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  1. Eating up the rainforest: China’s taste for beef drives exports from Brazil
    Sales rose 76% last year and show no signs of slowing, fuelling environmental crisis in Amazon and Cerrado regions

    Almost 70% of China’s Brazilian meat imports came from the Cerrado, the vast tropical savanna region, and the Amazon in 2017, according to Trase (Transparency for Sustainable Economies), a European network that monitors supply chains. About half of the Cerrado and about 20% of the Brazilian Amazon have been cleared – with a devastating impact on global heating as both are important carbon sinks.

    “The Amazon provided about a fifth of China’s imports but is actually half of the deforestation risk,” says Erasmus zu Ermgassen, a researcher at Louvain Catholic University in Belgium and one of the authors of a study on the impact of beef exports.

    Eating up the rainforest: China’s taste for beef drives exports from Brazil
    Sales rose 76% last year and show no signs of slowing, fuelling environmental crisis in Amazon and Cerrado regions

    “Exports are expanding into the Amazon,” says Zu Ermgassen. “When you increase demand on the Brazilian agriculture system you are pushing agriculture farther into the forest.”

    Today there is no need to deforest any more
    Maurício Fraga Filho, rancher
    Since 2019, China has reportedly licensed 22 Brazilian slaughterhouses for exports – 14 of them in the Amazon, while four are in the sprawling Amazon state of Pará, which has Brazil’s fifth-largest cattle herd.”

    WORLD SOLUTIONS are needed to stop countries destroying their natural environments. AKA all countries contribute a yearly donation to a body that dispenses out income for governments keeping natural and high worth ecological areas free of development around the world, both land and sea as world natural heritage sites. If they develop then they lose the money.

  2. Whine, whine, everything should be free apparently for global travellers during Covid! Travellers pay for their flights so not sure why travellers expect NZ taxpayers to pay their hotel stays at MIQ as well and actually they don’t have to, because the taxpayers pay – they just want to be able to get free accomodation and then jet off again in 3 months. No wonder real people in need can’t get the MIQ places!

    ‘Unless you’re wealthy, don’t come back’: dismay over new rules for returning to NZ
    Charge of $3,100 will have to be paid if a returnee leaves again within six months, instead of the previous three months

  3. The unbearable lightness of Labour housing policy (or how I learned to love ‘break out the champagne!’)

    This morning on Newshub Nation Grant Robertson mentioned Iwi and Local Council as mechanisms to build more houses and solve the housing crisis. After doling out ten times more in Covid relief in six months than treaty settlements in 200 years, Maori are the last people to look to for assistance. As for Council, where I live in Taranaki, they can’t even maintain and pay for basic services (water, waste, stormwater. At present these leeches want to privatise the essential human right of water in the region, turn it into a commodity to be traded and place it in the hands of anonymous shareholders and the highest bid management company, who will turn off your supply if you can’t pay), let alone think about housing projects. Nor do they probably care, this is a group who wanted to sell off council flats, who viciously campaigned against Maori wards and whose counterparts in the south ran a blackface float in a council parade. My local council wants to spend 30 million installing water meters (probably twice that) instead of spending that money on upgrading infrastructure commons and doing public good, just because they are lazy, incompetent, lack the foresight and planning, or perhaps they have a stake in privatisation. The only reason these right wing councils, hijacked by career capitalists and their thick, compliant footsoldiers, would want to build more houses is if it were in their best interests. Building more houses and infrastructure would actually add more fuel to the fire anyway: investors and the safe middle would snap them up because they can, first home buyers would spend the equivalent of a lotto win on a sardine can, renters would get abused by their landlords upset that they can’t get in on the new houses being built, Maori and lower socio-economic groups will continue sleeping in tents, cars, and lean tos, and the government would stand on the perimeter of this giantic acrid bonfire and insist that we must let it burn out, and just claim insurance from our new middle class clique at voting time.

  4. How did we get into this housing mess?

    This is a case study of sorts. Advice to couples separating to rent and use their share of the equity in their property to buy up multiple rental units with 20% deposits for the CG of the 80% borrowed.

