TWITTER WATCH: National Party want to talk track records?



National want to talk track records do they?

Just put aside that their list above of Labour’s achievements should probably also include:

Globally recognised Covid response

Globally recognised Terror attack response 

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Low unemployment 

More spending on public services 

and let’s remind ourselves of National’s track record…

  • Dirty Politics
  • Mass surveillance lies
  • Homelessness
  • Child Poverty
  • Expansion of Police Powers
  • Public Service Underfunding
  • Dirty Politics
  • Dirty Politics
  • Dirty Politics
  • More Dirty Politics.

…yeah, I think National’s social media team still needs work.


  1. ” Child Poverty ”
    Did zero for nine long years and are responsible for the utter contempt and narcissistic approach to the vulnerable who deserve so much more from our elected representatives ,donors and the neo liberal civil service and corporate thieves.

  2. National’s other stuff

    Sold off thousands of State Houses
    Fake Meth Panic, throwing state housing tenants into the street
    Doubled house prices, claimed its a Rock Star Economy
    Jammed 500,000 more migrants into Auckland in 10 years, with no plan or infrastructure
    Spent billions on roads, nothing on housing
    Crusher’s dirty backroom deals with Oravida, and lying about it
    Regressive tax switch, punishing workers, rewarding the wealthy
    Bulldozed Christchurch with indecent haste, then artificially propped up land values, and forced the CCC to pay for expensive white elephant projects
    Cancelled democracy in Canterbury, when ECAN tried to make dairy farmers stop turning rivers to shit
    Sold billions of litres of bottled water to China for next to nothing
    Tried to turn NZ into a tax haven
    Persecuted Kim Dotcom on behalf of a foreign govt, with no due process
    etc etc.

    But hey, John Key made $10 million when he sold his Remuera mansion, so all good right?

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