fully aware of each other’s actions, which have an identical, mutually reinforcing effect: putting the wind up Joe Biden’s untested US administration,” Tisdall said.

“What’s now unfolding could be portrayed as the ultimate fulfilment of George Orwell’s nightmarish vision, in his dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four…

“The Orwellian nightmare for Biden and the west would be a simultaneous Russian invasion of Ukraine and a Chinese attack on Taiwan.”

…we have always been at war with Eurasia and Eastasia?

If China and Russia stage military plays in the Ukraine and Taiwan, is Biden really going to go to war?

A country barely coping with Covid?

A country with voters who believe crazy bullshit…

…is Biden really going to war for Taiwan and the Ukraine?

Most Americans can’t place those countries on a map!

Both Russia and China have deep unrest within their own nations and Nationalistic zeal for a nationalistic war would cement both regimes, so there is a lot to gain from such military adventures.

Meanwhile Israel is trying to goad Iran into military action…

Iran and Israel’s shadow war takes a dangerous turn

The long-running and undeclared shadow war between two of the Middle East’s most implacable foes, Iran and Israel, appears to be heating up.

Iran has blamed Israel for a mysterious explosion at the weekend that knocked out power at its uranium enrichment facility at Natanz.

Israel has not publicly said it was behind what Iran calls “an act of sabotage” but US and Israeli media reports are quoting officials as saying it was carried out by Israel’s overseas intelligence agency, Mossad. Iran has vowed to take revenge “at a time of its choosing”.

…The slow drum beat for war continues to build. The question for NZ would be do we join America in any military response or do we pull back all our forces to protect the realm of NZ?


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  1. ‘Fears Russia may invade Ukraine at same time as China attacks Taiwan to create ‘nightmare’ situation for US
    Matt Burrows’

    Pure Orwellian doublespeak and fear mongering by people like Matt Burrows is geared to promoting the short-term interests (profits) of [largely US] weapons manufactures.

    It’s just like “the Russians are coming” that instigated the construction of massive gun emplacements north of Auckland Harbour and “the Russians are coming” that enabled [largely US] weapons manufacturers to keep the Cold War going for decades.

    Russia will undoubtedly NOT allow US-backed fascist trouble-makers in Ukraine to kill Russian-speaking people of the Donetsk region. And it will undoubtedly sink any US warships that attempt to land troops in the region via the Black Sea.

    Not that any of that would worry the arms manufactures: the military-industrial-financial complex would just order replacements for lost ships and equipment, which is the whole purpose of the games they play.

    • Since when did Russia annex Crimea,

      The people of Crimea were “Annexed” by a coup in Ukraine, they formed their own army opposing rule by the US funded coup in Ukraine, ran a referendum which showed overwhelmingly rejection of the Ukraine coup and asked Russia to accept the Crimea back into Russia.
      Hardly an “annexation” but if you insist on using the USA speak then you are free to do so and be appraised accordingly.
      The USA annexed Hawaii against the will of the people and monarchy.

  2. I agree with AFKTT entirely.
    Biden has very recently reaffirmed Americas commitment to supporting Ukraine in it’s very recently stated intention of reclaiming Crimea who’s population voted to rejoin Russia in a referendum with a 90% majority.
    Ukraine is amassing troops and escalating action in Donbas against Russian ethnic separatists in violation of the Minsk agreement . Russia has vowed to protect the Russian people in Donetsk .Understandably. Martyn is dutifully pedalling US propaganda seeking to have us all believe that once again US is being forced into war to protect democracy and freedom when nothing is further from the truth.
    D J S

  3. You have three nations, with aspiration for regional hegemony, giving the fingers to Biden because he wants to restore the USA as an “international actor”.

    • The West destroyed all of Europe’s production from the 1910s to the 1990s while reaping the massive production bonuses and demand that void left behind. Then they sold it all to China just to chase low wages.

      Companies won’t go back to America. They’ve got plenty of other cheap economic voids they can fill with none of the baruacracy bullshit and New Zealand can be one such bolt hole so fuck them all.

      • I’d prefer NZ *not* to be a bolthole for transnational corporate power chasing low wages, thanks. Bureaucracy is necessary to implement democracy and the rule of law.

  4. The real problem is, Biden has no idea on foreign policy. He’s a relic of a bygone era, and involved in many of the mistakes.

    Supporting mujahdeen against a secular regime in Afghanistan back in the 80’s, and now intent on applying Trump’s policy of betraying the women of Kabul in 2021. 20 years of war and then the return of Islamist oppressors of women back into power. It makes the effort to lead a human rights based opposition to Beijing (NW China) seem a little suspect.

