TDB Contribution Drive 2021


Folks, like everyone else in the media game we are having real slow downs in advertising and we’ve reached a bit of a critical point over the summer holidays.

If you value having an independent news voice and are in a position to contribute – please do so here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.


  1. I’ve run through my father’s inheritance maintaining my cheap thrills and now I’m down to my last 5 thou. So, Wikipedia, Stuff and you good people I’m the sort you’re subsidising — til Mum dies when $45,000 comes through.

    Ain’t truth, however gaudy, the best, apart from effervescent bubbling talk, which in my view is the laurels of the humans.

  2. We used to, and still do have a ‘digital divide’ to some extent. Now that media organisations are relying on subscriptions and are having to go begging to survive, we have a media divide.
    And it seems Mr Faafoi is quite happy with all that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s mulling over the idea of NPR style donations for RNZ and/or TVNZ from the corporate class.

    @Martyn: Chin up Old Bean! Help might be on the way in the fullness of time
    Term deposit matures soon.

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