School Climate Strike a flop – Adults can’t keep relying on children to stop our climate crisis 


The latest School Climate Strike was a flop, compared to the incredible turn out last time...

A sea of people waving placards and megaphones lined New Zealand’s streets for the nation’s biggest Strike for Climate action to date.

Strike organisers say about 170,000 people around the country took part in Friday’s action.

Schoolchildren, adults and activists all banded together to protest against climate change.

It was the third school strike to take place here this year, inspired by 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

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…last weeks strike was in the tens of thousands, not hundred of thousands and it is a desperate reminder that it is obscene for adults to shrug their obligation off to fight against Climate Change to our children!

It is not up to our kids  to fight climate change, it is up to us as adults!

We can’t demand ideas from them, we have to do that!

So much energy is spent by those who benefit from the status quo trying to con us into believing change can only be created by the individual choice of consumers rather than political action, we have to understand that the only way to force change is by political action and on that front, it is completely up to us as adults.

We must stop up to this obligation rather than leave it to our kids.

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  1. From the video coverage and newspaper photos I saw, there were very few brown faces and a great many private school uniforms.
    Lots of private school girls trying to be NZ’s Greta, and many professional salaried parents and grandparents accompanying Jonty and Mercedes on the outing for a good cause.

    • That’s very encouraging Ada, if private school kids are embracing climate change issues ; private schools are generally disparaged here as being self- interested and money grabbing, exploiters etc.

      I don’t know if what you think that you observed on tv is correct, but well done for watching television news casts Ada, or for watching any television at all now; I am sure ( no I’ m not really) that selective filming and editing never occurs – but what the hell.

      If private school students are prioritising climate change, then it may be because they have a better breed of teachers than state schools have, and in any case, state school teachers are workers who have to toe the line just like other workers, with mortgages ( if they’re lucky homeowners) ,electricity bills, children with feet that require socks and shoes, and pasta a bit of a bore.

      Aggie, the thing is, that while some school parents may be wealthy parents who dispatch their kids off to Otago with expensive duffle coats and genuine leather satchels, there are others who make significant financial sacrifices to try and give their offspring a sound education. I know of parents taking out a second mortgage to, rightly or wrongly, procure what they perceive, as a better education, at a better school. This being so, it is not surprising that they would want the planet in which they have a vested interest to survive. And some of us just like planet earth for it’s own sake, and it’s incredible beauty.

      If you’re trying to discredit climate change protestors by portraying them, or identifying them, as the products as private schools, then I suggest that you’re beyond confused. Again. If you’re tossing in a bit of racism about few brown faces, forget it. That’s very yesterday.

      • ” if private school kids are embracing climate change issues”.. I wouldn’t get too excited by that possibility just yet… This isn’t the first generation of the young ladies and gentlemen of the aristocracy engaging in “charity work”..
        What is probably more accurate is that with reduced numbers overall, these were the ones still able to indulge in this “extracurricular activity” with the blessings of the staff.. Without it costing one of their parents time off work.. A big deal in modern day NZ, where the wages are lower, and prices higher than every other western country I have visited…
        I would factor in the mental/emotional effects of the long lockdown, and continuing threat from carriers of the variants getting through the security perimeter… I would have been very surprised if there had been a huge turnout in these circumstances…

        • Lets not get distracted on who saw what and where with clothing. Its not Trentham races.

          The important issue is nothing effective is being done to move in reducing emissions. curbing energy use and conserving resources.
          Atmospheric CO2 is at 420ppm and rising. Nothing is happening to stop it.
          In spite of the kids and others supporting them protesting BAU is on a solid path seeking “growth”.. Crazy hypocrisy.
          Not even a flinch from Business NZ or govt.
          What will it take, shop fronts being stoved in, cars burnt on the streets or kids being arrested for thinking.

  2. I used to dive for crayfish. In most situations I would have to work my way through rows and rows of little young crayfish before spotting a big one hidden right at the back where it was nice and safe. Just saying.

  3. As long as TVNZ and Radio NZ are allowed to continue broadcasting the absolute shit that they are currently allowed to broadcast, nothing will change and the populace will remain uninformed/misinformed, with the environmental burden that is falling on children increasing by the day.

    The next stage of the Planetary Meltdown involves reduced harvests, higher production costs and reduction of the amount of food distributed by industrial agriculture (along with ever lower quality that accompanies stripping the Earth of everything good) -leading to increased levels of malnutrition and mass starvation. Plus a bit more desertification and inundation that will reduce the area of land available for food production.

    The increased magnitude and frequency of devastating storms, heatwaves, droughts and forest fires etc. are a given, as the political-economic system marches on inexorably towards complete collapse., avoiding taking ANY sane action on anything of significance.

