Waatea News Column: Maori Party brutally outflanks Kelvin Davis again


News last week that the Māori Party are supporting Waikeria Prison protesters in filing civil rights claims against Corrections brutally outflanked the hapless Kelvin Davis once again.

Kelvin’s handling of the Waikeria Prison riot was questionable enough, as was his bizarre attack on a Prison reform group whom he claimed was to blame for the riot, but in this new move, the Māori Party are setting the Minister up for one almighty fall.

It seems apparent that Corrections had not kept the Minister informed of how badly conditions had deteriorated at Waikeria Prison and the Māori Party know this.

The official report into this riot is due out at the end of this year but by lodging Civil rights claims plus a complaint to the Waitangi Tribunal, the Māori Party will keep this issue alive all the way up until the next election.

It allows them to argue for a different type of culture designed by Māori, for Māori within Corrections while highlighting the ongoing problems many Māori find within Pakeha dominated social services.

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The Māori Party strategy to maximise political damage should warn Labour that they intend to return in 2023.

Maybe the Labour Party would be better served working with the Māori Party and not against them.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Blaming the victim of the machinations of The Empire worked so well in the past the people who are addicted to it just cannot give it up, perhaps because they are just too addicted to blaming the victims of The Empire.

    It takes a bit of ‘thinking outside the box’ to see what is happening. And more-or-less all our so-called elected representatives have continually demonstrated their total inability to ‘think outside the box’.

    We could use the term industrial-financial-matrix instead of ‘box’.

    However you look at it, our so-called leaders are utterly blind, as they lead the nation ‘straight off the cliff’ in practically every way possible.

  2. Ok you have Kelvin on one corner and Maori party spokes people in the other.

    Argument for one position or the other is probably destructive and would ignore the problems that Jail is used to solve which are many and varied.

    But any solution that locks up people as a matter of course without examining the causes of the processes and understanding of our societies in-capabilities to encompass all its people in a society that cooperates, shares and uses talents and goodwill, is not only blind but probably driven by power and money that will not accept a more cooperative society unless they are forced to.

    They are the problem as is their power to lay down laws that eventuate in gross inequity, class stratification and division.

    While British colonialism holds us tightly in its destructive grip, we can accept that and punish other for being outside of its narrow class ridden legalistic division of community wealth and the commons or fight it and end up in jail.

    There are psychopaths in jail and psychopaths running the colonial framework.
    Both need redirection and different degrees of care and education.

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