    With Taiwan the issue is that it is not a recognised nation state – they have to live with the legacy of Nixon’s move to accept the one (mainland led) China policy (he could have required Beijing to recognise self determination for Taiwan as a condition but chose not to – a mistake that Taiwan and the USA will have to live with). Biden should offer to end military sales to Taiwan in return for mutual Chinese and US recognition of Taiwan as an autonomous (self ruling) area of China.

    The USA since the fall of communist regimes in Eastern Europe and Arab spring has portrayed itself as a promoter of democratic peoples will. It’s patently obvious that Crimea and east Ukraine inlude ethnic Russians who want to be part of the the Russian state. Taking the side of those who want to deny them their determination is Cold War era thinking (suppressing left wing populist uprisings against right wing governments during the Cold War).

    Biden should be brokering the formal redrawing of Ukrainian and Russian borders – as the people want it (plebescite). And simply asking Russia to take over a share of the Ukrainian national debt (based on land and population transfer) as compensation to the Ukrain nation state remaining.

    • SPC
      The Us has admitted spending 3 billion plus in creating the coup in Ukraine. The same old pattern repeated across many quashed regimes.
      The CIA now takes a back seat administering the NED which is directly funded by congress and is used widely to destabilse governments. They are experts at it with a long list of conquests.

  5. “Simon Tisdall, a foreign affairs commentator” ……..

    Johnathan Cook —- “Simon Tisdall was once my boss at the Guardian. Either I’ve changed a lot since I left the paper more than a decade ago (undoubtedly true!), or he’s subsequently become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the US-Israeli security establishments (and there’s plenty of evidence for that!).”

    “The US failure to attack Syria is again framed by Tisdall as a “hands-off approach”, despite the evidence that the US is deeply involved, even if chiefly through proxies like Israel and the Gulf states. ”

    John Pilger —- “On 22 May 2007, the Guardian’s front page announced: “Iran’s secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq”. The writer, Simon Tisdall, claimed that Iran had secret plans to defeat American troops in Iraq, which included “forging ties with al-Qaeda elements”.

    “Based entirely on briefings by anonymous US officials, Tisdall’s “exclusive” rippled with lurid tales of Iran’s “murder cells” and “daily acts of war against US and British forces”. His 1,200 words included just 20 for Iran’s flat denial.”……. “It was a load of rubbish: in effect, a Pentagon press release presented as journalism and reminiscent of the notorious fiction that justified the bloody invasion of Iraq in 2003. ”

    It sounds like Simon Tisdall ( and the Guardian ), is full of pro-NATO shit ,,,,,,,,,,.

    No wonder he has a lucrative job and gets quoted on important matters ,,,, while truth tellers like John Pilger are sidelined and excluded / silenced.

    Meanwhile lets keep an eye on the greatest threat to world peace and stability ,,,,,
    Does US meddling in Myanmar risk Syria/Libya-style war?

    • Very serious stuff.
      Ben Norton and the Grayzone have yet to be obliterated but are one of the few reasonably reliable research groups not afraid of the Empire and its mindwash propaganda.

      • I believe Jacinda, Grant and Mahuta have to be real mother fucking gangsters. Doing things properly should be a well spring of energy for us all and drive us forward.

        • Sam the latest is the transportation of US troops and NATO troops to line the border with Russia in several places including Ukraine. But we only hear of the Russians moving troops t protect their border with Ukraine as being Russian aggression.
          Also the more Attic borders of Russia are being threatened by US Nata troop buld up. The US has moved two warships into the Black sea.
          Very dangerous aggressive US NATO actions but all we get ijn NZ is that Russians are moving troops to the Ukraine border.
          NZ news is just not worth a pinch of poo but keeps the sheep grazing on distorted warmongering mindset food.

  6. Oooh look what are ‘allies’ are about to do to us:

    “Rather than using the best available technology to minimise radiation hazards by storing and processing the water over the long term, they have opted for the cheapest option – dumping the water into the Pacific Ocean,” said Kazue Suzuki, climate and energy campaigner at Greenpeace Japan, adding that the Cabinet’s decision failed to protect the environment and neglected the large-scale opposition and concerns of the local Fukushima residents, as well as the neighbouring citizens around Japan.’

    With ‘friends’ like the US and Japan, who needs enemies?

