Ok, here are the rules for the Trans Tasman bubble


The Trans Tasman bubble is open, here are the rules.

If another Covid outbreak happens, too fucking bad.

We will not tolerate you whining to the media about getting lockdown out, we will not tolerate your calling Jacinda heartless and we will not tolerate your demands to get back in!

The only travel should be urgent, if you are travelling because you are sad sad by the lack of travel and get locked out or in, dems da breaks!

Oh and if an outbreak happens here because of this bubble, it’s on the heads of everyone who demanded the border be opened.

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So say all of us.

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  1. Oh but the whinging will be phenomenal when the door shuts. And it will

    And it’s Australia, not like it’s something worth seeing!

      • It’s there any point to you Sam? Aside from you being a self appointed gatekeeper critic to people’s comments?

        • Sam should be spelt with a ‘p’ in between the letters ‘S’ and ‘a’ . Then his name would match his comments.

          • You’re hurt. So I’ll will be cautious about treading on your reputation.

            Everyone is cooped up so we have to be cautious in the first few years because corona can easily overwhelm and we need to walk back all out government control.

  2. Spot on Bomber.
    Every Covid infection that results from this relaxation of our borders, and any subsequent neurological disorder resulting from SARS-COV2 entering the brain, is on the head of those who ceaselessly clamoured for their right to profit being more important than public health.
    Special shout out to ONE News, who shamelessly ran one-sided diatribes is their efforts to manufacture consent. So ‘Mutch’ superb journalism.

    • Not just One News – the Hub has punctuated their persuasions with Ms Collins face popping in every “News” episode – (They’re unable to do a full news episode without her, however irrelevant to any topic) – always calling for more and wider openings of the border – already pressuring for Singapore and rest of Asia.

      • Let’s wait and see how effective our vaccination programme is. Before opening up the border.
        As the medical experts have been trying to tell us, this isn’t just the ‘flu. It can lead to serious disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc.
        We have (1) eliminated the threat of this disease through border control, and (2) have in our hands a potential game changer in the vaccine. All we had to do was wait for that to be rolled out and observe it’s efficacy.
        But no, the greedy morons must have their way.
        Typical short sighted Hobbits – so easily led by the rich few.

      • Is that your idea of an intelligent ‘come back’?
        A strawman argument personified.
        I actually don’t believe I’ve ever heard or read anyone with that opinion. So thanks for the meaningless comment.
        I believe we’re trying to find a sensible and agreed path through this mess, and people are obviously going to disagree and some give and take will be needed.
        But those on the fringe (which your remarks makes me feel you are such a person) will never be happy.

      • Don’t whine when we go into another lockdown MickeyBoyle. Within a very short amount of time of opening the border everyone will be coming to NZ to budge on our social welfare and health system now OZ has tightened up, while with a community Covid outbreak in NZ (give it 6 months) will push everyone else living in NZ into lockdown and it will potentially be a lot worse.

        So start buying your tent, NZ poor, cos there are going to be a lot of people rushing back to NZ and they will all be the high needs types, while the skilled NZ residents will ship out of NZ to get some real wages and opportunity that has become hard to find in NZ.

        Meanwhile when they lockdown again, the ‘kiwis’ caught in OZ and elsewhere will be whining about how NZ has to pay for them to get home again.

        We do have telecommunications in the world, we don’t exactly need to physically go to other countries to engage with them and transfer Covid around the place!

        With all the terrible news around the world (and apparently it Covid is still very bad in China, they don’t report it) as well as in Europe and everywhere else, NZ blithely opens up our borders.

    • Spot on Jase.

      I caught a little of the bullshit TV One put out -some nonsense about how many hundreds of millions of dollars Australians brought to the NZ economy.

      My question about how many tonnes of CO2 they brought to the NZ economy was left unanswered.

      • L0L0L0L ! After the neo liberals commenced with the Employment Contacts Act 1991,- there were 650,000 New Zealanders living in Australia , never to return. A bit like the Irish potato famine numbers, except it wasn’t organic, – it was politically inspired!!!

        And how are those ex pat Kiwis treated?- like shit of course!

        Meanwhile Australia exports their uniquely Australian criminally learned New Zealander scumbags back here. If apprenticeships were a dime a dozen , Aussies would be millionaires to a man! And even a woman if they could get over their chauvinism!

        There’s your neo liberalism and the shit it stands for right there!

        God bless America,… and Aussie,… sort off.

  3. There are other very important rules you haven’t mentioned, Martyn:

    1.Ignore the fact that global oil extraction has peaked, and that in not too many years we will be unable to keep the food system running because of all the squandering of oil [in its various forms] that has gone on over recent decades.

    2. Ignore the fact that we are in the early stages of Planetary Meltdown [due to fossil fuel use] and that meltdown will continue to accelerate as a consequence of continued squandering of fossil fuels.

    3. Ignore the fact that the world runs on fiat currencies created out of thin air, and that shifting computer digits from one place to another contributes nothing to our overall well-being. In fact doing so erodes our well-being.

    4. Ignore the fact that banks, corporations and opportunists are in control, and governments serve the short-tern interests of banks, corporations and opportunists at the expense of everyone.

    5. Ignore the fact that GDP is a fake measure of commercial activity, and that it really stands for Global Deception Paradigm and Global Destruction Process.

