Yay, the taxpayer funded Billionaire toy boat race is over – I don’t want to hear about it for another 4 years


Yay I guess?

We won the taxpayer funded Billionaire toy boat race and Auckland harbour was glistening with the Gin Palaces of the landed gentry in an orgy of crass luxury that made you throw up a little bit into the back of your throat.

Look, I appreciate the skill and technology that goes into making and sailing these toys, but I’ve always felt that if the Billionaire class want to race toy boats, then they should fucking pay for it themselves and not drag public money into it!

The 22 000 waiting for public housing, the 4000 kids in motels and the entire generations locked out of home ownership will all be very happy that we won the taxpayer funded Billionaire toy boat race.

Maybe some of the kids can live in the Cup weekly and we pass it around the regions as temporary housing?

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I don’t want to hear about the fucking America’s Cup for another 4 years!

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  1. It has proven to be one of the best ways for corporations that fuck the planet and transfer wealth from poor people to rich people to gain an high profile and ensure more money is transferred from poor people to rich people, whilst the ‘elites’ continue fucking the planet.

    Therefore the government will throw a lot more money at it in the future.

    On the other hand, the meltdown of the global financial system that is underway and the collapse of the energy system suggest we won’t have a neoliberal loot-and-pollute and transfer-wealth-upwards government for much longer.

    If we are really lucky 2021 was the LAST such event.

    • I woke up first thing this morning and I think the first 8 items on the news must’ve been about the Americas Cup. The next one was about the possibility of Kim Kardashian hosting a spin off TV series and the last was something about a piece of space rock that would’ve taken out a fair sized city if it hadn’t just missed the planet.
      And you wonder why some prefer the music stations.

    • Agreed, AFKTT – by 2025 the world will be so deep in climate change shit that a yacht race will be the last thing on anyone’s mind!

  2. The one plus from yesterdays orgy of America’s Cup success is that the whining about lock-downs of the Auckland hospitality sector may be quenched for a few days.

  3. Well said. Judging by comments yesterday/this morning I feel it’s heading out of NZ anyway. Dalton it would appear after the smear campaign earlier and by viture of having to deal with Tywford for a prolonged period has minimal desire to deal with the politics of a NZ-based event. If I was a betting man i’d put money on a 2022 event in the UK bankrolled by a bunch of European billionaires.

    Strange that the Blairite wasn’t on hand for the trophy perhaps was told by TNZ management don’t bother?

    • “Dalton it would appear …blah blah blah ”

      Who cares about their pathetic feuds and ever so fragile egos?
      Just get the parasites out of the public trough.

      • All for it as long as it’s consistent and all are kicked out of trough including those on the left

    • Simon Bwidges was available as he doesn’t spend much time in the chambers anymore.Oravida Crushes could’ve done it because she needs every available photo op.
      National have no trophies in the cabinet, they could either pinch the America’s cup or find an imaginary one.

    • Maybe she didn’t want to or had more important things to do? It appears that travel with Australia could soon happen which should help a lot of people all around the country.

    • Yeah – I’ve told one of my UK friends to look out for the AC on the Solent/Isle of Wight. Good riddance to rich boys and their toys

  4. Yep, a strange spectacle. In a social environment where diversity is the refrain this kind of high-end sport is the last bastion of rich white male indulgence. Is there anything else like it?

  5. They weren’t all Gin Palaces Bomber 🙂

    It was a moment out there where patriotism was shining through. Was that real? who knows? Even the sailors have had enough of the BS and requested there be no parade. Very telling.

    Watched a recording of the news late last night and it was truly nauseating on an epic scale. Excitable TVNZ reporter kept spouting off about “your heroes”. Fuck off!…they are professional sailors FFS, not heroes. NZ must be in desperate need of a hero. The same eggplant reporter repeatedly talked about the blood, sweat, and sacrifices the crew had been making. Yeah right, fucking tough gig being paid a fortune to follow your passion while you enjoy crayfish lunches etc etc. All perspective has been lost by some.

    The part of the America’s Cup I especially enjoyed as a sadistic man was the news on Tuesday night. TVNZ had spent the day organizing their entire 6pm news bulletin and all the staff around the NZ boat winning the second race and cup itself. Nek minute at 5.56pm, the second race and final outcome were postponed. TVNZ were left bent over a table so pressed on as if the cup had been run and won because it was too late to make any change. Hilarious. Felt so sorry for Simon Dallow…not!

