China withheld Covid information from WHO report 


Th WHO report into how the Covid virus jumped to humans raises more questions than it answers…

Coronavirus: More work needed to rule out China lab leak theory says WHO

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said further investigation is needed to conclusively rule out that Covid-19 emerged from a laboratory in China.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that although a lab leak was the least likely cause, more research was needed.

The US and other countries have criticised China for failing to provide the WHO with sufficient data.

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Beijing has always dismissed the allegations of a virus leak.

A report by WHO and Chinese experts released on Tuesday, said the lab leak explanation was highly unlikely and the virus had probably jumped from bats to humans via another intermediary animal.

…the reason why the ‘accidental leak from a lab’ theory has so much interest is because US experts had warned Trump midway in his Presidency about these labs…

In 2018, Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in a Wuhan Lab. No One Listened.

The original Chinese government story, that the pandemic spread from a seafood market in Wuhan, was the first and therefore most widely accepted theory. But cracks in that theory slowly emerged throughout the late winter and spring of 2020. The first known case of Covid-19 in Wuhan, it was revealed in February, had no connection to the market. The Chinese government closed the market in January and sanitized it before proper samples could be taken. It wouldn’t be until May that the Chinese Centers for Disease Control disavowed the market theory, admitting it had no idea how the outbreak began, but by then it had become the story of record, in China and internationally.

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  1. The origins and early spread of Covid, should all be properly investigated but who knows what cover up and what money buys these days.

    China seems to be profiting from Covid, that is for sure while the West is in chaos. So if it was a ‘lab’ weapon, it did its job.

    China stockpiled more than 2 billion surgical masks and essential medical supplies, many of them from Australia, in a global panic buy.

    Second company sent ‘90 tonnes’ of Australian medical supplies to China
    Exclusive video shows surgical masks at Perth airport being airfreighted to China last month during the peak of the country’s outbreak.

    WHO, China leaders discuss next steps in battle against coronavirus outbreak

    Hospital leaders hit out at government as PPE shortage row escalates

    ‘Beggars belief’ that PPE would fail – Waitemata DHB nurse

    China enjoys creating its own version of events – let’s not give it material

  2. ‘China withheld Covid information from WHO report’

    Of course. That’s what government do. Attempt to protect themselves from criticism. And in doing so trigger more criticism.

    I see France is a total shambles, and most of Europe is doing rather badly.

    Who knows what’s going on in Brazil? WHO doesn’t.

    It’s far from over.

    We might yet have to ask Cuba for help.

  3. And how much are other Govts holding back about their involvement in Covid research and leak?. e.g a US research facility has allegedly been closed down because of a leak (in mid/late 2019), no one allowed in because of ‘National security’ issues. Etc etc. France and Italy had Covid cases before China allegedly had.
    I’ve no doubt many Govts are withholding info about their involvement in Covid. Western full spectrum control and thus propaganda in the media means we’re presenting just concentrated on pressuring China and trying to create a ‘mob attitude’ that’s it’s all Chinas fault by ONLY looking at Chinas involvements and culpability.

  4. Woke from your slumber to blame the orange man bad. Oh yeah, those kids in cages, large percentage with COVID… back to sleep.

    • Apparently non US citizens have the same humam rights afforded to U.S citizens once on U.S. soil unless Washington is operating under an alternate definition of human rights or an alternate diffinition of what constitutes a human being, again. Not sure giving gun rights to Latin American aliens or what not was quite what the founding fathers had in mind but good bloody job for being stuck, awkward, fidgety, psychotic and pure evil for the last 2 or 3 hundred years, unable to adapt the system to make it fit properly. 80 year olds can’t even legally drive vehicles without high levels of supervisions and America regularly elects old white guys. Let’s not be fooled by what they say about themselves or anything else for that matter. We got our own skilled people. Imperialist wealth and power isn’t superior to us New Zealanders. Wealth and power is just comfort. It’s the meaning of the words we agree on that I believe makes other nations jealous of our progress.

  5. Who cares, when the developing world is being denied an effective and cheap vaccines. Cheating the reality where our vaccines will be all but useless in the face of continued mutations.

  6. ‘because the global demand for compensation would be overwhelming.’
    Oh I bet the PRC is terrified of being sued for compensation!
    I advise you talk to the authors of ‘The Learning Revolution’ who took a Chinese publisher to court for defrauding them.
    About ten years ago a Chinese court agreed the authors had been defauded and that the authors were owed damages.
    They are still waiting for any money. The Chinese legal system has done nothing to force the defendant to pay.
    I have not even got started on copyright violations.
    A judgement against China would be a moral victory but nothing else.

  7. Due to the WHO being a subservient dog to the Chinese Criminal Party, it has has destroyed it’s credibility for ever as far as I am concerned.

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