If we were angry with Air NZ – why aren’t we with Rocket Labs?   


There really does seem to be an enormous double standard at work in NZ.

Air NZ were rightfully dragged over the coals for doing maintenance work on Saudi military equipment currently accused of war crimes, but the media see utterly silent when it comes to Rocket Labs and their direct connection to the US Military Industrial Complex.

This is the detail of Rocket Lab’s next launch this month

Gunsmoke-J, formerly named Jacob’s Ladder, are experimental 3U CubeSats designed by the US Army SMDC (Space Missile Defense Command) to demonstrate advanced information collection in direct support of the Army combat operations.

The satellites consist of a LANL built Prometheus Block-2 1.5U CubeSat featuring the attached 1.5U Gunsmoke-J experiment module. Power and communications are handled via the Prometheus bus. Gunsmoke-J uses emerging advanced electronics to allow the use of dedicated intelligence assets to provide tactically actionable targeting data to warfighters on a responsive and persistent timeline.

Three flight units have been built.

Launch of one is planned for March 2021 on a shared Electron Photon-LEO launch.

…Rocket Labs are the NZ Franchise of the US Military Industrial Complex and our launch site operates as a secondary launch pad for American military interests. Rocket Lab fires rockets into space for the secretive National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) this is their charming patch…

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…nothing erodes faith in the check and balance of extreme power quite like a giant orange space octopus proclaiming that nothing is out of its reach. Unbeknownst to most NZers, Rocket Lab is a Military Industrial Complex franchise, not some plucky Number 8 Wire Dad Shed schlock that Rocket Lab like to project to the sleepy hobbits of Muddle Nu Zilind…

Rocket Lab’s link with the CIA’s venture capital firm was revealed in 2016 by US investigative journalism site The Intercept, but has not been reported by the New Zealand media.

Although it operates independently, In-Q-Tel invests on behalf of the CIA and the broader US intelligence community in companies whose products may have national security applications.

A document obtained by The Intercept shows that Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck spoke at a summit of In-Q-Tel portfolio companies in February 2016. Other speakers included then-FBI director James Comey. Beck earlier wrote about Rocket Lab for In-Q-Tel’s quarterly publication in 2015.  

In contrast, Lockheed Martin’s investment in Rocket Lab is mentioned routinely in press coverage and was the subject of a jibe by departing Vector chairman Michael Stiassny to the Vector AGM last week.

However, the extent of Rocket Lab’s defence industry work has gone essentially unremarked. Details of this work had been removed from Rocket Lab’s website by the time the regulatory regime enabling the company’s activities in New Zealand came into law last year.

…in 2015, NZ quietly signed up to a 5 Eyes US Space programme that would allow Rocket Labs to launch US Military satellites from their Mahia Peninsula launchpad.

Put aside the zero public debate of whether or not we should get this close to the American Military Industrial Complex in the first place and note that no one ever explained to the NZ public how allowing Rocket Labs to launch US military satellites  immediately upgrades NZ to being a legitimate military target!

Because of this, Chinese Subs and Russian Subs will legitimately sit off the East Coast of NZ targeting the launch site.

THIS is why we needed to buy 4 P-8s! Because America is able to launch military satellites from NZ, which makes us a target and we need to defend that target with sub hunting planes!

New sub-killer planes may never fire in anger but Govt wants the option

Defence Minister Ron Mark has announced the Government will buy four Boeing P-8A Poseidons to replace the defence force’s ageing fleet of P-3K Orions. The purchase has been a longtime coming.

The P-8s, known as submarine killers, mark a new era in defence procurement, with one expert calling this the most significant defence purchase in a generation.

…so under National, we signed up to a military space programme through our 5 Eyes network that has now made us a legitimate military target which we need to buy sub hunting planes and torpedoes for???

If we can demand accountability from Air NZ, why won’t w from Rocket Labs?

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  1. Even this report could be suspected of normalising the abnormal. We all know there’s nothing we can do about rocket lab or any other foreign interest treacherously imbedded up us from whipping out their little penises and waving them about. Our well paid politicians are selling us out. All we con do is look on agog as we shout while throwing our faeces about.
    [This] is about laying claim to territory because global heating is roaring at us like a steam train on P.
    Unless one’s in space or on AO/NZ and south of the 45th there’ll be no escape.
    AO/NZ should be digging in for what’s about to hit us, not fucking about with normal day to day side show acts like international politics. The real reason why rocket lab is jumping up and down and here and there is that it’s making plans for the very people who created a global heating problem to come here and weather out their fuck ups.
    When Auckland’s false economy crashes and Christchurch runs out of water won’t that also be fun?

    • Always fun to read, cb. And pretty accurate.

      However, I think you have it wrong. Auckland runs out of water before Christchurch does. Christchurch ends up under water (due to the multi-meter sea level rise nobody is planning for; there will still be some of Auckland left above the water line in 2050).

