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  1. What the fuck! When we get the ridiculously expensive much needed public transport, it is so slow that it would take you nearly 5 hours a day to get from Hamilton to Auckland CBD return. Not suitable for purpose!

    NZ is a sad joke for public transport that we seem to spend a fortune on producing, that is mostly useless due to how slow and infrequent it is! Apparently we are also one of the most expensive in the world for public transport and it takes eons to use it!

    Before anybody starts saying NZ has got a small population with large area for public transport, we are similar to Finland in population and size and they have completely functioning public transport as well as roads even though it snows a large amount of the year aka much more difficult conditions to build to!

  2. Its seems NZders are happy to have more booze available over Easter and drug testing at concert for the rich and middle class but no cannabis, what bunch of fucken wankers.

  3. Andrew Little repeated his claim this week “the people have spoken”, referring to the razor thin cannabis referendum margin and his reluctance to now even discuss drug reform. If the opinion of a few thousand more people in a non binding referendum is going to be the basis for non change (and we can’t deny global policy on legalising the weed is leaving us behind) then we should hold this standard to everything the government does. Like how no one voted Little into power, electorally or otherwise.

  4. But we didn’t get to speak about the drug testing policy at concerts. Labour need to tread carefully here cause if all our Maori whanau that voted to legalize cannabis switch their voting allegiance Labour will lose a lot of seats.


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