GUEST BLOG: Grant Brookes – A year ago next month

A year ago next month, I reluctantly stepped away from the role of NZNO president. After persevering for years, I could no longer work with a Board dominated by individuals who were taking the organisation down the wrong path.
Nothing can change the fact that from 2015-2020, I held office for the longest continuous term in NZNO history. The hours I spent picketing and marching with my fellow DHB members in 2018 remains the high point of my nursing career to this day.
But the year since my resignation has only confirmed my decision. The Board is deeply resistant to the changes that are needed. And for me, the realisation has grown that the world of nursing and trade unionism (and trade unionism for nurses) is so much bigger.
I continue to push for change within NZNO. But it’s time to move on, and no longer be defined by the past. From today, this page of mine has a new name that looks forward and outwards:
“Grant Brookes – Nurse & Trade Unionist”.


  1. In an ocean of opportunism, class collaboration, and petty vendettas, Trade unionists with class understanding are precious indeed! Well done Grant.

    There are three main political tasks in the next 5–10 years in AotearoaNZ imo.
    • Restore a fighting class left central labour organisation that openly represents the working class every day. The more time passes, the bigger the error of dissolving the Federation of Labour in 1987 looks.
    • Reduce the power of neo liberal hegemony in local BOTs, DHBs, Councils, power companies, and mostly, Parliament.
    • Rebuild a (ie one) marxist organisation–NZs marxist movement has been deteriorating since the NZCP split in 1966. By the end of the 90s I needed an academic paper to try and keep track of all the disparate sects, who are now scattered to the wind, online entities if they are anything, or maybe a banner here and there.

    Community organising, unity with Māori initiatives, and direct action is needed to deliver for the NZ working class.

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