The Gang war is coming – are we ready?


Police called to Head Hunters gang headquarters in Auckland after shots fired

A slew of police officers were called to the Head Hunters MC gang headquarters in Auckland after shots were fired overnight on Sunday.

Several police officers were outside the gang’s HQ on Marua Rd in Ellerslie along with unmarked police cars on Sunday.

Gang members were waiting outside while police carried out their enquiries, with one member giving the finger to a Newshub camera.

The domestic criminal gang scene has probably never been under the unique stresses it is now facing.

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2000 ‘501’s have been forcibly removed to NZ in the space of 5 years. In almost all cases, these people left NZ when they were children and have little or no connection to our country.

40% go on to offend in NZ, and while all are not hardened criminals, those who are have brought a level of violence to the criminal gang scene that is completely outside the norm for NZ gangs.

Kiwis like to think our domestic gang scene is rough and dangerous, the truth is that we are very tame when compared to the Australian crime scene.

Th 501s are bringing an enormous level of violence to NZ and are using it against the domestic gangs in stand over tactics. They are also bringing high quality, cheaper meth from South American Cartels alongside guns to enforce those stand over tactics.

Th 501s are targeting existing leaders in various gangs and we have seen that violence escalate recently with this drive by shooting of the HeadHunters pad and the killings of various domestic gang members.

In response, domestic gangs have gone on a meth cooking binge while also trying to buy as many guns as possible to counter the 501s.

What we are seeing is a market in chaos with an invasive new species taking over.

This becomes a political issue when ordinary Kiwis accidentally get caught up in the cross fire. We are not used to this kind of gang violence, and when it erupts, Kiwis will demand a response from the Police that will border on the paramilitary.

National and ACT will capitalise on this the moment it happens and Labour’s attempts to unpick the factors that cause crime will be seen as grossly underwhelming.


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    • Oh yes, full societal collapse is coming.

      For some reason, the politicians think that kicking the can down the gutter will be a winning strategy. Could that reason be cowardice?

      We already know what Jacinda’s response to the threat of increase violence will be: “Now children, I want you to all get your teddy bears and practice being kind to one another.”

      • The decision not to allow a possibly close-to-full economic collapse by bursting the property Ponzi is essentially a decision to engineer societal and then economic collapse on the back of neo-colonial migration levels and massive race-to-the-bottom inequality… and that’s without other factors like climate and weather events, global conflicts, etcetera.

  1. I think you will find gangs were infiltrated a long time ago with foreign gangs as part of NZ’s globalisation and has led to poverty every since for many people.

    Been happening since 2010….

    The Meth precursors are coming out of state run factories in China.
    “Yuancheng Group, also known as Wuhan Yuancheng Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a Chinese chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Wuhan, China. The company is a notable supplier of precursors for the manufacturing of illicit drugs, such as Methamphetamine and Fentanyl. Yuancheng has approximately 700 employees and 30 locations across China”

  2. Gangs and violence will likely be the accelerant to the fire that will finally burn this government. It is building – every month or so you see an increased gang presence everywhere from your local shops to the motorways. The hands-off approach to policing of Coster, Williams, Little and (by extension) the Blairite is emboldening the gangs and like all criminal organizations are attempting to make “hay while the sun shines”. The 501 phenomenon isn’t a phenomenon anymore if all gangs are adopting a similar attitude and behaviors.

    The meetings are already happening at a local level. To date the government’s response has been to shake it off and “it’s covid silly” in regards to the inactive management route taken. The middle to date haven’t been interested in this as a political tool, nor has the millennial class. At some point the violence moves from the urban poor to the suburbs and at this stage this explodes as an issue. At that stage to lack of a plan will be telling.

    • Okay Frankie BUT what’s YOUR solution, National? Bahahaha!

      If they’d stood up to Australia several years ago we wouldn’t be in this position. Maybe simple Simon’s Raptor force is the answer?

      • Actually at the last election National’s solution was
        ” Looking at how can we help New Zealanders avoid that life style in the 1st place and how can we help those who want to exit it”
        Brett Hudson.
        If that’s hands on then it’s hardly surprising National are useless.

      • The cold hard fact is there will be no solution unless:

        a). You get community and cultural acceptance that gangs are a problem
        b). You acknowledge that gangs are for all intensive purposes domestic terrorists therefore there needs to be limitations on their rights. I acknowledge this is a rabbit hole that we shouldn’t go down unless it is a last resort however I believe we have arrived at this juncture.

        One thing that hasn’t been articulated by the feckless ones and only touched on here is that gangs have become sophisticated and slick in terms of their public persona. They are winning the media war as well.

        • If your A and B are in fact the answers( although open for debate and not cold hard facts)again, you state what we already know but what are THE solutions?

  3. I don’t entirely blame the current government but most definitely yes, ACT and National will make headway on this because gangs are also now living in very middle-class areas like the North Shore and Ellerslie, intimidating all-around whilst participating in their usual pastimes of fighting and shooting/stabbing/beating the shit out of each other and living in a pool of shit without a fear in the world except from each other. And good middle-class people vote and if they don’t see action, goodbye government.

    Unfortunately for Labour, they have appointed a social worker as a police commissioner who in utter futility thinks he can social work his way around this but the gangs are laughing and going WTF homey, you want our consent?. Nice one. So do not expect much-weakened police to do anything at all.

    I agree Labour are looking very long term at crime but that is of no comfort when bullets are passing you by, just, and they are, nor is Labours strategy, if it can be called that, guaranteed of achieving anything. God knows most of their other strategies result in nothing.

    So where to next Labour? Call for a report? Hide under the bed? Pretend? Look, there’s a Covid?