  7. John W was correct in his Ukraine assessment? Crimea wasn’t annexed, the Crimeans, most are ethnic Russians, choose to return too the Russian motherland via a referendum with 99% voting to rejoin. Eastern Ukraine also wants to return to Russia.The US conducted a Regime change coup in Ukraine which overthrew the democratically elected former Govt. Zelensky has since broken the Minke peace accords brokered by the EU & Russia are responding by sending the troops in due to Ukrainian attacks! In China, Taiwan is & always been acknowledged as a part of China. In the 1950’s Nixon even stated this fact! Contrast that with America who stole Hawaii from the its Monarchy? The US is constantly meddling & interfering in the internal affairs of other Nations but Russia & China are its main targets! America has no legitimate right or legal justification to interfere in the affairs of Sovereign Nations! America can’t even solve its own internal problems let alone other Nations problems! Notice how the Biden Administration has made the World a more dangerous place than it was under Trump? That’s because Biden has signalled a return to America’s former arrogant, aggressive Warmongering mindset & actions of the Bush & Obama years! Russia & China have had a gutsful of American interference & aren’t taking US sabotage & nonsense anymore!

    • What is really interesting is the fact that both Russia and China tried very hard to engage with the US and defuse potential trouble spots. But the Yanks absolutely insisted on pursuing their unipolar narratives, like it was still the late-1940s.

      Any action other than attempting to solve all difficulties at the point of a gun seems completely alien to the US. The bulk of their shitty television programmes reflect the mindset, along with the ‘we’re the greatest’ propaganda.

      A correspondent reported yesterday that the US is falling apart fast now, and that levels of violence and stupidity have increased significantly since Trump left and the papier-mache POTUS took over.

      • AFKTT
        The galling aspect of who the hell directs RNZ to proliferated US Bullshit propaganda on China, Syria, Russia and Iran yet completely ignores Palestinian children being killed, schools and hospitals bombed as well as land systemically stolen and UN “rulings” completely ignored.

        Who does that through the NZ taxpayer owned broadcaster.
        Kiwis have to look off shore to find what is happening in the reported interactions and it is nearly always not what NZ “News” presents.

        Myanmar is the latest US generated attempted regime change right on the spot where the belt and road initiative and the Chinese pipeline is being constructed within a country that welcomed both of these projects and has most of its trade with China.
        The division racial and political in Burma and now Myanmar has been instigated and crafted over several generation by Britain and now the USA ops.
        You can hear the cries on Western propaganda media of US military intervention being called for.
        That may be contingent with a shift of US troops from Afghanistan to a Myanmar US backed take over by the US bolstered “opposition” led coup.

        Already US small and medium armaments are being supplied to and used by opposition forces fighting the countries army who are trying to protect Myanmar from becoming another US created failed state.
        Racism is being promoted splitting support for the government with many armed factions are in the regions, as well as slaughter of ethnic groups all promoted by the continuing efforts of both British and US ops.

        This is another attempt after the red shirts uprising sponsored by NED ( congress funded) and the western controlled MSM failed to install a US puppet regime.

    • KA
      I find it interesting that in reading the many historical accounts of the rise of the Chinese opposition to foreign occupation and the imposition of the Kuomintang led collusion with US and other colonial forces: that triggered the growing groundswell that became the rise of the Communist led army with Mao.
      The Kuomintang with their US backers were driven out of China and flead to Formosa where the indigenous people rejected the invasion and tried to fight off the Kuomintang and its US backing. The Island was taken by force.

      The anti Communist allies of the US demonised China and for many years NZ could only recognise the invaded and conquered Formosa.
      Also for many years NZ based Chinese firm could only import from Formosa/ Taiwan although most of those NZ based Chinese families had roots in the mainland with most having forbears from the Canton district.
      The situation was ridiculous and finally an international resolve was engineered where it was China gained the recognition of representation for its people and geographical stake.

      Since then the US has waged a cold war within Taiwan using political alliances and forced compliance with its wishes to alienate many Taiwanese from their traditional home in the Mainland.
      Go home yankees may see a very different outcome within Taiwan as there is a substantial sentiment to reunite with the mainland even from within the residual Kuomintang group. Peaceful reunification is prevented by US sponsored influence and money.
      The political leadership within Taiwan are basically US pawns With DPP MSM spreading anti mainland lies with just enough sucess to influence the elections.

      Korea is another country split by the USA and calls for reunification are strong but suppressed by the US and its puppets.

      Korea would have been united after the WWII expelling of the Japanese but for one US general who went for broke to push the attempted take over of the whole of Korea . Approximately 3 million died as a result and eventually China had to help the North of Korea to survive with sovereignty. The US carpet bombing flattened the countryside, the food crops and all buildings above single story dwellings.
      Korea had done nothing to the USA but became another US victim.

      Some countries claim to be champions of Human Rights.
      Hypocrisy runs deep in propaganda

  8. Maybe it’s time for another ‘viewing’ of John Pilger’s, ‘The Coming War on China.”

    “… The US gets dick’d but …”


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