Her House (With apologies to Crosby, Stills and Nash.)


I’ll see to Neve

While you cook the Snapper

That you caught today


Staring at the screen

For hours and hours, I wish that people

understood the problems

… difficulties

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If only they could wear my shoes

for just five minutes, then they’d know how hard it is to

please everyone


I know they all need homes, and if there was

A silver bullet don’t you think I would have fired it?

So they could avoid the hardships

… difficulties


Our house really is a bloody nice house

We bought it just in time

You’d think that was a crime

But given my job, what was I to do?

What’s more …


Blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah

Blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah



Blah-blah …



  1. The house is on fire but the owner is too busy cooking dinner to notice.

    Probably half-pissed anyway.

  2. Jacinda said in an early puff piece interview when first PM, that a book on her shelf by French academic Thomas Pikkety–a mild enough critic of capitalism–was unread, she had not quite got around to it. But there were many other things of course in life that had engaged her, fair enough too. Ex Mormon woman into the Auckland night life and so on. But there was another past in her study and OE…

    You can of course be an ideologue of sorts by not openly being one! She allows the neo liberal consensus/hegemony to roll on unmolested across New Zealand. And so does the NZ Labour Party, which essentially purged classic left social democrats–“purged” is not too strong a word if you were around in the 80s–during peak Rogernomics. I stood on a few rainy weekends outside Labour’s Grey Lynn LEC meetings with friends trying to get Richard Prebble to behave, but hey, at least Sandra Lee had her brief Parliamentary career.

    Social media is over subscribed with descriptions like mine of the problems, so how about some more action!
    –restore the NZCTU to a class left fighting organisation that demands attention, build union density
    –unite all community organisations and NGOs that can be united to organise and take appropriate direct action, including occupying appropriate empty properties
    –restart regular Climate Strikes, support Māori initiatives, stand ‘freak power’ candidates in all local elections from School BOTs, DHBs, power co.s, to Local Govt.

  3. Cheap dig Chris. Rather than apologies to C,S,N I think you owe an apology to Jacinda. Especially in light of your recent article about the battle between her, Grant and the bureaucracy.

  4. Chris Trotter, trotting out more verbal diarrhoea, whinging & whining from his White privilege pulpit, rubbishing Ardern, without offering any real solutions himself? There’s a Rugby saying, play the Ball, not the Player & if you & others want to bully & eviscerate the PM, why don’t you run for Public Office yourself if you believe you can do a better job? If not, just shut the hell up!

    • Lol. You really don’t get it do you. Chris is part of YOUR team. A founding member of team socialist NZ. He sees what we with a critical, non tribal mind sees the Blairite steering a ship blindly into the wharf

      • Frank, if the “Blairite” shouldn’t be captain of the ship, who in parliament should be her replacement? You can pick from any side.

        • Unfortunately a career in politics does not appeal much to most people. So those that finish up in the job are by natural self selection not representative of the majority ordinary folks, left or right or centre. They are often social misfits, often a bit “Aspergers” as it is an advantage to be insensitive to what your audience is feeling when you need to blather on and fill the space to aviod answering questions.
          Actually I would call Jacinda an exception in this regard, as she does seem genuinely empathetic. But she sure can fill the unforgiving minute of air time.
          D J S

          • Pretty sure that a female ex-mayor of Wellington – not Fran Wilde – commented that all politicians come from dysfunctional families. This was possibly a bit sweeping; I often regret living overseas when Norman Kirk was Prime Minister, and having missed experiencing the last Prime Minister of the people.

            (Built his own house. Made his own bricks. After biking home from work at night.)

            • Nicky Hager built his own home in Wellington too. I am surprised that governments have not sought his advice in this area as he is clearly a man of great personal integrity, as well as being practically skilled.

      • Chris Trotter has never been part of the team. Chris Trotter has been complaining about the government from day one I am not sure what he wants , to be honest his recent writings suggest he doesn’t know either. Chris Trotter has joined the wining negative nellies who laughingly call themselves journalists and unfortunately its very difficult to escape their negative pronouncements on a daily basis. I suggest you have a look around the world at other countries leaders and stop the complaining and in comparison just be thankful that we live here with this leader and government

  5. Jacinda doesn’t have rental properties. So whatever her house is worth she will buy and sell on the same market. I don’t think her house is anything too special.

    Why not critique yesterday’s package which the property investors have. Suggest a better alternative or something constructive.

  6. We live in a country that is the envy of the world – For its LEADERSHIP!!!

    We live in a country where we can move around freely in ways that few are able to do.

    We have a leader who achieved what was for many other world leaders, impossible.

    And this is Mr Trotter’s summation.

    For Shame.

    • Leadership??? She’s too scared to fire Mallard. Or call a CGT by it’s name…CGT. Or kick butt over the port unloading debacle. Or override councils to appropriate land for housing. Or preserving property rights…how many houses was Fletcher going build at Ihumatao?…a shitload!
      Reading the script, pulling sad faces and doing Facebook sessions with fans is not leadership. Doing unpopular and tough stuff that is useful, that is leadership.

    • Yup – not the Olympian perspective Trotter used to be able to trot out.

      She’s welcome to her house – and she doesn’t have a truckload of them to be ashamed of.

  7. Methinks Mr Trotter is losing his edge…from the guy who wrote No Left Turn, this is a cheap shot indeed.

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