    • Now I finally understand their election slogan “Let’s keep moving “.
      It’s their policy on responding to gang crime in your neighbourhood.

  4. Make street drugs a health issue NOT a criminal justice issue just like those brave few intelligent, progressive thinking people have done in other parts of the surface of the limping, diseased greed deranged biosphere of our own making. Portugal and Oregon have done it and it’s working.
    We, or rather our cowardly, all-bought-and-paid-for politicians could, but they won’t and they should but they never will because AO/NZ’s now an all bought and paid for escape hatch for conservative Christian republicans who wear their mothers knickers on their heads while praying to Jesus.
    andy little’s gutless, blinkered ignorance in favour of creeping conservatism is what gave us the middle class, white picket fence mentality and soulless desperado gangsters were the first through the front gate. Not enlightenment. Not open and frank discussions then action taken to help drug users either come off drugs or learn how to use them wisely beginning with them knowing what it is exactly that they’re taking to wring a little twinkle-sparkle out of their miserable, bankster impoverished lives. Oh no. None of that there.
    Of course the gang wars are coming. The get tough on gang crime does one thing well. It trains gangsters on how to become ever better gangsters while driving up the value of street drugs.
    ‘Disjointed’ . A series on Netflix. It’s very good in my humble opinion.
    “Ruth is a longtime advocate for the legalization of marijuana, and she gets a chance to live her dream when she becomes the owner of a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. Helping her run Ruth’s Alternative Caring are her charismatic “budtenders”: her entrepreneurial 20-something son and a troubled security guard. As one might expect, the trio is pretty much constantly high while working. The sitcom was co-created by genre veteran Chuck Lorre (“The Big Bang Theory”).”
    Here we go…
    “Dozens of social service and health organisations call for drug laws to be overhauled”
    “Misuse of Drugs Act overhaul off the cards for now, Andrew Little says”
    “”I would interpret that as ‘no, we’re not quite ready for this level of liberalisation just yet’,” Little said.”
    ( That statement makes you sound like a pompous, arrogant, ignorant wanker andrew. Not a good look from a person we pay to have a world views of things on our behalf. )
    We deserve better than Andrew can provide and we must insist we get it.

  5. Essentially the police are spread too thin and cherry picking the gangs, instead of full enforcement, everywhere.

    Frustrated emails from Kawerau constable to Police Commissioner Mike Bush led to downfall of Mongrel Mob president Frank Milosevic in Operation Notus drug bust

  6. If you are already NOT a home owner or slumlord then join a gang. If you work legally you will never own a decent home. The only way the young or poor can make a future in Jacinda and Grants NZ is to make money fast and illegally. They don’t give a damn about us. They have proven they only exist to enrich the rich.

  7. It sounds alarmist, but, this wider societal reaction to gangs will be the massive arse-bite NZ Labour is going to get for being such wusses on Cannabis and other drugs. Cannabis should be fully legal, and an industry contributing hugely to the economy, and all other drugs at least decriminalised and a health first approach in practice adopted.

    That would really have disempowered drug business gangs.

    In the flow of logic however–surely National/ACT are not going to do anything much different regarding “Stomp out gang violence” from Labour, apart from elevating the rhetoric–bring in the army?

    • Great idea. Or they could “get some guts ” like Key said then show their strength by pulling the ponytails of the hangs. Perhaps do what Seymour said and “get tougher on gangs ” by having a dance with them.
      But your suggestion holds more credibility.

  8. So once again, NZers show their utter lack of depth on these bog sites… The labour government was “elected” in 2017 by Winston Peters.. The reality is that there is still a huge number of NZers that support what the national government was doing… What does that say about us as people? The process of turning our civil service into the attack dogs of the rich and powerful has been ongoing since the demise of the first labour government.. the process began to accelerate with The great traitor Douglas in place, and sped up at a compounding rate under the farmers wife “who cut off their tails”… And with a light respite during the Clarke years, was ramped up with a vengeance with the “American/Chinese” takeover of our economy.. This country has reached tipping point, and the Pm knows it, as does anyone who cares to look… To be doing nothing but gloating about how reactionary we all still, even after all the abuse, and humiliation showered upon us by the most corrupt, and unfit government NZ was saddled with since the worst days of the original colonisation, continue to be no more than enablers of our abusers… It reminds me of a “joke” I heard once.. How do you spot the Kiwi? He’s the one who managed to set his arse on fire, and stood there for half an hour whining because nobody had put it out for him… If people really want something done about the “501” issue, then take to the streets, and scream at the incompetent that is currently accelerating the program of deportations to NZ, among other countries.. (but NZ is being seen as the major “benefactor” of this policy) Until we, as a people, make it public, and obvious to anyone withing earshot( so to speak) that we utterly oppose this appalling behavior by the Australian government, then fuck all is going to happen… The Aussies are banking on our counter reaction to go harder of NZ access to Australia, to the point of having to apply for a visa to travel there.. Bye bye ANZAC… These pigs couldn’t spell diplomacy, let alone listen to it… repeated noisy public demonstrations will actually help the govt to take the high rd, and give that a chance to succeed… I know that the average Aussie, once they have been made aware of what is being done, are generally disgusted with what’s being done to their Kiwi “mates”.. But not enough of them have any idea this shit is happening… Time we remedied that..

  9. The way successive governments are going we will all end up living in favella,s and be lorded over by powerful gang families. South american style.

  10. Who has just caused the worst social harm in NZ, Adrian Orr or the 501’s? Adrian Orr by far I say. This wealth transfer and unfairness is going to cause so much trouble for us all for at least a generation even the rich, but nobody cares? Out leader just smiles? Incompetant cardboard cutout.


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