SAFE walks off the job to march with School Strike 4 Climate NZ

Staff from the animal rights organisation SAFE are going on strike today and will be marching with School Strike 4 Climate NZ in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
SAFE CEO Debra Ashton said the strike is especially important to SAFE because farming of animals is a key contributor to climate change.
“Students are striking because their future is at stake, so we’re making a stand with them to demand action on climate change,” said Ashton.
“In Aotearoa, animal agriculture contributes half of our greenhouse gas emissions. While it’s promising that the Climate Change Commission’s Draft Advice for Consultation highlights this contribution, the Commission’s draft advice doesn’t go far enough.”
“The methane produced by over seven million cows in New Zealand is a key pollutant causing the warming of our atmosphere. We need a plan that supports a transition away from climate damaging animal agriculture into horticulture and other forms of plant-based food production.”
School Strike 4 Climate Wellington Regional Secretary Rhiannon Mackie said “Our futures are hanging on a knife edge, determined by the climate policy that our Government implements, and by the action they take. We have no time to wait.”
“It is unacceptable that we continue to see inaction from our Government on this crisis, and that is why people across Aotearoa are marching in the streets today.”


  1. When Middle class white people coopt working class tactics, but don’t understand the concept.
    The BOSS can’t lead it, and you don’t get paid.

  2. This makes me not only want to vote for the Act Party but ALSO join the Act Party.

    Cathedral Square, one of the BIGGEST public spaces in the country has been littered by gothic ruins for over a decade! Now the ChCh Police have closed off central Colombo Street for a few climate nuts – I’ve seen the Square Much, Much, MUCH busier!

    This is completely nuts. If children aren’t smart enough to stay off the road, why aren’t they in school! Does ChCh Central need to grind to a holt? This is pathetic! Duncan Webb, Leanne Delzell, Jake McLellan, etc need to go! Typical that they’re all Labour nuts!

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