Listening to National complain about the lack of housing is like listening to Trump lecture on feminism.

Renting under National

National would roll back bright-line test extension, reverse interest deductibility changes

National would reverse at least two of the Government’s proposed housing measures if elected to power, Judith Collins says.

For an entire decade National privatised state housing, kicked state tenants out onto the street over false meth testing standards and then couldn’t work out why thy had a homelessness problem so anything they have to say on housing is fucking garbage.

What’s extraordinary is Judith Collins position that if National win the 2023 election, the second thing National will do after strangling off Māori political representation at local councils is to help property speculators price ordinary kiwis out of the market?

So National would officially be the political party for racists and property speculators n 2023?

“We are for suffocating the political voice of Māori while empowering property speculators.”

Good luck getting to 30% with that as your policy platform.

Property speculators are just like Casinos, booze barons and tobacco pimps – they are all necessary evils who require the jackboot of State regulation constantly applied to their throats to keep them in line.

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Just like Drug Cartels.

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  1. Judeath can’t help herself she is do full of kaka and she has her two attack dogs, Bishop and Willis throw them a bone please someone.

  2. To be fair we also had to listen to 9 years of the opposition, Labour, continually harping on ‘we know how to fix housing’.
    But when given the chance ……………………

  3. I see Keys getting in on the bandwagon today and suggesting a ‘package’

    L0L0L0L0L !- the only package he can contribute is the one that fell out between his legs. The cheek of that mutt. Coming back here after nearly a decade actively contributing to the housing crisis and homelessness for the gain of his buddy’s and to grease up the vote…

  4. Jacinda or Judith….. same beliefs…. just different strategies. They both want the years 30% increase to be locked in. The poor are locked out of any hope of enjoyment in New Zealand. Its time to pack our bags.

  5. This country only operates for the elitists , politicians , wealthy and professional middle class.
    It does not contribute in any way to everyone else who are essentially expendable consumers and wage slaves.
    The people most affected by the market economics of the majority of political parties and the civil service are never going to have the power to change anything and that is the reality of the neo liberal revolution and all of the changes made in the last three decades when the power was removed from ordinary people and given to powerful corporates and vested interests by the very people who say they represent and care about the struggles of regular kiwis.
    Its all bullshit and there will no help for the many just slogans , vague far off promises and the illusion that they are doing a lot while doing anything meaningful at all.

  6. Many articles and opinions on the subjects, bright line being a CGT, but here is the best bit…just read it online:
    ‘How much tax has come from the bright-line test? Inland Revenue doesn’t know.’
    Hahahahaha fucking priceless.

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