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  1. Todd McClay wants all those homed in motels in Rotorua gone, now has he forgotten this was his National parties housing policy that appears to have gotten out of hand. And might I ask Toddy, where would he like us to put them?

  2. Btw @ Martyn. I know a bloke who specialises in removing breadcrumbs from the letter ‘e’ on keyboards. Although it’s possible he’s already been deported

  3. 23 new cases in MIQ and how many from India? this is a lot of cases and we need to stop burying our heads in the sand. And MIQ have a security guard with Covid, not good enough and as long as we don’t have more alternative measures for very high risks countries that includes the UK, USA and India we are putting all our hard work and sacrifices at risk as are our newly formed bubbles. Will the bubbles burst its highly likely when we have such high numbers.

  4. I see the National party are once again showing there true blue colors. National care more about our police attack dogs than they do for homeless people with no choice but to live in motels.

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