Four Online Casino Trends to Follow in 2021


The online casino market is constantly changing. New technological advancements, combined with adjustments to gambling regulations, make for a digital landscape where trends come and go quickly. However, some trends build over time and establish themselves for the long haul. In this article, we will take a look at four ongoing trends with the potential to be an integral part of the online casino market in the near future. 

Smartphone Casinos the New Standard

It is not revolutionary to visit an online casino on your smartphone. Most gambling sites have been well-suited for phone use for a long time. However, in the last couple of years, gambling on our phones have become more of an industry standard. 


Lately, several new casinos have appeared on the online market (this website provides you with all you need to know about different online casinos) that are primarily developed for smartphone users. 

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Cryptocurrencies Are Becoming More Acceptable

Another trend that has been slowly building within the industry of online gambling is the usage of cryptocurrencies. Online casinos are usually at the forefront of embracing technological advancements, such as new forms of payment methods, so it is no surprise that the gambling market is more open to using cryptocurrencies than many other business areas. 

Increasingly Popular to Gamble With Friends

Live casinos have long been popular among certain groups of gamblers, but during the last year, gambling together with others have seen a bit of a boom. With quarantines and social distancing, the world’s current state has fueled the need to interact with others online, an effect that has also been noticeable on the online gambling market. 


Poker has been popular online for several years, but dice games, roulette, and other card games have all become more popular to play with others on the internet lately. Even bingo has become increasingly popular among younger crowds in the last couple of years.

Virtual Reality – The Future of Online Gambling?

Virtual Reality (VR) has been mentioned as the future of online gambling for years, and in 2021 it is not unreasonable to believe the technology will gain further ground on the market. 


We mentioned quarantines and social distancing as a reason for the increased interest in live casinos, but they have also made more people curious about VR. In a time when people have longed for any form of normalcy, VR has been deemed the closest thing possible for many.


There is still a scarce selection of VR games available on the market, but we are constantly seeing new ones being released, and those who believed in the technology before have likely been even more convinced about its potential. 


If the last year has taught us anything about the online gambling market, it is that there is a demand for playing together with others and an increased curiosity about VR. Combining the two of them could indeed be the future of online gambling. 


The online gambling market is, as mentioned, ever-changing, and all the trends listed above seem to have a specific place within the industry sooner rather than later.