Don’t throw us renters into the briar patch Brer Judith 


“Whatever you do,” cried Brer Rabbit, “Don’t throw me into the briar patch”, or how to get recalcitrant idiots to do what you want.

I love this all so much.

When the criticism over the lack of any progress on housing burnt  Jacinda over the holidays and the argument was sold to her that we can’t trust the bullshit statements from the neoliberal bureaucracy, the lowest hanging fruit that could be dealt to quickest was property speculators.

The problem with targeting property speculators of course was that those pricks would punish renters for it so any targeting of them required protection for renters.

The more cautious voices put to Jacinda that protecting renters could be a step too far so no specific protections were built into it.

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Until now.

Housing crisis: Government must rule out rent caps – National

The Opposition is calling on the Finance Minister to specifically rule out any move to cap rent rises.

Property investors – who say they feel attacked as a result of the housing reforms unveiled last week – are predicting rent hikes could soon follow.

The scumlord property speculators have gloated so ominously on social media that they intend to punish renters, that Labour has been forced to offer renters protections, especially because National are fucking up their response to this so badly.

Most home owners are owner-occupiers so Labour’s sharpest cuts aimed at the speculators bypass them altogether meaning there’s no where for National to win votes here.

National have come out too pro Landlord and renters hate them for it while turning off owner-occupiers who think the scumlord property speculators are being malicious.

Judith screaming Labour have to tell us all whether or not they intend to bring in rent controls is music to our collective ears because it’s immensely popular with renters who had lost hope Labour would do anything for them.

Th only winner on the right is ACT, who just gained a vast new flood of angry rich Landlord Speculator members who are wild eyed at their property rights being molested.

National have been cleverly amputated here without appreciating the dynamics of the electorate while Labour has been forced to protect renters.

Please don’t throw us renters into the briar patch Brer Judith. Keep demanding Grant tell us if we will be protected or not.

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  1. The real winners will only be known when the effects of this intervention are known in at a minimum 6 months time. To speculate on winners and losers now is the equivalent of picking a marathon winner after the first km.

    The fascinating thing will be the effect on the wider economy – if this starts to shit itself coinciding with the world be vaccinated and being opened up then the shit will well and truly start to hit the fan.

  2. What about doing something about those 40,000 ghost homes investors are sitting on but not renting?
    If stories of chinese investors coming over and buying up houses while National was in charge, surely its time to try get that sorted too, they’re just in it for the capital gains so how about a tax on ghost houses!

    • Exactly, this Govt and seemingly National (from their record whilst in power) have NO intention of fixing the problem, they just want to be seen TRYING to fix it, for propaganda purposes.
      There are SO MANY simple things to solve the problem, that ‘Ocrams razor’ comes to mind. i.e. they do not want to fix the problem, is the simplest thus most reasonable conclusion to come to.
      …..’It’s hard to make a man understand your argument when his job relies on him not’. Upton Sinclair

  3. I have already had one middle age lady on facebook say her landlord has blamed the lost interest claim as an excuse to raise her rent $87 a week.|
    Scum landlord No 1.

  4. Have an apartment in Ponsonby and were between tenancies. Tried to raise rent another $20 but took a long time to get a tenant. Have had good tenants so happy to keep rents the same for last 18 months. The lies about Garner’s mate having to raise the rents on their 40 houses $135 each to make up for tax on interest is un-educated loser talk – the market dictates rents. Ak CBD has empty apartments because Asian students have not returned. Heard Luxon talk about poor mum and dad landlords/investors being disadvantaged – like all tories and right-wingers, he never mentioned their multi home owning, taxpayer subsidised speculator mates.
    Unfortunately houses (and farms) will never be affordable as long as the land values remain high. Land values increased under National between 2010 and 2016. Need to build on golf courses, Maori land, Crown land with rent to buys.

    • “The lies about Garner’s mate having to raise the rents on their 40 houses $135 each to make up for tax on interest is un-educated loser talk – the market dictates rents.”

      The rentier is also part of the market, and operates on the supply side. Since removal of interest will increase the rentier’s tax liability it only to be expected that he will try to recover this increase by increasing the rent that he charges his tenant(s). What this teaches us is that any tax paid by the landlord is potentially an additional tax on the tenant; which puts us in mind of the “double taxation” problem which affected dividends prior to the introduction of the imputation credit arrangements.

      Perhaps the way to solve the problems that exist within the residential rental market would be to make rental income tax free.


      • PS: Why should the landlord have to pay tax on his rental income when the owner-occupier is not having to pay tax on his imputed rental income (ie the savings he makes from not having to pay rent)?

  5. Its time to bring the town stocks back in for these parasitic scumlords. They have had it all their own way for far too long. I would happily pick fruit and veg if it was to be used to humiliate these traitors. Lets set up stocks in each small town and village starting next week. Lets identify and reclaim ghost homes. Lets bring back fairness to this land. For too long these greedy elites have taken advantage of the underdogs and looked smug doing it because they knew the government had their backs. End it NOW!

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