      • The Canterbury / Christchurch water is loaded with cancer related nitrogen products from the dairy intensification facilitated by the jonnah key regime sacking the elected environmental watch dog and installing industry puppets. They ignored the environmental consequences and promote intensive dairy and widespread irrigation each with its massive detrimental environmental impact.
        Christchurch may have water that had better not be drunk.


  2. ” …so under National, we signed up to a military space programme through our 5 Eyes network that has now made us a legitimate military target which we need to buy sub hunting planes and torpedoes for???
    What didn’t the shyster sign us up for with the evil empire and all under the radar with a compliant propaganda machine to sell the feel good messaging of never question the National-ACT- MAORI governments dealings with overseas interest groups.
    I would imagine that there was a lot agreed to and slipped by with long reaching ramifications for our country and environment than we actually know about.

    • The 5 eyes membership was slipped in deliberately as a low key item with a soft pedal litany of lies and propaganda that smothered the real implications of joining in further with the largest terrorist agency the world has known – the US military complex.
      The shyster just put us in further by coupling us up with NATO secretly and we got to know with propaganda attempting to justify our support of occupation of Afghanistan as an obligation to NATO. NZ was not a part of NATO until the shyster dropped us in it without public knowledge until after the event.

      Afghanistan has never been a threat to the USA nor New Zealand but US bombing and occupation was/is a pert of US billionaires controlling the ME along with Israel , to secure and steal the oil and control the Suez canal., in addition to extending the US centric Empire.
      NZ should have nothing to do with this toxic group that have consistently waged was since 1945 killing many tens of millions.


      The US troops sent to French Indo China were a small contingent acting as a UN presence to facilitate Vietnam wide elections. The US increased their number of “advisors” to 1 million troops and prevented any moves to hold national elections. Instead they installed a puppet Govt in Southern Vietnam and proceeded to wage was on resisting Vietnamese. The NZ public were fed news from the Reuters USA propaganda machine.
      NZ also needs to apologise to Vietnam and look at recompense.

      Note ;=
      After the Japanese were routed from Korea by Koreans and the USA in the South and Koreans with the USSR in the North, there was agreement across Korea to reunite and conduct their own affairs. The US stopped the unification of Korea.

      “At the war’s end, the general of the defeated Japanese, Abe Endo, surrendered the reins of self-government to Yo Un Hyung, a politician well regarded in both the south and north of Korea. Yo participated in the forming of People’s Committees in all Korean provinces and the Korean People’s Republic arose. However, Japanese general Kozuki Yoshio convinced his American counterpart, general John Hodge, that the new government in Korea was communist. Consequently, the communist-phobic US abolished the government of the Korean People’s Republic, and the United States Army Military Government was installed in the south of a truncated Korea. ”
      The USA was the problem and their problem with people governing themselves was the cause of the American War against Korea. Remember NZ took part in the killing of innocent civilians. We should recognise the shame our leaders brought upon up and apologise to Korea. We recompense to the people of Korea.


      Why do we persist in supporting this criminal US killing machine.
      If war breaks out which seems to be the path the US is pushing for, NZ will become a target unless we free ourselves from the captured politicians and public service shills who are controlled by USA Thorndon.
      One missile on Auckland may be just a warning that we need to start thinking.

      Supporting the US led assault may well see much greater damage across NZ if we back the USA. We have no defense for our stupidity in supporting the warmonger, USA. China is very sensitive to the unwarranted criticism of its internal affairs by NZ. We are less strident than OZ so are given some leeway but that may disappear and not return if we continue to back US political assault on China.

      Rocket lab has to go as does five eyes and the stupid NZ political puppets that issue condemnation of China for pursuing it own internal political developments.
      They show their hand and who is controlling them.
      We also need to look at the USA with its highest incarceration rate globally, its racist war on blacks and others and its war on the poor while further promoting the wealth of the billionaires. A public health system is too socialist for them so many just die in back alleys for want of medical support. Its sanctions against nations that hold different political stances is illegal and abominable.

      We should have no truck with political alignment with such a dangerous “ally”.

  3. Humanity has survived for hundreds of thousands of years without Beck’s spy drones and Elon’s space junk, we don’t need them now. These technocrats don’t want to explore the universe (these satellites are looking inward not out) or bring the internet to every isolated tribe (do they really need the western capitalist ideals, left wing news propaganda, cat videos and pornography that bad?), they want to perve on and bomb humankind at their leisure to satisfy their paranoia, their lust for power, their need to enslave, their sick greed, to spread their warped ideology and to murder those who oppose their destructive future

    • EW
      And the war on their own people controlled by a small group of Billionaires internationally linked through several organisations.

  4. Maybe we could export Rocket Lab to Aus.
    It would be away from major quake fault lines over there.
    Less risk of harm to our fragile ecosystems, coast and wider environment.

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