How to Organize a Stress-free Home Move


Moving to a new home can be very exciting, but we can all agree that aside from the excitement, there are a whole lot of emotions involved in this big transition one has to make. There’s this fear of the unknown and the sadness of leaving home and people you became attached to for a period of time. And while going through these emotions, you have the actual home moving process you have to worry about. You need to think of how to start packing your things, when is the best time to move, and where to look for trusted moving companies in NZ. All of this can be overwhelming, which can lead to you having a stressful moving experience.

While all this is true, there are certain things you can do to ease the transition and make your home moving as stress-free as possible, no matter what size your home move is. Here’s how:


Create a moving checklist

To make your move as organised as possible, create a moving checklist. Write down the things that you need to do and divide them into weeks. It is recommended that you start preparing at least 8 weeks in advance.


Declutter your home

Before looking for moving companies in NZ (if you are hiring one), it’s best you tackle decluttering first. This way, you will get to see what are items you will need to bring and what are those you wanted to get rid of. You can create a better plan for your move because you know how much items you are moving. 

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Secure essential information in one place

In the midst of all the chaos when preparing for a move, you need to make sure all your essential information is in one place so you don’t lose it. Create a moving file where you can put your documents such as your moving contract, insurance information, phone numbers of home services you need to call, etc. 


Allocate time to say goodbye

Give yourself some time today goodbye to people who became a part of your life in your old place. Throw a party and invite family, friends and neighbours. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and visit your favourite spots. Allow yourself to enjoy your old place and relive the great memories you have living there. 


Ask for help

If you feel overwhelmed with stress from all the preparations you need to do, it is okay to ask for help. You can ask friends and family to spare some time to help you with tasks like decluttering, cleaning, packing, etc. Having someone to help you will easily decrease the stress you are going through. It is a way for you to spend more time with friends and family too.


Eat well and get enough sleep

When you are busy with your moving preparations, you can easily neglect these two things. But you need to remember that eating well and getting enough sleep will keep you healthy and happy. Moving is physically and mentally demanding, so you need to have enough energy to keep up with all the tasks you need to accomplish. Make sure to recharge every night and refuel energy by eating well to be efficient and less stressed during the whole process. These office movers, for instance, acknowledge how time and energy-consuming a removal can be. That said, you will need all five senses on the task to accomplish. It doesn’t mean that anything can go wrong. If you’re accompanied by your loved ones and a professional removalist company, there’s too little to worry about.


Hire trusted NZ movers

Loading and unloading items is a difficult task. Without enough knowledge and experience on how to do this, it may cause damage to your items and properties, or worst, cause an injury to you or the people helping you – this is kind of the stress you’re trying to avoid. By hiring trusted movers – will significantly reduce those worries.

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