    • Agree JF…Martyn stirring again. The Americas Cup is and always has been (for about 170 years) all to do with billionaires and my advice is if you don’t like it prepare to stop breathing cos the cup is going to be around as long as there is oxygen in the air.

      Sailing, a bit of cloth pushing a vessel through the water, is definitely too advanced for Looney Lefties to comprehend. And that smooth talking Peter Burling, you can just tell he was born with a silver spoon, dripping crayfish, in his mouth.

      And how dare the PM congratulate them, how dare people wear red socks, how dare we even have TV’s……….

      They should all be locked in down at mill……..eh

    • Bread and circuses to distract attention from housing crisis etc. Jacinda believes that if we can let them forget their problems for a day, she might get voted back in

      • Ah, a new conspiracy, a sailboat challenge that began 170 years ago is now really only a guise to cover up homelessness and fool the great unwashed. And Jacinda Ardern is complicit. Gosh no wonder pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune these days.

  6. Sept 2013

    Mar 2021
    the Labour cabinet, Jackson included, agreed to further funding ‘to support the team to build for the next defence’ and with further funding to be negotiated once a request for support is made by Team NZ.

    Yep, that’s right the left-wing Maori caucus agreeing to give more money to a white man’s elitist sport. If you want equality for Maori its not going to happen with these turncoats.

    • Snide remark again! Did you not notice there are strings attached. No doubt the Government is having to support its moaning Aucklander support base – AGAIN!

  7. NZ is all just fake smiles, fake promises and fake world events (4 teams FFS). Jacindas Way or the high way, which is why I just moved to Oz three days ago. Cheerio.

    • TVNZ coverage was amateur hour. I would like to have been there live but both my super yacht and helicopter were being serviced and I was stuck on my private island.

  8. Why does it always have to be about money, if this event has made people feel happy, proud and given others a sense of belonging isn’t that a good thing. Aucklanders need cheering up with the recent Covid outbreaks, people need to stop being so fucken miserable, yes it cost money, it cost money to leave your house nowadays (if you have one)

  9. Why does it always have to be about money, if this event has made people feel happy, proud and given others a sense of belonging isn’t that a good thing. Aucklanders need cheering up with the recent Covid outbreaks, people need to stop being so fucken miserable, yes it cost money, it cost money to leave your house nowadays (if you have one)

  10. Why does it always have to be about money, if this event has made people feel happy, proud and given others a sense of belonging isn’t that a good thing. Aucklanders need cheering up with the recent Covid outbreaks, people need to stop being so fucken miserable, yes it cost money, it cost money to leave your house nowadays (if you have one)

    • I do not always agree with you but your post is on the button. Perhaps those staying in emergency accommodation may not be over the moon about this event but for the majority it was a beacon of light in a bleak year and I am sure that pumped feeling will last for some time.

    • “if this event has made people feel happy, proud and given others a sense of belonging isn’t that a good thing.”

      Actually how do you know that most people will give a shit about it —aside from the media pumping it up to say they do. The apparent frenzy and joy is more likely a media creation and a few people jumping onto the bandwagon so as to appear to give a shit because they think others do when they don;t really

      • Load of boring nonsense have never enjoyed watching boats race, or Rod Stewart crooning. Boring old boomers should fund it out of their own pocket if they love it so much

  11. Yep indeedy. FUCK tricky micky mincing nancy fay’s fucking boat race. If one could call it a ‘boat’? It looks less like a boat and more like two pairs of scissors glued to an empty Thai take-aways container but with less Class. And speaking of scissoring? Lets not forget helen clark and jenny shipely snuggling up on the Womans Weakly’s front cover? Dame Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark talk about their incredible friendship
    Jus’ incredible isn’ nit? Awwww…. Bless……. ( Little bit of sick.)
    But wait? There’s more…
    rnz. Lap rag to the riche and infamous.
    $Five Million! Mind you? That’s only a dollar each from we, The Team. ( Little bit more sick.)

  12. Yep, billionaires who couldn’t spend their self absorbed riches in 10 lifetimes leaching off rate and tax payers to fund this race to have their jolly’s. It is truly obscene.

    As is filling in the Waitemata even more so these creeps can have their ships sheltered in tasteful surroundings.

    The real enemy of ordinary people is this cohort of animals.