  4. This is a grave-mistake shitstorm looming and to be frank I can’t believe the madness ( read greed. ) of it.
    I’ve been out and about over the last week and no masks, no paranoia, no restrictions because no c-19 dumbasses.
    “Conditions for quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand have been met…”
    Who fucking says…? Chippy? The Blairite? So, Australia is completely free of C-19 like us then? Because that’d be the Only argument for bubbles dahlings.
    Our politicians have Big Business rummaging around in their undies and we should know by now what big business will do for a dollar.
    Prime Minister? I want to go on record here as saying I. Don’t. Want. A. Travel. Bubble. Opening. Up. With. We. AO/NZ’ers. And. Australia. Or. Anyone. Else. With. C-19. cases. Running. Wild. Cheers. Thanks.
    Gubbimint? With bankster interest rates at an all-time low then why not borrow some money, buy Queenstown then give it back to the locals? It’d be worth it just to shut them up.
    As for the rest of us? We’ll simply continue to rely on agriculture and exploit our farmers mercilessly as per usual.
    ( Central and East Otago farmer boys? That mullet? Those short shorts where one leg’s blue and the other’s yellow? That swagger of menace that makes you look like you’ve had a stroke and done a little bit of poo? That yeah-nah-mate thing? The ubiquitous double cab 4×4 with the slaughtered pig dripping in blood in the back as the flies fly in while parked up outside the country pub look?
    Awesome! All class dahlings. When I see you, and that? I see Paris. It’s no wonder then that city people have such respect and high regard for you. No wonder banksters see you as an easy mark because if you look like that, talk like that and behave like that then you’ll be seen as a sitting duckling and ripe for exploitation. )

  5. The chances of an imported Covid case from Australia is almost non existent whereas infection from our MIQ and non Australia border is significant.

    You can’t hide in fear for an eternity and relax when Australia gets their jabs up to a critical mass they’ll open to east Asia and then demand we get vaccinated before travelling over there you’ll get your shut down again because let’s face facts – we won’t be getting vaccinated this year.

    • infection from our MIQ and non Australia border is significant.

      I’m glad you’ve wrote that bit.
      Because, the same groups that pushed for opening with Aus are now pushing for more, for a much wider area to open. If they would just stop there, as-is, and take time to really assess the situation after borders are open with Aus, then okay…
      But they’ve already started pushing for more.

      • The writing is on the wall. The developing countries will be no-go zones for probably close to a decade. The push is beginning for Europe, North America, Australasia, China and the OECD Asian countries to have free travel post vaccination.

        The issue for (little) Aotearoa will be vaccine access. We are being treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed shit) with respect to the true nature of this at present.

        And looky, looky a border worker (unvaccinated) got covid……Explain that St Ash.

    • Where’s Australia?…. isn’t that an Island off New Zealand?

      I thought the accents were kind of similar,… maybe they are English… I dont know…

    • Jacinda is carrying all of us, including your ungrateful self, through the worst pandemic of our lifetime. She has done so with rare success. It has to be wearying, to say the least.

      Someone send the frank a barbie doll.

      • Sorry but Jacinda is not carrying the load of bring down the child poverty she is not carrying the load of helping renters and 1st home buyers she is not catty ing the load of getting staff into the country to support essentially industry and farming.
        So much promised so much not done what do we need to be grateful for now .

            • agreed Jaspinda. Least Ardern could do now is fund the effing Health System at the level it so desperately needs. It is the remnants of our once world class health and education systems that have saved our arse!!. Not the blasted pollies!

        • All of those issue’s created by National Trev, now back on the subject of Covid Trev, I know the subject of diversion, we hear it daily from John Keys love child Hosking, the fact you live and breathe to opine is down to Ardern and Labour, suck it up buttercup. The alternative is your home country, the UK.

      • “Carrying all of us” get a bloody grip, she’s not some messiah, she’s a leader or a political party and thats it. Open your eyes and wake up to reality.

        • “Messiah” is YOUR word, boyle’d troll.

          Jacinda herself made the call for us all to go into lockdown. And that action gave us the freedom we have today. Many were in doubt about it, including the noisy Nats saying, “But whataboutaustraylya!” …Ignoring the months-long lockdown of Melbourne, and other problems they had.

          My disappointment is not that Jacinda OWNED her leadership and took strong and courageous action, WHICH SAVED US, but that more recently that strong, decisive leader.. seems to have softened.

        • No shit Sherlock! Like Key who destroyed our country and now why we are faced with cleaning up the multiple shit fest were in . But its easier to blame Jacinda eh Mickey.

  6. Hmmmm…. in favour of keeping those borders closed. Let the Aussie banks finance us. Then shit all over them by changing legislation that enables us to shit on them back for all the economic rapine they’ve conducted. What was it a few years ago?… 6 billion extracted by Aussie banks from our economy?

    Time to think nationalism.

    Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
    Well I heard ol’ Neil put her down
    Well I hope Neil Young will remember
    A southern man don’t need him around anyhow

    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

  7. The first thing my other half said to me was “start stocking up food, we are going to go into another lockdown and it might be a lot worse”.

  8. Opinions are like arse holes, we all have them, its just that Frankie’s are bigger than ours. He makes statements like Hosking does that pretend to be fact ie “The chances of an imported Covid case from Australia is almost non existent whereas infection from our MIQ and non Australia border is significant.”

    Yet it isn’t quantified with evidence. Hosking falls into the same category and we all know how that panned out with John Tamahere.

    One thing stands out the keyboard experts like Frankie on covid hold no risk, that lies squarely with the goverment.Hosking can walk off all he r the P.M.likes in his disgust for the P.M. but at the end of the day he’s just another woke right wing neoliberal entitled nutjob.

    • Hosk is behaving like a toddler, throwing a big tantrum 🙂
      Just screaming, “I don’t like her! I don’t like her! Waaaaahhhh!”

  9. How about we do a trade with the ozzies? For every 5 ozzies, they can take back one ‘501’.

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