  4. Much like the childrens crusade of 1212, a lot of wishful thinking- the 1212 variety believed the children and their minders would peacefully convert the Muslims occupying Jerusalem to Christianity. Many children returned home after the initial novelty wore off, the remaining children on the march ended up being sold as slaves, or drowned in the ships taking them to the holy land.
    Our 2021 variety means the children will need to convert the powers that be and older generations that their present way of life will need to fundamentally change to have any impact. They will be betrayed and ruined by those whom say they are their supporters. The way we need to address climate AND environment (they are entwined) is to have an ‘establishment’ figure prepared for the long haul that is willing to lead a real ‘climate change crusade’ against all comers and on multiple fronts.

    • Yes it becomes a focus on the kids not the situation they are protesting about.

      The situation is grim beyond public realisation.
      1.3 degree C rise since industrialisation and the present atmospheric CO2 and other GHG need not be added to to see several degrees rise given time for the heat to be absorbed. Runaway release of methane from the Artic is occurring and the massive stores covered by the Antarctic ice sheet will not be too far away..

      The talk of limiting rise to 1.6 degrees C is just talk while we carry on to certain oblivion.
      Blame the kids because if no one had any kids then the problems would be just for the other earthling species.

  5. A commendable group but in Chch they had not checked their facts. They shouted down the mayor because she could not back their claim for free buses. The buses are not run by the council they are run by ECAN. They want her to stop the airport at Tarras but they council has no say in the running of the airport company. They want money put into teaching climate change in schools but the council does not have input to schools or their curriculum. Mayor Dazeil deserved more respect.
    There are not simple answers to turning the climate ship,around and while we all know teenagers have always had all the solutions unfortunately they do not . As a teenager myself we marched against the bomb but that did no good and now I understand the arguement about the balance of power from strength . While it is not perfect it is a fact

    • Thanks for that insight, Trevor – it sounds a bit like anarchy. Using extraneous issues for political purposes is common enough, but it’s not very safe if it is coming from turns out to be a mob. Ada up above maintains that television showed the protests with, “ many professional salaried parents and grandparents accompanying” etc. I don’t really believe her, but I’m not privy to the income or employment status of total strangers – but those seemingly educated oldies would surely have known that some of the kids’ issues were off beam? That’s why I’m thinking anarchy – but I would not want to see adolescents silenced – and if they can drag their aged grandparents along with them, it could be a good ride.

    • A mayoral candidate John Minto canvassed on free public transport which of course is possible.
      ECAN oh yes that’s the group jonky sacked and put in his cronies to allow dairy intensification and overshoot with irrigation which together have caused a dangerous rise in groundwater nitrogen threatening water supplies for Canterbury communities making the area one of the more highly polluted and damaged water systems in NZ.
      That will take much longer to rectify than what it will take to reduce CO2 emissions.
      If Dalzeil cant listen then how can she think. Receiving a message is not too hard. A clean out of the gatekeepers may happen yet.

  6. You read this?
    First Dog on The Moon.
    “Racked with guilt and grief and climate despair – how do we go on!?”
    The Guardian.
    First Dog on the Moon
    As I’ve written here, and beyond.
    Our enemy is the bankster. Our enemy is that group of arseholes who’ve learned to fiddle around with other peoples money to their financial advantage by politely enslaving you with trickery like baubles and trinkets.
    If you want to see hard evidence of that then go to Trademe. Go to Real estate. Go to Houses for sale. Go to properties selling for $10 million to Any. They’re all in Auckland. What does that mean? It means we’re fucked.
    It means that most AO/NZ’ers have been lured, by the clever use of logical fallacies, to borrow, beg or import the myth that is ‘money’ to spin lies for the proliferation of the mental illness that is the perception of prosperity.
    You lot who are in Auckland who think that by being up to your arseholes in debt to foreign owned banksters is the very ideal of prosperity?
    Run! Run now. Run for your lives. Because here it comes. And you don’t know what [it] is? Well, you’ll know when it gets here, I can promise you that.

  7. Not just climate change, but pollution and environmental destruction is equally important to focus on.

    Not just lakes and fresh water but the sea is our toilet.

    Japan to start Fukushima water release to sea in two years

    Oceania Dairy Ltd granted consents for controversial wastewater pipeline

    The cost of high growth – the dirty secret Auckland council would rather you not know about

    • No one is talking about drastically reducing energy harvesting but that is the key,
      They are just not up with it having been distracted and lied to about a thousand ways to set things right except using less energy progressive and less natural resources.
      For those who just don’t understand the movement on from 2 billion humans was based on increased energy harvesting which leads yo increased resource consumption which leads to increased pollution which has led to global warming soil loss, species and habitat loss, depletion of aquifers and before long global food shortages, followed by decrease in life expectancy and human die off.

      Magic bullets? Oh no they take energy and resource consumption.

      Migrate to the moon – thoughts for lunatics.


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