The Liberal Agenda – Auckland May Day Rally – Solidarity with Myanmar


May Day is celebrated by workers and unions around the world. This May Day, unions are joining with Democracy for Myanmar, a Myanmar-community network, to support the fight for democracy. Unions in Myanmar are among those leading the civil disobedience movement. Strikes and protests have seen many lose their lives, and all facing huge risks. UnionAID has a strong relationship with Myanmar, through many union partners, and more than 100 leaders who have completed the Myanmar Young Leaders Programme.

WHAT: May Day

WHEN: May 1st

WHERE: Aotea Square, Auckland


  1. Don’t take the news on Myanmar as a guide to what is happening.
    Us sponsored unrest is happening all along the Belt and Road initiative,
    The opposition is being supplied with US armaments and they are attacking the Myanmar Army, quite different to what the news spin is, and very similar to Hong Kong unrest funded by US congress through NED.

    Us funded through the NED as was the Hong Kong”riots”

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