Political Caption Competition

He's a very special boy

Spot the difference: One is a National Party Monster and the other one is special.


  1. No comparison , – Muldoon came from an era of cut and thrust post war political tradition and maintained the Keynesian consensus under which the NZ worker prospered. These post 1984 wimps in politics lie and obfuscate and come from the Me generation and broadly work together for the neo liberal consensus which is all about shitting on others, -especially workers.




    • RIP, Rob, … you deserve much more than to be slandered and held up as a symbol of ridicule, maybe those detractors would like to look into Bob Jones and his ‘New Zealand ‘ party and its sole mission to destroy Keynesianism by getting rid of you and bringing in their neo liberal free market and the lies they told us to destroy our democracy.

      This is your song and you deserve it . As does Kirk , Rowling, and all the other leaders that you were despite your failures… ” you win some, you lose some”.

      Danheim – Kala

        • I do not know who Andrew K is,…all I know is that whether its even Donald Trump, Norman Kirk, Rob Muldoon or Bill Rowling , or even …Holyoake,… these types, ….were the politicians who operated or tried to, within the Keynesian parameters,…of nationalism…

          And I am less inclined to find fault with those who stood up for the rights and freedoms of the common man, and by implication, the common woman.

          And that’s where I stand.

          For all the worlds ‘ battlers’.

          No matter what shite they’ve been through.

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