Tau Henare is 100% right – Tony Gibson should ‘Bugger off’


Tau Henare is 100% right – Tony Gibson should ‘Bugger off’…

‘Just bugger off’, Tau Henare tells Ports of Auckland boss Tony Gibson

After a report revealing systemic failings in safety practices at Ports of Auckland, Independent Māori Statutory Board deputy chair Tau Henare says port chief executive Tony Gibson should “just bugger off”.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff commissioned the report, which found suspected under-reporting of accidents, with workers fearing retaliation if they raise concerns.

It called for Ports of Auckland (POAL) to put safety ahead of profit.

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…the Maritime Union have reached the exact same conclusion

The Maritime Union has welcomed the release of the Auckland Council commissioned report into health and safety failings at the Ports of Auckland – and says its findings mean the current CEO must be removed.

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says the report confirms everything the Union has said about the failure of POAL management to keep its employees safe over many years.

He says many of the proposals in the independent report were sensible but the major problem was fixing management culture at POAL first.

Mr Harrison says the first step would be the replacement of the Ports of Auckland CEO.

“There is no confidence in the CEO, and the Board has not done its job in our view.”

…the report is scathing and shows a publicly owned company sacrificing safety for monopoly profit. There is no way anyone can condone Ports of Auckland behaviour and the rot starts at the glassy eyed top.

The next Mayor of Auckland must state they have no confidence in Tony Gibson and will seek his immediate sacking.

The type of intimidation culture highlighted in the report has no place in todays culture.

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  1. Back in 2018 Australia had to double the fines for unsecured loads and made everyone along the chain of responsibility equally liable to an individual fine for each in the chain of responsibility and double the fines for businesses when road fatalities spiked. Labour should probably slip that in.

  2. And he is not the only one that should bugger off there are many more where he comes from that have top jobs and have put profit over peoples safety. People have a right to feel and be safe at their workplace and that that they will return home at the end of the day, not in a coffin.

  3. ah finally the calling out of the lazy and feckless chief exec, remember water care CEO Javid something gone burger once it got out that he’d done NOTHING and been on a big fat huge salary. Don’t feel sorry for these people one has to wonder how the af they got the job ….bye bye, ka kite, adios, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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