    • So true Xray, watching Tindall this evening waffling on about not wanting taxpayer/ratepayer support, tells me the next race will not be Auckland. Pity when he is supporting this overpaid so called sports team he reminds them that thanks to his warehouse employees being paid minimum wages with no overtime rates etc that they are not bothered where the next race is to be held, they have to work out how to put food on their tables. No luxury boat outings for them – or damned stupid red socks. The quicker they book into the UK for their next obscene jaunt the better.
      If this Labour Government don’t get the picture soon they can forget about another 3 year term, this country is full of hardworking families trying to make ends meet. These multi millionaires,billionaires etc can dip into their own pockets for a change.

  13. And then there was the fireworks display polluting the air.
    Can anyone explain how all the investment in the viaduct will work once the cup is over?
    The NZHerald reports the Bistro in O’Connell street is closing
    “Over recent weeks, one restaurateur told the Herald she was forced to take out a second mortgage on her family home. Another industry stalwart had, for the first time in 24 years, experienced nights with zero customers and no forward bookings. An inner-city pub owner said even if he had to keep paying rent, it would be cheaper to mothball his business for a year than yo-yo between shutdowns. And down at the Viaduct, the heart of the America’s Cup challenge, one operator showed us his books – a $224,000 drop in January takings compared to the same month last year. In February, business was down almost $700,000.”

    What are we actually doing about families living in motels?

    • To be fair the examples you quote were caused by covid not bad business design. The similar experience has a cured in Chch with the delay of the anchor projects Many hospitality businesses have folded due to lack of customers

    • “We” are handing over $444.00 per Night! to these damn Motels. The Motels say they really have to charge this much because it’s so hard. Diddums. The Natz would be proud of them.

      • So what is tou problem with motels charging a rate to reimburse them for having some of the worst of the worse no money our references to be able to get a flat No thought has been put in those help Mongrel Mob and Blck.Power in the same motel.These units will need a lot repair work I am picking

  14. I find it really unsettling that people can say they don’t care about the yacht racing and that it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money. This is world class boat racing for God’s sake, world class technology, built in Enzed/Aotearoa and faster than what a hugely industrialised nation such as Italy can produce (let alone the USA). And sailed with homegrown talent. It’s an utterly amazing achievement and does wonders for our image around the world. The returns on the money provided by the government is enormous, even in covid times. Also, the technology must be applauded for its harnessing of renewable energy. This is exactly the sort of technology the world should be developing and this boat race puts us in the lead. It’s bizarre that people can praise that nerd Peter Beck and his goddamed rockets and yet come down on this yacht race. Peter Beck’s Rocket Lab is only good for putting us on the line as a military target by China and Russia, and the business press fawn over him like pigs in shit.
    Those TNZ guys aren’t so much rich as just very good at raising corporate sponsorship. I don’t see it as much different from the film industry in that sense….I do have a problem with some of the sponsors (eg Emirates) but hey, this is capitalism. It’s all about selling advertising and numbers of eyeballs looking at your brand…no different from when you watch a program on tele filled up with ad breaks.
    Public money goes into our film industry…and if we have a global hit (like Once Were Warriors or The Piano) it pays dividends back to the country…I think the public money used on this yacht race is well worth it to be honest.
    Don’t forget, TVNZ had the screening rights to the races, so of course they will be exploiting that to the max. They know real time television is dead in the water, they are just doing what they can now with whatever deals they can make to screen whatever is the hit of the day…TVNZ is no longer the TVNZ of old, hasn’t been for a long time

    • Most people don’t care for boat racing because they care more for…let’s see…
      “how to pay my mortgage, can I afford to go to the dentist, will my business survive….and why is Jacinda letting in the Lion King thing…and anyway….I’ll never have boat like that”.
      When that’s all sorted, we’ll be bored and turn our attention to some boat elite race.

  15. This whole thing is a portent of what is to come. As the average person becomes more and more disenfranchised from society they become less and less engaged in this sort of frivolous activity. You can see the desparate attempts to pump up the diversity and inclusion and everyman type approach, which is quite sad.
    What we need is a race for average people. The same two small boats funded by the 5million the govt puts in. Going hammer and tongs cos sailing as a product is quite good. No big salaries just good old fashioned sport-beer after.

