MEDIA WATCH: Can McDonald’s do a TV advert where they teleport to where their recycling goes?


McDonald’s new TV advert  teleports cynical teenagers who might be suspicious of the fast food giants ingredients around the country to nonplussed salt of the earth type farmers and agricultural suppliers who roll their eyes at the stupid teenagers concerns.

Smart play when your product is seen as part of the obesity problem and you can’t use Carrick Graham to spike public academics calling for sugar taxes.

But what if the teenagers could teleport to where all that supposed recycling from McDonald’s goes…

McDonald’s won’t have recycling in-store until 2025

It could take until 2025 for some of the country’s fast food giants to sort out their waste.

McDonald’s spokesman Simon Kenny said while all its restaurants had a single bin for all rubbish – with no recycling bins – some stores were running a “cup recycling trial”. The restaurants also do “back of house” recycling with items such as cardboard boxes and milk bottles.

…I’m less interested in their shitty food and more concerned with their shitty pollution!

McDonald’s is the mouthpiece for fast food interests and their lies over recycling are decades old, if you are addicted to eating their shit and poisoning yourself that’s on thing, but allowing them to poison the planet with their garbage as well?

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Teleport us to where you actually dump your recycling.

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  1. Excellent blog!!!! Good question, for all the marketing spin, McDonalds seems to be decades behind the times for what is important to many!

  2. McDonalds might also like to tell us how much cardboard goes through their NZ outlets per day, how much many trees are chopped down to make that cardboard, how much chemical processing is involved in making the cardboard, how much electricity is consumed, how much fossil fuel is consumed getting the cardboard to the outlets, and what they estimate emissions of their customers getting to and from the outlets to be.

    Now is good.

    Oh, that’s one of the other mobs, isn’t it?

    Or McDonalds might NOT like to tell us any of that.

    We are going to witness a substantial population reduction in the not-too-distant future, so if people want to volunteer for early death by eating commercial crap and making themselves terminally ill, who are we to argue?

    We know the government doesn’t give a shit about any of it, and is purely focused on keeping the bankers’ Ponzi scheme going as long as possible via ostentatious consumption.

  3. Spot on. Notwithstanding the environment in this case teleporting teenagers to salt of the earth farmers in order to give the impression of being able to trace their product to ‘local’ food sources is nothing but green washing and ignores the fact that a good many ingredients of this shitty no nutrition food comes from distant places. Let McDonalds put source of origin labels on their burgers and chips!

    But all this kind of advertising is deceptive and borders on criminality. Drink this type of booze and have more fun. Guzzle this sugary drink and the sun always shines. Eat this chocolate, its better than multiple organisms. And in past times, possibly the most deceptive and criminal of all, smoke this cigarette and your chances of getting laid increase 10 fold (not to mention the chances of serious respiratory or heart disease).

    Deception is a science. But most humans don’t really see it. Or sadly don’t care.

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