    It’s all very historic given loss of interest deductability it should be off the table of options financial advisers give.

  5. Visitors to NZ seem to think nothing of calling Maori racists – the numbers of entitled migrants seem to be huge and all pulling the Racist card if they don’t get their NZ visa’s fast enough and jumping on social media at any opportunity to call others racists that don’t agree with them. Must be the ‘tolerant’ NZ that Neokindness is striving towards.

    Comments relating to the daily pro lazy immigration MSM agenda – today is the two sisters who want to get visas on the back of their parents visas.

    Vici Vici
    Just because these immigrants have been blessed with the manaakitanga of our whenua they are not tangata whenua they are not entitled to that of tangata whenua it would be the same if I as NZer born and breed migrated to China Australia USA etc etc I would not be entitled to what born breed of these country are just because I lived in the country for years how dare these immigrants still believe they have these rights if you are been mistreated go home to where you originate easy!!!
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    Stella Martin
    Vici Vici i cannot believe i just read this. I have always thought of maori as inclusiveness. This sentiment screams of someone being excluded based on race. This is sad.
    · Reply · 1 h
    Scott Hermond
    Vici Vici wow what a racist thing to say….
    · Reply · 1 h
    Stella Martin
    Scott Hermond shush you. Only white folk can be racist apparently.
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    Mark Taylor
    Vici Vici You miss the point. It is not about entitlement. It is about the unreasonable length of time taken to process an application. It is an embarrassment to us all and totally unfair to the applicant.
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    Rick James
    Mark Taylor still working through immigration processing delays with my partner 5 years on. Racists like vici can’t see past ethnicity and their own bigoted views
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    Karen Duncan
    I thought this item was about the process for a visa but instead its an attack.
    This is why we are in trouble with opinions like this
    We used to be a friendly country its sad to see that we are following other countries standards and behaviours.
    I chose to make nz my home 35 years ago because it was friendly it was such a beautiful country and a very good environment to be in.
    I have friends from all over the world .
    We are equal..
    dont let the government separate us.
    Theres no room for racism.
    · Reply · 32 m
    Nadine Willoughby
    Karen Duncan the government and media have fanned that flame. It used to be amazingly friendly and everyone looked out for eachother. Parts are still like that. I think the mass immigration has impacted when kiwis are nolonger first and are being dislodged.
    The visa system here from what I’ve heard take forever and sadly we end up with situations like this.
    Red tape and more red tape
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    Dennis Ryan
    I hope you or parents didn’t vote for this government, because that would be the start of your problems right there…
    · Reply · 18 m
    Natatia Boyle
    So many people I know are in the same boat, this is not acceptable, this government is all about mental health, how is this affecting the mental health of these children and families? These kids wants to work, contribute to society but are in limbo!
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    Diablo James
    How about looking after our homeless first instead of grandstanding and being kind to non-NZ’ers
    · Reply · 50 m
    John Heslin
    simply put
    This govt have delusional dreams of kiwi unemployed filling all jobs before anyone else
    Look it’s worked perfectly for the horticulture sector
    · Reply · 1 h
    Rebecca Burrowes
    If you look around alot of families are in the same situation, i know familes who have been here alot longer. they won’t be made to leave. Borders are closed. Government will just keep extending there visitor visa’s
    · Reply · 46 m
    Adrian Godfrey
    So they came here to study, and now wont leave, is the guts of the situation?
    · Reply · 1 h
    Mary Hobbs
    This is ridiculous. What businesses in hospitality, as an eg, are still operating are unable to get staff. Kiwis don’t apply for the jobs and people willing to work from overseas cannot get here or cannot work until visas are renewed and they enter the… See more
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    Prem Burton
    Be kind Jacinda
    · Reply · 1 h
    Richard Hayes
    Too bad no UN treaty for Cindy to point to – how kind is this?
    · Reply · 22 m
    Yeah Kev
    Talk to that Chris faafoi – he will sort it
    · Reply · 25 m
    Colleen Synott
    Wrong colour I’m afraid

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