MEDIA WATCH: Meghan + Harry popularity plummet highlights distance between woke & mainstream opinion 


Popularity of Harry and Meghan plummets in UK after Oprah interview, poll says

LONDON (Reuters) – The popularity of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan has tumbled in Britain and has never been lower following their explosive interview with U.S. chat show host Oprah Winfrey, according to a poll on Friday.

I’m not relitigating the interview,  but I want to point out again, her own words leave us with no wriggle room when we are apportioning blame here…

Right at the start of the interview, Meghan said she was unprepared for the reality of being a working royal when she married into the family.

“I went into it naively, because I didn’t grow up watching the royal family,” she said.

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“It wasn’t something that was part of conversation at home. It wasn’t something that we followed.

“I didn’t do any research. I’d never looked up my husband online. Everything I needed to know, (Harry) was telling me.

“What does it mean to be a working royal? What do you do? What does that mean?

“I didn’t fully understand what the job was, what was needed of me. There was no way to understand what the day-to-day was going to be like.”

…put aside the enormous hole in her basic general knowledge in not knowing anything about a 1200 year legacy like the British Royal family, but she didn’t even bother researching what she was getting herself into means it’s all on her surely?

She had no idea what she was getting into, didn’t like the working Royal responsibilities and felt she wasn’t given enough support so just broke up a family because you know, hashtag mychoice hashtag empowerment.

I love how the Millennials see Meghan as a feminist icon, when of course the Queen is the most powerful Matriarchy on earth. If there’s an award going for feminism here, it’s the Queen who wins it!

The Queen fought the Nazi’s FFS! Meghan starred in Suits.

I have been fascinated by the clash of culture between the public service duty orientated Greatest Generation who the Queen represents and the Millennial  me me me shallowness of those supporting Meghan.

When you see everything through the lens of identity politics, you end up as tribal as a Qanon fanatic.

The woke argued that Meghan smashed the heteronormative cis white colonial patriarchy by marrying into the cross burning klansman of the Royal Family, and that all the Piers Morgan like hate directed at her is evidence of the vast misogyny of privileged white men.

What the vast majority of those who watched it thought however was that Meghan blundered into a family with no idea of the obligations in a gleeful spectre spectacle of ignorance and once there, didn’t;t like it, threw a princess and the pea tantrum and broke up a family that everyone loved.

In the wake of watching that Oprah interview, the vast majority now have a very unfavourable view of Meghan and Harry, and the language of catastrophe promoted by the woke to generate grievance traction is falling terribly flat.

The difference between the twitterverse and the real world is becoming terribly disconnected.


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  1. I doubt the Queen’s a feminist. She’s an elitist. I look forward to the to royalty as obsolescent along with inherited power.

    • I don’t.

      There’s much worse than the Royal Family as an option. They just happen to be a family perverted upon on every silly little thing the MSM want to make a buck out of. Are you a supporter of the capitalist’s newsmedia, by chance?

  2. The Queen was 13 at the start of WW2 so hardly “fighting the Nazis”
    I wager that neither Lizzy or Megan embody feminism to practically anyone

    • The Queen trained and worked as a mechanic during WW11.

      Markle has spouted feminism in her own very curious sort of way; this is all aimed at raising her profile in the USA as part of her political agenda, which is to be POTUS. She may have some very powerful backers. She has expressed a wish to rule the world.

    • They are just a family, with all the faults family’s have, and just like yours, now whether its by a thousand cuts and slow attrition or by THIS;

      Tsar’s Family Death | National Geographic

      They need to be left alone. The above vid is disgusting and repulsive, the murder of those children. It is a blot on communism that will never be erased. And if that is the motives and thinking of those who wish to tear down the Royal Family,… count me out.

      The Beatles – Revolution

  3. The British media uniting behind the Crown, the palace and their estates of power relationship being framed as a victory of the people against woke twitterati liberals …. Grant, are you part of the problem?

    Given so much of the establishment is white middle class privilege, part of the path to realising both social and economic justice is a bit of solidarity. It’s when AOC and Bernie work together that shit happens.

    • Who’s Grant?…

      And ‘white middle class privilege?’… what are you on about???… most of England is ‘white’. There’s poor whites [ majority ] and there’s rich ‘whites’.

      Do you think you’d be as comfortable lambasting the Japanese homogenous society’s ?


      I didn’t think so.

  4. She wants to have an actual life instead of being a bland clothes horse like Catherine. Can’t say I blame her.

  5. “and that all the Piers Morgan like hate directed at her is evidence of the vast misogyny of privileged white men.” … Is there a label that reads “reactionary woke”? because it strikes me there should be..

  6. Good on Harry and Meghan for embarking on a life away from the Royal Family Inc. There are enough hangers on around the Royal family. The key players in the Royal Family are the Queen & Duke, Charles & Camilla, William and Kate and their children. The successions to the throne for the next 90 years will come from them. What are Edward, Andrew, Anne and their children and families doing to support the Queen. As for the rest – cousins, uncles, aunties etc are of no consequence and are a drain on the British taxpayers.
    Therefore leave Harry & Meghan to their means and look beyond your racist views.

  7. Charles is a nob, the Queen is a tyrant, Philip is a grumpy old bigot, the less said about Andrew the better. Sounds like Harry and Megan are better off away from the UK toxic press and weird family dynamics of the Palace

  8. Harry & Meghan wanted out of the royal family, to live an independent life away from the glare of the media. So what was the Oprah royal bashing toxic interview all about then? They knew what the outcome would be.

    When they made their decision to go it alone away from the spotlight of the royal family, I thought good for them, Yet it seems every time I open a news media page these days, up the pair of them pop hogging the limelight, something they said they wanted to avoid! IMO led by Meghan, they are coming across as two very spiteful people, damaging Harry’s family and the British monarchy in the process, simply it seems because being royal did not live up to Meghan’s expectations. I’d also say playing second fiddle to Kate was not to Meghan’s liking either! She was unable to be the star of the show this time!

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