Abortion clinic safe zones now!


I’m very pro Abortion.

It is a woman’s choice, no ifs, no buts, no nothings.

Abortion should be safe, free and come with wrap around counselling services.


It astounds me that despite legalisation there are still pockets of NZ where the anti-abortion brigade continue to make accessing abortion services difficult.

Shame on them!

What most galls me in this debate however has always been the hard core fanatics who protest outside abortion clinics and harangue women attempting to get an abortion.

Honestly, what sort of arsehole protests directly outside an abortion clinic trying to make an already incredibly difficult day even worse?

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I’m glad that the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Bill will be debated this year to set the distance between abortion clinic and protest zones to 150 meters. 

Look, I am all about protest and the civil rights to protect that protest, but no one is missing out protesting women wanting an abortion by ensuring they are pushed back 150 metres.

It is for the dignity and protection of the person seeking an abortion that matters here, not the right to intimidate and belittle those people.

This should be passed as soon as possible, come on, we’ve had enough of making Abortion any harder than it needs to be.


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  1. Agreed. Moreover though – what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I dare suggest this has opened a loophole for some arguments where you are on the other side of the pickets.

  2. Excuse me. Half the foetus should “belong”to the father.????

    So you are happy that the father has zero rights or say what happens to his progeny?
    Yes, there will be loving fathers who get sideswiped by this limited thinking. ie womens body womans choice.
    and yes I know 2 husbands ecstatic they they were going to have and offspring, then a few weeks later in absolute despair when it was aborted without their knowledge or input.

    • Sorry but if these husbands were so out of the scene not to be included in the abortion decision I question how much they would have been in the lifee of the child

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