    • All the people on that boat and off are average people. Not billionaires. They just succeeded at their chosen very Kiwi sport and gained selection to participate in the world’s most prestigious sailboat race. They are us too.
      D J S

        • My grandchildren were so excited by the racing that theywant to try sailing as a sport.
          I contacted the local yacht club and they they registered all three of them at minimal cost.
          They go for their first sail tomorrow. Very exciting

      • What on earth is an average person? A professional competitive yachtsman competing on the corporate stage with a freehold property (or two) and a wad of cash tucked away? Guess there are a good many who fall a bit short of the average, eh.

      • To Michel and Bozo
        I have thought about this a bit…
        The kitset optimist I bought for my son when he was about 7 or 8 I think cost about $40. When he was about 10 I got a very second hand International Moth that needed a bit of work but was a lovely little sailboat for about $100. Now as a father himself he reckons sailing that boat around with his mate in a similar craft after school was the happiest time of his life.
        If your child is in a city he/she is not far from a sailing club. I guarantee there is no sailing club in this country that would turn your child away just because they have no money. The clubs have club boats for the reason that some kids cant afford a boat of their own and are peopled by sailors who love their sport and want to share it. Especially with keen youngsters.
        Anyone in NZ can get their kid into a sailboat if they really want to.
        D J S

    • Agree.

      I would prefer the money the council and government pumped into the American’s Cup being ploughed into sail boats for kids in South Auckland say, and providing training in sailing and whatever other activities they may be interested in, and giving them the opportunity to enjoy these types of activities, and fund races etc that the public as a whole can participate in and enjoy.

      Throwing money at these huge syndicates is just ‘trickle down’ theory in action again —I doubt most of the people of this country get any direct benefit from the America’s Cup.

  16. Jacinda has already committed FFFFFIIIIVE MIIIIIIIILION to the team. Wooooooow….that will buy the tea and coffee.

    • Grant must have gotten mixed up. It’s ‘team of 5 million’ Grant, not ‘5 million to the team’!!

    • Wow! what brand of coffee is that ? If Americas cup goes of shore then we don’t have to worry do we. Why do people always try to put a negative spin on everything all the time. We are staring to become a nation of whingers.

  17. Imagine if TVNZ News put that much time, people and resources into providing actual news.

    Geez, you might end up with a situation where their viewers actually become…………………………..informed.

  18. What you’re saying Martin is that we’re a society of HAVES and have nots. The HAVES just LUUUF the toy boat competition and TEAM NEW ZEALAND WON ! 🙂 ! . The have nots are too busy trying to survive to even be aware of the show.

  19. I would argue that the world would be a better place if Bill Gates put his energies into dueling on the water against Larry Ellison and less energy into controlling the world’s pharmaceutical industry.

  20. I hpe never to ever hear of the dam thing again. These are not average people playing sport at all. Average people have full time jobs on relatively low incomes, they never learn to sail.

    I would be really really excited if the government announced that they were actually going to do something about child poverty!

    A lot of hype frankly, yes clever no doubt to be designed but bullshit really when one thinks of what is going on in Aotearoa and the rest of the world.

    I couldn’t believe Morning Report it just went on and on and one…………

  21. Our household were hoping they would lose to avoid the endless hype–so much for the patroitic fervour the media has been pushing.

    Noticed a couple of days ago the TVNZ studio must have been emptied out on to the waterfront, their bludging there presented as “news”–a media blackout in place ever since.

    I can’t understand how this event can be so popular, most popular sports people can/have participated in since kids as a leisure activity and can relate to. The closest most have experience to this is probably a ferry ride.

    As far as I’m concerned with this cup, if I had a hammer…

  22. One could argue about the relative merits of public funding for this kind of sport, but I think we all agree that $1m on that Rod Stewart interview was a huge insult to the NZ public

  23. If this was the UK this mass gathering would not have gone ahead, at the very least police would be at the viaduct enforcing the 2 metre rule or cracking heads with that crowd so tightly packed. And to see the winning team drink from the same cup over and over again, god knows what got passed around. As well as Covid, I would test them for hepatitis and hydatids after this and then put Team NZ into quarantine. Jacinda should know better.

  24. Love it…lefties moaning that rich people have a boat race whilst your saviour Jacinda has presided over worsening child poverdy and more and more homeless families in motels costing a million bucks a day.
    No big kiwibuild social houses to speak of in almost 4 years….yes lets all moan about a boat race lol
    That ‘9 years of neglect’ mantra is being used less and less as we currently have 4yrs of neglect and counting.

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