If National Party Caucus didn’t read damning election report, how will they learn?




Judith Collins reveals ‘confronting’ election review wasn’t compulsory reading for caucus

National Party leader Judith Collins has revealed not everyone in her caucus has read the review into its disastrous election campaign – and she won’t make them.

Speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, Collins revealed the “confronting” review was not made compulsory reading.

“The board has gone out of its way to make sure those who needed to see it do,” she told host Simon Shepherd.

“I’m not going to take people, chain them to a table and make them read it – I treat people like adults.”

If it isn’t compulsory reading for the Caucus, then how the hell do they learn from it?

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The National Party campaign was a train-wreck dumpster fire that collided with a school bus that exploded next to a pet store.

Pre Covid, Simon Bridges had built National a chance, but then a low poll spooked backbencher MPs into carrying out a coup with an MP who had all the false confidence of a tall man.

The Muller reign was a mix of cowardice and a woefully inflated sense of talent. Then the former President, Michelle Boag, passed privileged Covid patient information to a dickhead MP which imploded Muller’s leadership and in desperation the party turned to Judith, a dirty politics drenched politician with all the empathy and compassion of a hungry wolverine in a premature infants ward.

We all watched in horror as she blew Iain Lees-Galloway’s brains all over the set of the AM Show just to deflect attention from another errant MP who had been sending dick pics.

Then there was Gerry Brownlee with conspiracy theories, Paul Goldsmith couldn’t add and National Party board member Roger Bridge rang ZB pretending to be ‘Merv’ to attack a National Party candidate who wasn’t white enough for his liking.

Judith ended up attacking fat people for Christ’s sakes!

On top of this was a policy platform that was all about amputating the State with the usual small government bullshit at a time when people were fleeing to the State for protection.

This isn’t compulsory reading because it would put half of the National Caucus on a suicide watch!

Their venal self interest to betray Bridges has plunged National into a death spiral from which they no longer have the talent to pull themselves up out of.

Their values are nothing but the privileged scream for a seat on a lifeboat because they are rich, National showed us what they are and who they are under the pressure of Covid, no one with any self respect is going to vote National again.

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  1. ” no one with any self respect is going to vote National again ”
    I thought that was a prerequisite for voting for these evil people and their agenda in the first place.
    These people like the many that fund and vote for them are a different race of New Zealanders who are over represented in the media like Boult whose actions in Queenstown are highlighted by John Minto’s post. The media only represents this alternative view of this nirvana that only those with money and privilege inhabit and whose way of life is protected by the neoliberal plutocracy that has its boot on the head of the rest of the country. New Zealand operates at every level and is represented by this plutocracy which has at the moment all the power and authority.
    I don’t care about the Tories review about how their outrageous behaviour lost them the election. The real tragedy is that they have been engaging in this kind of approach since 2004 with the election of Don Brash to the leadership and Crosby Textors influence with a certain John Key who despite saying publicly that he won’t make the same mistake was using them to plot strategy away from public scrutiny and conveniently supported by the corporate media.
    I hope they never learn Bomber and keep repeating the same crap because that is a true reflection of the despicable evil that these people and those who fund them.
    One day it will be called out for what it is an affront to the welfare of good hard working kiwis of every race and creed.

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