LGBT People in New Zealand: Everything a Traveller Needs to Know


New Zealand is one of the go-to destinations for any traveler. With its beautiful countryside and captivating culture, it is easy to see why it is prevalent on so many bucket lists. Let’s face it – there are many countries in the world that are not accepting of the LBGT lifestyle, whether that’s morally or lawfully. So, where does New Zealand stand on this?

Overall, New Zealand is welcoming to the LGBT traveler and home to an ever-growing LGBT community. For example, gay dating sites are becoming extremely popular in New Zealand. The country is host to a variety of well-received gay pride festivals, and many members of parliament openly fall into the LGBT category.

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The Social Situation and LGBT Rights in New Zealand

Before New Zealand was colonized, the natives cultivated a society which was completely inclusive of gay relationships and those who were transgender. Takatāpui is an old Maori word that denotes a devoted partner of the same sex. Even when Christianity brought a new set of rules and regulations, including that being gay was a sin, most Moari seemed to maintain their open-mindedness. New Zealand prides itself on being a progressive country and was one of the first nations to legalize same-sex marriage. With a prime minister who is the envy of the world, which champions progressive socialist values, is it any surprise that New Zealanders are so inclusive?

LGBT Dating in New Zealand

New Zealand has quite a small population in relation to its size, which is great if you are not a fan of the hustle and bustle of many other countries. However, this does mean that cities such as Wellington and Auckland only have a moderate amount of gay bars. 

A simple search on Google will show you well-frequented saunas and restaurants. These establishments were not intended to be gay hubs but have since been adopted by the LGBT community. Many proprietors have embraced their popularity with gay and lesbian locals (and travelers) and are happy to welcome any custom. New Zealand also has a strong presence on many gay dating sites.

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Outdoor activities are at the epicenter of modern New Zealand culture.  You won’t meet a New Zealander who doesn’t do some sort of outdoor pursuit. Getting involved in these group activities is another great way to find a date and experience the incredible scenery first-hand. 

What You Need to Know as a Gay Traveller in New Zealand

A gay traveller in New Zealand will receive the same treatment as a straight traveller. There may be some people who personally hold biased views here, but it is not the norm. Most hate crimes reported have been due to race, ethnicity, or religion. Gay pride marches are held in Auckland in February, where there are rarely any issues involving police. No one cares about your sexuality here. Take it from us – the attitude towards same-sex is as refreshing as that famous New Zealand air.

If you are lucky enough to have the time and the means to go to New Zealand, we recommend planning ahead. There is so much natural beauty you do not want to miss – booking a tour guide is essential. Get involved in outdoor activities, perhaps rent a motorhome and be with nature for a few days. Experience Maori culture and hospitality. They are proud people who are happy to share their traditions and folklore with outsiders. The national dish of New Zealand is a savory pie but be sure to try the potato bread and Manuka honey. 

We hope you find your Maori prince or princess on your travels, but we know you will fall in love with beautiful New Zealand. Whether you are looking to date or just enjoy the trip of your lifetime, you could not choose a better country to visit.