Kiri Allan stepping down to fight Cancer


I have always had the deepest respect for Kiri Allan, but her heartbreaking description today of how she has been battling cancer, even on the day she had to lead during the earthquake and tsunami warning, puts her in another league of champion.

All strength to her and her whanau on this terribly sad day.

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  1. Yes, absolutely. This is a very sad day for Aotearoa NZ. Kiritapu Allan is a strong, reassuring and powerful force, as seen when we were under tsunami threat.

    I wish her all possible strength and renewed health through this time.

    (We need her!)

  2. Kiri is one of the good ones, always out and about with the people.

    Some of us show no mercy to the politics of the Parliamentary Parties–as we should if deserving of the description left–but the individuals involved, even Mr Seymour, are people too, deserving of basic human dignity, respect and care.

    All the best Kiri, hope you get a good result.

  3. Kiri has demonstrated she puts our country first. Despite on the same day she faced NZ to explain and discuss the recent earthquakes and possible tsunami threats, she had also been tested for cancer. A dedicated champion of the highest order, in my book. Three weeks ago while visiting Wellington, I also had the privilege of seeing Kiri in action in Parliament, doing what she does best, working hard for NZ. She is very impressive.

    Looking forward to seeing Kiri back in Parliament sometime later in the year when she is well again. Kia Kaha girl.

  4. I hope she recovers soon. She has more strength and bravery than the rest of the Labour caucus combined. Best wishes.

  5. There are only three Labour MPs worth their salt. Michael Wood , David Parker and Kiri Allan.
    Kiri you are a courageous and just wahine.
    My prayers and strength are with you.
    Kaha and whakaute.


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